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  • Engraving machine metals

    Engraving machine metal fixed model sps 170 right direction carved on a variety of plaques and etched metal, etched parts, metal and non-metal (no PC required)\r\n - carve a variety of texts in Persian and English\r\n - carve the serial number\r\n - carved specifications\r\n - carved logo and logo\r\n - carved production date\r\n - carved-tag metal\r\n - the ability to direct connect barcode reader to the controller, and engraved serial barcode

  • Device sharing cabinet lighting

    Shop woman farmer \r\n\r\nدستگاه sharing cabinet lighting (shrink pack ) for packing products, very different used.\r\n\r\nاز major application device sharing cabinet lighting for packaging products is that the mode stability are not as unstable are like bottles, water, minerals, soda, and...\r\n\r\nاز important advantage of the device\r\nThis is due to the use of coatings, thick plastic polymer and prevent the entry of any moisture, liquids, dust to products.\r\n\r\NICON device operation product packaging inside the cab device happens to be the mode that the operator of the device sharing (pl ...

  • Rent a car 09152242102

    Rent a classic car \r\nاجاره car in Mashhad\r\nماشین bride \r\nماشین croc and Coupe \r\nاجاره van Hayes Toyota\r\nماشین ceremonial\r\nکلاسیک\r\nماشین hourly\r\n

  • Car rental 09152242102

    Car without a driver 09152242102\r\nاجاره car in Mashhad\r\nماشین bride\r\nخودرو without Driver \r\nماشین croc Mashhad\r\nماشین classic\r\nاجاره car without a driver\r\nاجاره van Toyota VIP\r\n

  • Production and sale of all kinds of flags and structures

    Manufacturing company, the world flag badge Our symbol,the power organization will take you to the beauty in the sky, fluttering in the dark Print production all kinds of flags, formality, and fluttering, and the desktop, without limitation, in color, and with each is an even number in as soon as possible, along with base Grade A and reasonable price with post to all parts of the country. When you are meeting important. When the Conference and seminar. Whenever in the exhibition booth you have is certainly the flag organization, you in the success of your role will be. We are prepared ...

  • Asafetida and Persian Shallot (Allium stipitatum)

    Dear Companies We are introducing our new herb products which is called Asafetida and Persian Shallot (Allium stipitatum). These two herbs are currently being used in food and chemical industries to produce medicine, flavor and chemical products. We can supply and deliver them in Iran in your desired quality and quantity. We also invite you to visit our sites, offices and company in IR Iran and observe and analyze the products in person. We assure you that you will be in great pleasure with the quality of results. Email: Site: Whatsapp: +989 ...

  • Ensure carrying of Hormuz

    Field of activity:\r\nتخلیه, etc., loading and بارشماری Marine Industries\r\n\r\nمدیریت:\r\n elders Zadeh

  • عطرینه سازیبا

    Field of activity:\r\nتولیدکننده and participate raw materials, food, etc.\r\nتولیدکننده products, disinfectants, specialized, etc.\r\nتامینکننده, cosmetics raw materials, etc.\r\n\r\nمدیریت:\r\nبهاءالدین Sadat Tehrani

  • Tulip card veterans

    Without guarantor without interest and profit\r\nارائه a variety of loans Services, Beauty and dental no interest وسود/offer a variety of services, insurance, third-party body, and life, as all the installments/loan provision, equipping and modernization, and change the decoration/provide legal services and advocacy installment/and provide loans buying apparel and clothing the family/provide the cheapest Internet country with discounts, special adslو wireless/and services installment other\r\nقابل offer to the public dear country\r\nبا Tulip card other veterans concerned about the costs of not

  • Light box

    Sell advertising signs (light box)

  • The design of the site just 500 dollars

    Company knowledge base, ideas tasteful in collaboration with the company درنیکا seal the tasteful direction of arrival of businesses and business to business, virtual world plan, a contingency log in them he has begun, with 500 thousand dollars, the owner of a website in the field of the desired account.\r\n1-site notification and news\r\n2-site medical\r\n3-Web Store\r\n4-site service\r\n5-site language school\r\n6-personal website\r\NAND.....\r\nفقط 500 dollars\r\nوب website :\r\

  • Production, installation and sale of all kinds of sandwich panels, breeze cooling Mahan

    Sandwich wall panel the new generation of materials of construction to be a trend that in the not too distant future sandwich panels instead of traditional materials the buildings will be.Sandwich panels having...

