• Knowledge of the wide

    Knowledge company wide, with several years of brilliant history in the field of procurement and distribution of equipment واقلام required laboratories, chemical industries, agricultural, food, health pharmaceutical, medical, diagnosis, medical, etc. research and research, is prepared to announce it. In case you need more information, all day, from 8 a.m. till 17, please contact us.

    Company majid

    Now the quality of the developers, monotheism\r\nبا یرند Atlas Chemistry \r\nتولید and pure storage, chemical laboratory

    Company زیسکو -poco

    The first and only manufacturer of systems all automatic and digital کجلدال(measure n and tvnو ..) -soxhlet (extraction of fat), and fiber (a measure of crude fiber and adf , ndf) in Iran

    Company Tali gene Pars

    Company Tali gene, barking, with the aim to help the self-sufficiency of the country in the field of the modern science of genetics,., the Biochemistry, etc., biotechnology, etc., Microbiology and other fields dependent on Biological and medical science, and relying on Indigenous technical knowledge, professionals and the elite academic is ready for any kind of cooperation in order to promote the ideals of the sacred Islamic Republic of. Products Yeast extract(Yeast extract) Environment, culture, میکروبیولوژک ready for consumption(Culture media) Kit measurement of protein(Protein assay kit) Kit DNA extraction from bacteria and extracted from blood and tissue(DNA Extraction kit) Kit extraction پلاسمید(Plasmid Extraction kit) Buffer, research genetics, and molecular and Biochemistry includes TAE , PBS, TE, mature TBE Kit rank coloring of G (Gram staining kit) For details of other products and services to our site, please visit Contact numbers: 031-33867357 09130390282 09130390383

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