Sell Offers Lighting

  • Tower, flag, 80 yards, Afghanistan - these activities are light

    Now these activities of light, Aria is proud to design, build, and install the tower the flag 80 yards in the country of Afghanistan. For more information and price quotations, products, number 09183673702 and number...

  • Shop lighting, lighting تیسان

    Shop lighting, lighting تیسان \r\nتولیدکننده lights and projectors, ultra low consumption LED, and run the lighting, posing, and lighting spaces, exterior and interior is\r\proxy to use for this from the service.

  • A variety of lights, landscape, lights, Daphne, and green space

    Meteor reflections, most specialized reference produce a variety of lighting Daphne single color, Multi-Color rgb, etc. full color, can be 1 to 48 watts.\r\n18 months warranty and 5 years after sales service\r\nچراغ Daphne, RGB and full color:\r\n\r\NICON landscape light, single color, the light output of the LED is fixed.\r\n\r\nاما Daphne color چنجر(change the color of the developer) to R-G-B, or full color, which are produced in the recessed light RGB from the layout of LED red, green, blue for an equal number used in LED recessed, full color from Led, a 6 pin is used.\r\n\r\nج ...

  • Sale, decorative, lights, linear meteor light

    Meteor light manufacturer and seller of all kinds of decorative lights, rgb, etc. full color and layout of the flag (programmable effects funny)\r\nبا 18 months warranty and 5 years after sales service\r\nوالواشر what?\r\n\r\nوالواشر Wallwasher, or the same, lights, linear, etc. one of the light sources are linear, which are be and the dimensions of the different produced.\r\n\r\nThis type of lights according to customers ' requirements can be a single line or more generated.\r\n\r\nبعنوان example, when we are in the dimensions of the longitudinal limits we have, but the ...

  • The projector architecture built-in, lights, built-in, meteor light

    Meteor Reflections, a manufacturer and seller of models, lights, architecture superficies and-architecture-in-architecture flat and a fountain in a variety of rgb and full color can be.\r\n18 year product warranty and 5 years after sales service\r\nچراغ architecture Pool light\r\n\r\nدلایل use of lights and architecture aspects of a different.\r\n\r\nیکی just to clear up space inside the pool of these lights use the same, and the other to order to create space for relaxing.\r\n\r\nما with the design of the different models, lights, architecture your dreams to reality conversion, ...

  • Sale price, LED projector, led

    Meteor light manufacturers projector led and smd at to be 3 to 100 watts with 18 months warranty and 5 years of service after the sale are\r\n\r\n\r\nپروژکتور Power LED :\r\n\r\nپروژکتور, the Power LED two single color and RGB are produced.\r\n\r\NICON model single color of chip, the 1واتی used, which can be due to the amount of be the projector inside a frame layout are.\r\n\r\nبعنوان example, a projector 20 watt Power LED, 20 pcs chip 1واتی LED to be formed.\r\n\r\nThis model projector in colors (آفتابی_مهتابی_سبز_قرمز_آبی and tongs) are pr ...

  • The list price of street lamp, etc. led street

    Most specialized reference lights produced in Iran\r\nشهاب light, manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of LED street lights are: LED street lights smd LED street lights, power led\r\nگارانتی 18 months and 5 years after sales service\r\nمعرفی street lamp smd\r\n\r\nمعمولا street lights to the production model are:\r\n\r\n, street lamp power LED\r\n, street lamp, smd,\r\n led street lights cob\r\n\r\nLED stands for the Light Emitthimg Diodeاست means diode the release of the giver of light, can be said to be LED, a piece of electronic that by passing electrical current ...

  • Meteor light

    Manufacturer of led lighting products

  • Decorative facade meteor light

    Decorative mean?\r\n\r\nوالواشر Wallwasher for LED linear can be generated.\r\n\r\nقاب or the frames of this type, the lights of aluminum and to form profiles that can be linear in the dimensions of various cut and the possibility to create that can be used in various produced.\r\n\r\nچراغ of decorative Wallwasher, as the names it is known the most suitable lights to illuminate the different levels are, and because a large distance from the desired level they're on. the light for the same level can تابانند.\r\n\r\nانواع decorative Wallwasher:\r\n\r\nوالواشر sin ...

  • پروژکتورled

    Types of projectors, single color and multi color In be different With fluorescent lighting, sunny, green, red, blue, and tongs

  • Lights, architecture

    Single color and multi color Built-in, and work

  • Production and sales of LED Daphne

    LED recessed RGB full color:\r\n\r\NICON landscape light, single color, the light output of the LED is fixed.\r\n\r\nاما Daphne color چنجر(change the color of the developer) to R-G-B, or full color, which are produced in the recessed light RGB from the layout of LED red, green, blue for an equal number used in LED recessed, full color from Led, a 6 pin is used.\r\n\r\nجهت change the color manually or automatic projector recessed RGB from the controller device can be used.\r\n\r\nچراغ landscape as built-in(buried in the ground) are installed and in lighting application have a lot, ...

  • Producer base, street lighting, etc. base of the street lamp

    نورسازان gamers producer basic types of street lighting, etc. base of the street lamp., the lamp base galvanized, lamp base بارنگ epoxy, base, lighting, park, etc. basic street lighting, freehand...

  • Silent cascading, etc. silent, rainy, and a variety of religious

    Silent cascading icy white/(flag)/multi/colored Silent شلنگی/silent 5050/silent 2835 Silent LED/SMD, silent roll, back glue/ silent reach areas a yards/silent 5730., the silent lace silent Flexi ۰۹۱۲۵۲۲۱۲۳۹ to send more pictures

  • Lights LED model, the Himalayas, new product group, the industrial worth of electricity

    Nowadays, due to the importance of managing and reducing energy consumption, and the way different things that in the field provided. one of the scientific methods, reducing the power consumption in the field of lighting. The ideals of achieving a perfect light and quality, along with low consumption by LED lights, including LED models, the Himalayas has been achieved. So that the important projects and great because the lighting passages, major and minor, etc. airports, railroad tracks, etc. stadiums, sports, etc. venues, production, warehouses and ... are used.\r\nپس of the supply and use ...

  • The projector 50 watt LED

    Sale projector 50 watt with the best quality for minor and general...

  • Projector, 30 watt LED

    Sale projector نمانور for general and minor...

  • Bulbs ultra low consumption LED

    Distribution of LED bulbs by marking the drive

  • Elements optical special Eid Ghadir

    This plan is also one of the designs temporary is accounted, because in the calendar, the Muslims one day, as the greatest Eid of Shia Muslims is remembered.

  • Elements optical special Eid al-Adha

    Elements optical metal with designs, special Eid al-Adha, with minimal space occupied and the minimum power consumption is designed from the beauty of it cannot be waived.

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