  • Tour ground a tub of Tehran

    Starting price of 800 dollars \r\nخاتون patrol, enforcer, direct, tour, van, turkey every day from Tehran and Tabriz \r\nخدمات tour: \r\n\r\nترانسفر with اتوبوسvip and van leave\r\n\r\nترانس...

  • Standard, Isfahan, Iran

    Obtaining ISO certification for all manufacturing companies and service with an exceptional condition : \r\nبدون advance payment \r\nپرداخت cost by کارفرمامنوط to get a certification by him \r\n...

  • The device clips-AC220

    This machine is special for packing the chicken is all parts from stainless steel and aluminum.\r\nتجهیزات packing-packing chicken packing machine, chicken equipment, t...

  • Sales and service specialized water purifier, household

    Services specialized water treatment, boarding, anywhere in the Chicagoland

  • Insurance Iran, shahrak golestan (railway town )area 22 Lake ,chitgar Boulevard kuhak village,the Olympic

    Iran insurance dealers mohammadi( code 20293)\r\n《 The representative of Iran insurance》 \r\n☀️consultation and issuance of a variety of insurance letter: \r\n⚫️third (۵۰درصد review الباقی at ۳ installment(with a check ) and (ku...

  • Manufacturer of electric shutters standard

    (( Commercial, US ))\r\nمرکز sell a variety of Blade electric shutters ( send to all parts of the country ) \r\n_ guarantee sound and color\r\n_ send as tonnage and span assembled\r\n*sales, major engine, electric shutters with warranty\r\n* selling all kinds of fittings ( screen plate, vibrating screen, motor, electric lock for shutters )\r\n* selling all kinds of remote shutters and doors automatic\r\n(( careful, dishonest people, etc. serve no permits be..))\r\nمسئول sale provincial : \r\n09128844381\r\n\r\n\r\nموتور shutters, motor, shutters, electric, engine hoist, engine side, etc., engi ...

  • Pager

    Pager\r\nفروش a variety of pager, the restaurant feet Curti and hospital\r\nانواع پیجرهای out on\r\nانواع پیجرهای recall, the waitress\r\nانواع پیجرهای client\r\nانواع, panel, and hours of the announcement number pager\r\nانواع پیجرهای hospital for the patient and nurse\r\nوارد a valid brands, China and Korea\r\nتنوع high\r\nبدون broker\r\nبهترین price \r\nیکسال warranty\r\nدیگر our products:\r\nفراخوان turn wireless customer, call waiter, etc. printers, thermal . Roll thermal . Device uninterruptible power supply(UPS) . Display information(CALLER ID) . Preservatives, fish, etc. label printer, ...

  • حضورغیاب

    Attendance personnel\r\nفروش a variety of devices, traffic control personnel\r\nکارت - fingerprint - face recognition\r\nشناسایی in less than H,\r\nقابلیت reading 10 fingerprints\r\nقابلیت connect to the battery of the external\r\nتحت network \r\nپرسرعت and full of Power,\r\nدارای sensor, full power\r\nتشخیص face as the pupil of the eye\r\nگارانتی annual\r\nتنوع product\r\nنرم software free\r\nکاربری simple and easy\r\nدیگر our products:\r\nفراخوان turn wireless customer, call waiter, etc. printers, thermal . Roll thermal . Device uninterruptible power supply(UPS) . Display information(CALLER ...

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