Jooyeshgar's Service Costs

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Trust Company

This mark means that the company is registered in the Companies Registration Office and have a valid address and contact numbers. All members, whether regular or special site allows you to request activation of these symbols

Card Number

6219861028165636 Saman Bank, called Hadi Amin Zadeh

Advertising costs

If you want to advertise on every page or the home page you can see from the table below. Due to limited space for advertisement the priority based on the date of reservation.

Advertising costs 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Banner Rotating Home 37 $ 67 $ 95 $ 157 $ 250 $
Banner internal pages 18 $ 33 $ 47 $ 78 $ 125 $
The sponsor's logo 37 $ 67 $ 95 $ 157 $ 250 $

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Jooyeshgar
    1. How do I start using Jooyeshgar?
      It is very simple, Click here, Enter your details and become a member of Jooyeshgar.
    2. How Jooyeshgar increases my sales?
      Jooyeshgar is a comprehensive and powerful database of industries which hunderds of artisan have daily visits,After you register your product / service in Jooyeshgar, you can easily attract your customer.
    3. I am an industrialist, how Jooyeshgar would help me in my purchases?
      Jooyeshgar regularly used as a database and search engine specialized in industries and companies, distributors and producers, by pputting your purchase offers in Jooyeshgar , suplliers will contact you
  • Membership plans
    1. What is keyword analysis?
      It's a feature which you can use to analyze your compatitors and thier products
    2. What is the advantage of updateing my Ads?
      If you update your ads regularly your ads be shown on top of ads list with same package as you.
    3. How many images can I add to my ads?
      You can put up to 5 images for each ad.
    4. How can I get Google ads?
      In case of you purchase a Gold plan, Jooyeshgar creates a campaign in Google Adwords so Google user will see your ads in their search results
    5. Is it possible to have backlink to my website?
      Yes, I case of purchasing Gold or Silver plan, all website URL in your ads will be hyperlinked to your website.
  • Additional services
    1. Could Jooyeshgar be my advertising agency?
      Yes, Jooyeshgar now has a professional marketing and advertising team. For more information.Contact us
    2. How can I have an exclusive advertising campaign in Jooyeshgar?
      For more information Contact us

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