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  • Company boxwood campus, Arak, Iran

    Year established: 1380\r\n\r\n record number: 4109\r\n\r\nزمینه activity:\r\nارائه public services such as urban services, self-service, etc. green space, transportation personnel, etc. public services, supply of manpower, technical, engineering, Administrative, Service Support, warehouse and ... loading and unloading\r\n\r\nمدیرعامل:\r\n Omid Mohammadi

  • The Institute of legal آفریننش registration, brand registration, company

    The Institute of legal creation\r\nرشد and flourishing of the economy, Homeland اسلامیمان indebted to the efforts of persistent and Android development, hooray, etc. entrepreneurs and business owners can be. Despite the development of increasing trade in the country and the growth of different industries, it would برهمگان it is obvious that the variety of products and brand names causing confusion consumers. In this mode, the product or service is more successful than for clients, a good reputation more important than be, and has set a coherent and matches the act trade. In this regard, the no ...

  • Registration of Companies, Registration of changes, minutes, etc. brand

    Company registration\r\nپلمپ office\r\nتغییرات\r\nثبت brand\r\nبرند wholesale\r\nعلایم\r\nصورتجلسات\r\nنقل and transfer the names, commercially prepared(includes: ideas. Seeker. credit and. . . . . . . . . . . . . In the field of food industries-. Cereal. Dried fruit. Sugar. Sugar. Honey and. . . . . . . . . . . . . Canned, spices, with inquiries ready)-prevent the copying or misuse of the titles of commercial ویابرند you get خسارت_کارشناس the affairs of the Tibetans inside and outside of the کشور_ثبت, brand, and symptoms of commercial(فارسی_لاتین)record added goods and طبقات_تمدید mark and Br ...

  • Registered brand-trademark-names-ready-plan industrial. Brand

    Brand-marks, trade-names-ready-plan industrial. Registered trademarks of the direction of the labels on the products, you. registered trademark-registered brand. Feel free to contact us ...

  • Obtaining establishment license operation license(industrial engineer)

    Obtaining establishment license Permits the production of License workshop Operation license Renew the establishment license Change the name of the Change user Plan to obtain a loan By an industrial engineer Record amiri de...

  • Ratings, the assignment of shares, rating, ready, supply power

    Rankings\r\nساجات\r\nکد economic\r\nثبت the name of the primary the direction of get the pass word\r\nورود information and scan documents in the system of ساجات\r\nشرکتهای ranked in all the base and strings\r\n1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5\r\nراه and transportation\r\nساختمان and buildings\r\nآب\r\nتاسیسات and equipment\r\nنفت and gas\r\nنیرو\r\nکشاورزی\r\n...\r\nمشاور and contractor\r\nعمران/mechanical/architectural/Geological/electrical/irrigation/...\r\nکاردانی and Master\r\nکارت contracting municipality\r\nصلاحیت Department of Labor\r\nکلیه service rankings \r\nدریافت card, municipality of ..o ...

  • Obtaining, etc. upgrade and extend the grid (rating, contracting)

    Obtaining, etc. upgrade and extend the grid (rating ) companies, contracting and engineering 5, Art. 4, art. 3 (by experienced experts and with history)\r\nآدرس: Mazandaran/ Babol/ field endowment (jihad)/ Motahari Ave/ Tower enamel/ floor 6/ unit 63/ company Dynamic-sighted\r\nتماس: 32293018_011 ----- 09118885526\r\

  • Obtaining establishment license(production) and operation license

    Establishment license (production) and operation license of land for manufacturing companies, commercial and Technical Services, Engineering along with design coding (by experienced experts and with a history of).\r\nآدرس: Mazandaran/ Babol/ field endowment (jihad)/ Motahari Ave/ Tower enamel/ floor 6/ unit 63/ company Dynamic-sighted\r\nتماس: 32293018_011 ----- 09118885526\r\

  • Registration and changes in company

    Registration of Joint-Stock Company, special occasions, cooperatives, etc., liability limited by setting the minutes of the relevant changes relating to the board, the CEO, etc., transfer of shares, increase and reduction of capital, companies, cooperatives, etc., PJs., the limited liability by setting the minutes of the relevant (by experienced experts and retired Registration Office)\r\nآدرس: Mazandaran/ Babol/ field endowment (jihad)/ Motahari Ave/ Tower enamel/ floor 6/ unit 63/ company Dynamic-sighted\r\nتماس: 32293018_011 ----- 09118885526\r\

  • Registration, branding, mark, logo, brand and patent

    Record the name and word and business plan on the leaderboards, work, shop, etc. on the goods wholesale and manufacturing direction, tradespeople and manufacturers, and merchants, and institutions and establishments, and all jobs (cafe, farmers, restaurant owners, etc. stores, herbal medicine, and ....) And patent as individual (engineers, college students, and....) And company, and adjust the claim letter, and a descirption and describe the invention, corresponding (by experienced experts and retired)\r\nآدرس: Mazandaran/ Babol/ field endowment (jihad)/ Motahari Ave/ Tower enamel/ floor 6/ un ...

  • Journalist graphic

    Do personal websites, etc. company, etc. store and ...\r\n - do SEO based on keywords you desire that on the first page of Google search results observed\r\n-redesign or update your site,\r\n-Do mobile applications under Android, and your\r\n-graphic design and convert PSD files to pages وب\r\n\r\\r\

  • Personal Cards PVC

    Personal Cards, pvc ID card printing pvc ID Card, pvc ), with a total circulation up, like cards, student, etc. cards, conferences, and ... that the number of them more than 1000 to be used of offset printing used.

  • Prepare a plan with a guarantee of acceptance

    Based on experience and performance our past in the context of the preparation of specialized plans briefing\r\n\r\nهمینک fully ready to accept accomplish this task in all fields\r\n\r\nاقتصادی include: ...

  • Registration and certification international standard

    The company pioneers the system stable as the exclusive representative of:\r\n1. Company DIMITTO CERTIFICATION SERVICES(DCS) of the country of Switzerland and under the credit SAS \r\nدا...

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