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  • Industrial group اسپادان

    Industrial group اسپادان more than two decades in the industry of production and supply compressed air tanks, compressed air . The company's activities from production and supply compressed air tanks, compressed air from the ۵۰ liter, ۸۰۰۰ liter began in the Year ۸۵ in the arena of manufacturing, pump, screw, feet, hung, and in the Year ۸۶, in order to expand the business into the realm of production, saw the fire and lift trucks, joined . The goal of the company in all production stages, quality products and customer satisfaction has been and will be.

    Engineering company new car

    Engineering company new car with a box of forces, designer and qualified their activity from the year 1370 and with the brand name "مهرالکترونیک" in the field of design and construction boards, industrial control and automation started. The first Products Co., Ltd. drive DC motors single phase and three phase (up to be 600 kW) and the engine, gearbox, electromagnetic (to the power of 20 horses) can be. The company, of the year 1380, with the making machine, semi-automatic cutting and sewing the bag to the industry bag, the weaving entity. Also, in the year 1385, with the sampling device from the same company استارلینگر Austria managed to design and build the device, all automatic this product was, that in and out of the country, welcomed by most customers was met and now a number of them are working in the countries of Algeria Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are. Finally, due to the dire need of the industry to print, and from hand, increased staffing costs, etc., in the year 1394, the company managed to build a machine, full automatic printing فلکسوی چندرنگ along with cutting and sewing was.

    Company car storage Rahimi

    Car storage Rahimi, designer and manufacturer of all kinds of industrial washing machine وسیلندر stand all the automatic designs and sizes with over 20 years of experience in serving the industry, expensive, dear ! The products of the company devices TL1000 and TL1100 وTL1200 single phase and three phase for washing all kinds of machinery parts riding! And devices m1800 and m2000 وm2200 for bathroom parts, kinds of truck and road-building machinery and بازسا Zi company, railway وپالایشگاه Howe petrochemical complex in the whole country for more information, photos, or videos, or کاتولک number & 09130905014 leave a message !The national production of national pride, wish him health and happiness for all time وطننان dear ( machine-building Rahimi )\r\n\r\n\r\nدستگاه piece washing machine / piece, stand / device-piece passion / device موتورشویی / device موتورشوی / device, engine passion /piece of passion / موتورشور / pieces Shui / موتورشویی / pieces stand / موتورشوی / car wash, industrial / car wash / pieces Shui industrial / engine washing, industrial /car washing machine / passion / سیلندرشوی / سیلندرشور

    Now common sense industry sepahan

    Now common sense industry sepahan supplier of refractory materials required in continuous casting. The company in the year 91, managed to produce fireproof material imported high-quality in its factory located in industrial zone, ant zone was. The company has a reseller reputable companies, Indian and Chinese in the field of refractory materials.

    SABATAJHIZ food Co.

    Please go to our website to address visit.\r\nPlease contact us or any information, questions and inquiries.\r\nwith any of bellow paths :\r\n* +989131014897 : call me or leave a message on WhatsApp app with \r\n*

    Pars form

    Barking mold, manufacturer, crafts, and molding equipment, concrete

    Company counseling center, tohid, Isfahan, Iran

    Counseling center unity:\r\nاصفهان - خیابان توحید middle - next to the pharmacy, complex medical olive\r\

    The construction industry sepahan

    Fields of activity : 1 - carry out all affairs, technical and engineering services such as design, build, install, Assembly, supervision on installation, commissioning equipment, industrial, monitor, setup, operation of equipment, industrial, consulting, management improvement, construction, etc. of concluding contracts, obtaining the representation of companies, Foreign and domestic technical and engineering services procurement of equipment and machinery in order to upgrade the level of technology and transfer of technical knowledge and supply of raw materials needed . 2 - perform all the affairs of the industrial projects such as insulation, refractory and fireproof, maintenance, supply, human resources, temporary, the Expert, and simple, do service, applied research and ... optimize and increase the capacity of production lines, design, build and installation of air pollution control ( switcher, dust mites, deforestation ), the implementation of systems of automation equipment, project planning and control . 3 - carry out all business affairs, internal and external allowed, ranging from buying, selling, consulting, engineering, and monitoring, purchase, export and import of goods, authorized, business, etc. customs clearance of goods . 4 - all the activities of the Contractor related to the exploration, drilling, etc., extraction., the operation of open-pit mines, investigation, detailed the construction of the factory like it . 5 - all the activities of the Contractor related to the transmission lines ( water, oil, and gas), gas distribution network, utilities, mechanical and هیدرومکانیکی the ... systems, cooling and heating, building, air conditioning and refrigeration, utilities, and building equipment ( water, gas and sewer ), the pumping stations and its beeches . 6 - carry out all affairs related to projects, construction, industrial and civil 7 - purchase and sale of cement, clinker and ... slag, stone, gypsum, limestone, iron ore and steel

    Company future contraption

    Departments and fields of activity: • Computer networks • Protective systems, and video surveillance • Smart classes and training centers • Services hardware, computer, laptop and printer • Provide system, turn rate, and the presence of absence • Software services, and specialized

    Arian diesel

    Arian diesel plays the world Security, buy and sale, repair and maintenance of all kinds of diesel generator Services a variety of دیژل generator, Volvo, etc., Benz., the Cummins, etc., Perkins, Contact number: Hussam چلونگر 0913-170-1805 Contact numbers sales office: 031-377-17162 Address sales office: Isfahan, Iran - street, saeb-front of the tomb of the saeb - shop Arian diesel plays the world The address of the workshop: اصفهان-خیابان کهندژ - go to استگاه two stair - workshop چلونگر

    Company شهرسی,

    City CD The newest computer games - software and – games, PlayStation 1 & 2 – games Xbox 360 – cartoon and movies City CD The newest computer games - software and – games, PlayStation 1 & 2 – games Xbox 360 – cartoon and movies

    Now Iran land

    : Facebook PHP Lenovo تینکپد yoga زدبوک \r\nzbook \r\nelitebook\r\n8570w \r\n8770w\r\n8760w\r\nthinkpad\r\nt520\r\nt420s\r\nt430\r\nssd\r\nسامسونگ Ultrabook

    Company, teaching and translation

    English language teaching And the translation of texts and articles in English

    A clear Co-makers, industry, Iranian

    Company bright-makers, industry, the Iranians are trying, with regard to the remarks of the Supreme Leader based on the \"National determination and jihadi management\" , from the removal of all obstacles, achieve authoritative sources international, we promote the industry of the country will provide.\r\nThis company with the aim of facilitating storage access to the top products of the company international with the lowest prices is not a role actually in improving the status of industrial and economic countries, Iran played a"

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