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  • Assembly boards electronics

    Assembly boards electronics with over 15 years of experience in the workshop with experienced personnel , efficient and accurate, and ready to cooperate.\r\n Assembly of parts DIP and SMD (...

  • Lens tank

    The barking of the tank\r\nطراحی and making the lens a variety of pressure vessels and storage tanks

  • Packaging machine for coffee

    Filling machine and packing semi-automatic or 2 weighing, no need air compressor, etc. applicable in small workshops and household suitable for loading and packing cereal, etc....

  • Profile production line, upvc, second-hand Chinese

    Profile production line, upvc, second-hand, Chinese, etc. extruder دوماردون 65/132 full plc/ linear low upvc profile, second-hand 8 meters, accessories, Siemens, etc. production line, second hand Chinese girl with accessories, a ... buy mixer, PVC second hand 800/2500 with accessories, German, hot and cold upvc profile import extruder, pvc دوماردون کونیکال sale production line products, PVC etc. mould upvc profiles with steel, Austrian, din 1.2316\r\n\r\nجهت more information contact the following number please contact.\r\n\r\nتلفن:\r\n02122194521\r\n09383720098\r\nیعقوبی

  • Hairdresser mobile

    Services, hairdressers ladies at home\r\nاعزام Barber, Mrs. to all parts of Tehran\r\n\r\nخانم that the ability, time or interest to go to the hairdresser, right? فریوتی services آرایشگاهیتونو with the highest quality and health in location and time, customize a cost-effective and the duration of the predicted time offer was. آرایشگرهای lapsed, and authorized the فریوتی in all parts of Tehran, the services نظرتونو exactly the same way that you want to do, because هدفمون only and only good for porn free and حالمون good when you do good. All accessories بهکاررفته once مصرفن and all آرایشگرای فری ...

  • Sepehr foam Isfahan

    The official representative of the Sepehr foam advanced foam Isfahan and center for the sale of a variety of فومهای epe.xpe.eva.xps the form of Rolls, foam mattress ۲۰۰*۱۶۰ ۲۰۰*۱۸۰ فومهای boards in sizes and thicknesses desired\r\n for less cost from the dealership you purchase.\r\nانواع foam polyethylene کراسلینگ foam tube, foam mattress, foam Rowley.\r\nفوم the best isolation and the best heat insulation, moisture and sound. Foam polyethylene lightweight and soft and has portability and easy installation have. Polyethylene foam of the composition of tiny bubbles of air with the polyethylene ...

  • Engraving machine portable

    Engraving machine portable company carve wide, suitable for marking, stamping on the pieces, big and heavy\r\nحکاکی on the vehicle chassis \r\nحکاکی on the body of the car\r\nبدون need to use the computer\r\nسبک and portable

  • Shelf archive rail

    Filing cabinet, rail \r\nشرکت statue manufacturer, filing cabinet, rail, etc., shelves, mechanical, rail, systems, and archive rail Fest and the wardrobe archive rail to create the appropriate space to archive documents, such as زونکن the file, box, etc. folder and folder, the medical records can be.\r\n\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the shelf, archive, rail\r\nThis system to prevent collision یونیتها and color niche and create a sound has fender bumpers can be.\r\nنحوه the classes to in form in which the archive on change intervals, classes of disposal will have to be.\r\nستونها of the type of ...

  • Installation, repair and commissioning all kinds of elevator

    Repair install وسرویس all kinds of elevator traction gearless hydraulic Services regular monthly Reconstruction اسانسورهای worn

  • Assembly of smd in size, 402 , 603, and ....

    With accuracy and minimum time

  • Salt, sugar, salt, industrial 110

    Plant salt, salt, industrial خریدنمک, sale, salt, salt powder, salt, livestock, salt fish, salt fish, selling salt, the price of salt, Union salt, the price of salt,, Salt, Lake, rocks, salt, salt, industrial salt, edible

  • Die

    Services die, plastic and metal with the best quality and most nozzles price

  • Door repairs وپنجره

    Provide repair services or regulating the door وپنجره in all parts of Tehran is taking place in the\r\nتیم expert and committed, and has a long history in the field of repairs,\r\nلازم to mention that all services ...

  • تریپان blue code t6146 Sigma Aldrich

    تریپان blue code t6146 Sigma Aldrich

  • Envelope nutty without zipper armpit cassette

    Envelope اجیلی \r\NICON size categories and color scheme, the diverse \r\nقابلیت print brand \r\nزیبایی packing your to our mind \r\nجهت notice the price of call phone. ...

  • Window double

    Double glazed window to two different methods\r\n\r\nروش first : replacement with UPVC window \r\NICON in this method, the previous window is removed ( the frame round the window), and instead of a UPVC window installed. Profiles used Vista, clamps and وینتک with fittings, classy, and double glass factory and....\r\n\r\nروش second : without the swap method ( Vienna tuning )\r\NIF, due to having windows form and.... problems تغییرنمای building or the high price of UPVC windows, or any other reason, are reluctant to replace your Windows you don't have, but want the problems window his iron as a ...

  • Door accordion PVC

    Doors accordion in simple models, and window, Remarkable engineers, building, bulk-makers and Tower makers *Elegant design for use at the entrance to the rooms, service, health, and partitions, interior *Waterproof and washable *Ability to crease more in order to view more beautiful ( according to order ) *Variety of colors In two types, plain and window,

  • Salt grade standard, produced in the salt health packaging 400گرمی salt

    Salt plant, subsisting group, central salt, the eternal variety of products, salt, industrial salt, grain and salt, edible درتنوع new packaging, new anti-moisture and gradation salt در20نوه

  • Special sales package for Iran, the radiator, the most reasonable price

    The cheapest price, package, Iran radiator on the site دماتجهیز

  • فیچی cable and wire crimping on

    All kinds of scissors, wire and cable berry from diameter 6 mm up to 100 mm all kinds of cable copper and aluminum, etc., Armor, steel, etc. wires and cables, Inkjet, etc. wire and cable. and کابلACSR kind of simple leverage, etc. rattles, a manual, and earthbound etc. هیدرولیک manual and electric construction company BAUBATآلمان

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