Sell Offers machinery

  • Power supply bitcoin and ماینرو ماینینگ only through the construction of gas power plant DG and CHP and CCHP -a license production plants, scattered small-scale generator, gas engine, gas

    Power supply ماینرها\r\nبا attention to the current conditions that the power supply ماینرها very hard and difficult is. the main concern of activists ماینینگ in Iran electric supply, farm in the future. These days the news showed that the government and parliament intend to electricity tariffs of Mines, to export them. that the tariff in terms of price of the commercial time more expensive all the IS. In these conditions, the rate of profitability ماینرها very reduce Shere, and even in some circumstances, may warns of another annual loss to be.( According to half ...

  • The device engraved metals

    Engraving machine fixed model sps 170 right direction carved on a variety of plaques and etched metal, etched parts, metal and non-metal (no PC required)\r\n - carve a variety of texts in Persian and English...

  • Production line, wall panel, PVC

    Production line, wall panel, PVC 20 cm, and the production line wall 25 cm and production line, wall cover, PVC 30 cm export laminating machine online\r\nقیمت extruder کونیکال 65 PVC (extruder دوماردون pvc) - Forward linear PVC effective width of 30 cm., the alluring and saw Wall pvc - device laminate online and device hot استمپ online government line - mixer hot and cold PVC size 300/600 and 500/1000\r\n - supply and sale of all kinds of اکسترودرهای کونیکال new and second hand Chinese\r\nواردات, template, wall panel, PVC wall panel and tile ceil ...

  • Sale, template, wall cover, PVC

    Wall hot استمپ glossy and matte

  • Extruder دومارپیچ PVC

    Extruder دومارپیچ, PVC, etc. price extruder دوماردون, the price of extruder cm65, the price of extruder cm80, sales twin screw extruder, PVC, sales, extruding profiles,, upvc, etc. the extruder دوماردون cm80, importing twin screw extruder, PVC, etc., importer, extruder cm80, sales twin screw extruder, upvc, Chinese

  • Profile production line, upvc, Chinese

    Line, upvc profile production line., sell production line, upvc profile, with the extruder دوماردون and the bottom of the linear 8 m with accessories, Siemens, Germany, and the mixer 800/2500 PVC and full set mould, upvc mold price 5200 dollar high-speed and stainless steel, din 1.2316, etc. extruder cm65 and extruder دومارپیچ cm80 upvc windows and doors with accessories, American and European, etc. the extruder دوماردون with accessories, abb and Omron, the price of machine, upvc profile production, the price of production machinery, upvc profile

  • Profile production line, upvc, second-hand Chinese

    Profile production line, upvc, second-hand, Chinese, etc. extruder دوماردون 65/132 full plc/ linear low upvc profile, second-hand 8 meters, accessories, Siemens, etc. production line, second hand Chinese girl with accessories, a ... buy mixer, PVC second hand 800/2500 with accessories, German, hot and cold upvc profile import extruder, pvc دوماردون کونیکال sale production line products, PVC etc. mould upvc profiles with steel, Austrian, din 1.2316\r\n\r\nجهت more information contact the following number please contact.\r\n\r\nتلفن:\r\n02122194521\r\n09383720098\r\ ...

  • Sale inner tube Rossi

    Sell all kinds of parts, laser devices for industrial \r\nتیوب, etc., power., the chiller, etc. lenses, mirrors, etc., motherboard, etc., Maine, over. Tube

  • Sell laser cutting and engraving of non-metal اتوفوکوس

    Sell laser machine for industrial Engraving and cutting, non-metals SI he you in size of 60*90 and 130*90 140*90 \r\nکاملا imported with the best service after sale\r\nنصب and free training

  • Machine laser high speed CO2 (گالوو )

    Device his thirty two broadband or گالوو the direction of the engraving and the cutting speed is very high on objects, non-metallic, can be \r\nکاملا وارتی with installation and free training and the best warranty and service

  • Sell laser machine suitable engraving headstone

    Sale machine, laser engraving and cutting non-metals, with a table lift and اتوفوکوس \r\nمناسب the direction of the engraved headstone with the highest speed and best quality -

  • Sell laser machine non-metal glory 90*140, 90*60

    Sell laser machines, industrial Engraving and cutting non-metal glory in size and be different with the best warranty and after-sales services, installation and training, totally free imported

  • Boiler hot oil

    The barking of the tank designer and manufacturer of all kinds of boilers, hot oil and steam, \r\nتمامی boiler, The Barking of the tank has approvals engineering, Germany requirements.\r\nآدرس:Tehran special road, Tehran, Karaj, B...

  • Price and sell step motor - servo motor and inverter

    Step motor – servo motor Delta In CNC machines of 2 types of motor used. In the CNC that the force of Motor. the stepper motor used . Stepper motor...

  • Price and sale, rails, and l am گاید brand HIWIN CNN

    The sale of rails and carriages :brand hiwin-servo teck Sales, parts, CNN Now CNN سی24 one of the most active and leading in the field of providing services, CNN, etc. sales of the device...

  • Device, pieces, stand, motor stand

    Car storage rahimi, designer and manufacturer of a variety of devices, motor Shui piece, washing, industrial, cylinder washer, full-automatic car storage rahimi, with over 20 years of experience in the production of time served وطننان dear can be !Sample device m1800 with the crane arm left round right round, with a capacity of 800 kg with a thickness of ورق3 mm and الکتر engine 10 horse وپمپ water 3اینچ to the number of 180 nozzles, wash that on each nozzle 4 / 5 times pressing Enter gets! Electrical switchgear totally safe, with timer, temperature gauge and timer, and a ...

  • Device زولبیا woman Sepahan committed

    Device زولبیا all the automatic production زولبیا Tabrizi with optimum accuracy\r\n - the ability to produce in different sizes (8cm الی4cm) and the amount of daily production of at least 60 to 120 kg of starch,\r\n - ability consumption of materials –types of dough (yogurt and starch –flour and starch – starch وآرد and water)\r\n - the ability to change the electrical system to the desired (single phase and three phase)\r\n - the ability to loss زولبیا 1300 PCs Ele 3000 PCs / hour\r\nدارای national standard of Iran\r\nto inform of the price and conditions o ...

  • Rotary oven, pastry

    Rotary oven, pastry 28 diss (36 dois) for bakery and confectionery and bake pizza used.\r\nفر Battalion for sweets, cakes, bread فتیر., the roulette is very convenient. The temperature of these ovens battalion up to 400 degrees centigrade and is oven, the battalion has alarms and has for indirect heat cooking in which the upload takes place.\r\nسوخت required:natural gas - gasoline\r\nجنس the heat source device: stainless steel\r\nدارای national standard of Iran\r\nto inform of the price and conditions of sale and cooperation in contact with us.\r\nto inform of the specificati ...

  • Packaging machine for coffee

    Filling machine and packing semi-automatic or 2 weighing, no need air compressor, etc. applicable in small workshops and household suitable for loading and packing cereal, etc....

  • Tank pump blowing

    Tanks, compressed air plays a very important role in the functioning of air compressors.If the tank pump blowing properly be selected not only save energy and maintain balance of air pressure will create ...

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