• Industries fiberglass breakaway

    Manufacturer of all kinds of sheet and pieces of fiberglass

    Diamond salt پورافکاری

    Trecate manufacturing, commercial, diamond, salt manufacturer, salt supplier, mineral

    Diamond polymer

    Shop diamond polymer A to buy tanks and polymer items polymer can be


    Import and direct supply of various chemical substances, the cultivation, filter paper, etc. laboratory equipment and supplies used in universities, training centers, research, etc. داروسازیها and ...

    Company industry silicone echoes

    The purpose of creating handcrafted silicone echoes the design and production of a variety of profiles and parts of silicon - rubber, for industrial use, etc., domestic, laboratory, etc. lighting, automotive, and ... can be used as a variety of درزبند., the quake-catcher, etc. آبند and flood, and also consulting and implementation of production lines, items, silicone and rubber.


    Company چینندگان of the year 1372, production, industrial, in industrial ceramics, located in the city of Marand started.The company with the benefit of modern machines and technologies in modern Italian and be specialists. the ability to produce and supply all kinds of refractory products in different shapes and dimensions to meet.

    Alchemy industry اسپیتمان

    The largest manufacturer of switchgear, traffic in the east of the country.\r\nتولید of the board, signs and traffic equipment.

    Alchemy the growth of the barking seals ( کودیران )

    Kimia growth of the barking seals, brand کودیران manufacturer of agricultural fertilizers industry.

    Company Nano Surface Engineering

    Company knowledge-based نانومهندسی level, nv, University of Tehran, in the year 1394 by a collective of faculty members and graduates, the university established a patrol. The main goal Co., Ltd. expansion of science نانومهندسی level and done extensive research in this field.

    Caspian chemical Pasargad

    Company Caspian chemical Pasargad manufacturer of engine oil in order to obtain a representation of the number 0982328822 please contact us.

    Thāna converter developed pars

    To our encouraging note!\r\nشرکت engineering thāna converter the development of pars with more than 10 years history and experience manufacturing-industrial as the first provider of after-sale service, refrigerating systems, heat is honored with the production of a variety of plate heat exchanger, supply relevant parts, service and maintenance, installation, assembly and disassembly, and sediment de types of boilers and plate heat exchangers the best brought to you.\r\nچرا heat exchanger page?\r\n need less space\r\n higher speed in the heat transfer \r\n saving in the consumption of energy resources, \r\n efficiency and efficacy, more\r\n ...\r\nکاربرد of heat exchanger page:\r\n• refineries, oil and gas\r\n• Pharmaceutical Industries \r\n• industries producing sugar and sugar\r\n• textile industries\r\n• petrochemical industries\r\n• food\r\n• dairy industry\r\n• refrigerating systems, oil hydraulic \r\n• heating systems in the set, the blue and the pools\r\proxy to use for this project carried out :\r\n, universities and training centers (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, etc.) \r\n set and pool games (pool, Shahid Abbas pour Astan Quds, etc.) \r\n hotels and accommodation centers (Darvishi Royal Hotel in Mashhad, etc.) \r\n hospitals and medical centers ( Razavi hospital, Mashhad, Iran, and ...) \r\n prisons and centers of Corrections ( Central Prison of Mashhad, Iran, etc.) \r\n factories and manufacturing industries ( Iran خوردو Khorasan, Iran cement, Iran, etc.) \r\nجهت more information about heat exchanger to the website or our pages in the virtual space, please visit or through the direction of consciousness, etc., free consultation and buy with us, stay tuned in ... \r\nشماره contact : 09150046093 - 05135415022 - 05135410926\r\nآدرس: Mashhad, Toos industrial estate, etc. Phase 2, knowledge 6, in which the piece 637\r\nEmail:\r\nSite:\r\nInstagram:\r\nTelegram:

    The sound game-makers campus

    The sound game-makers campus

    Company vision steel industry in Asia

    The company is in the field :\r\nساخت and parts supply rail, and the rail ( wagons, cargo and passenger )\r\n supplying production parts and structural steel and metal\r\nساخت a variety of complex parts \r\nمهندسی reverse imported parts\r\n and also in the field of buying and selling all the products of the company, Mobarakeh Steel (a variety of sheets, industrial) products company, Esfahan steel (steel beam and rebar) and the products of the company, Khuzestan steel (thick plates and alloy ) \r\nفعالیت there.

    Supply fellowship

    Supply fellowship belongs to the set engineering pars plateau in year 1393 to \"design, evolution, and provide\" products geosynthetics to the national projects of the country has been established is a.\r\nThis participate in projects of the National, because: \r\n-urban train lines ۱، ۳، ۶ and ۷\r\n( supply material geosynthetics include sheet geomembrane PVC the direction of innovative insulation, tunnel, Metro)\r\n-urban train Qom, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Tabriz and Mashhad\r\n ( supply material geosynthetics direction of the insulating Tunnel train)\r\n-Freeway of Tehran - North\r\n( supply material geosynthetics direction, insulation, tunnels, Highway)\r\n-projects mass housing seal\r\n( supply material geosynthetics direction of the waterproofing and drainage of the foundation building)\r\n-several projects روف garden across Iran\r\n( supply material geosynthetics direction of prepare the grounds, build روف garden upload)\r\n-several projects in water, farming, pond fish farming and ...\r\n( supply material geosynthetics include sheets, geomembrane, PE, direction of the insulating and sealing the walls and floor of the pool)\r\NAND ...\r\nبه of Thrones."\r\nفلات pars is proud to announce that due to be engineering, etc., speed in supply and logistics of goods as well as methods of financing innovative because the dicker with the estate documents and machinery has the consent of the largest contracting companies of the country to earn the grant.\r\nبا the help of God, the merciful, and there is capital valuable loyal customers., the Pars plateau action to develop the domain of their activity in industry, construction, the country has now Falat pars is ready in three sections:\r\nالف) geosynthetics (geomembrane, geotextile, etc., geotextile, etc. ژئودرین, etc. ژئونت, etc. geogrid etc. دیمپل sheet, etc. ژئونت and...)\r\nب)pipe and fittings (all types of pipes and fittings, PVC and polyethylene, corrugated pipes and types of transmission lines, water and sewage, urban and industrial, etc.)\r\nج) coatings and chemical additives\r\NAND in the following topics:\r\n agriculture (pools, save e, water, agriculture, channel, transfer of water, pond fish culture, etc.)\r\n Oil, Gas and Petrochemical (is ...

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