Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
 Jooyeshgar is committed to respect users privacy. We never reveal your personal information without your permission and only due to judicial requests.
 How your information will be represented :

1- Your public information ie. Company name, Products, City of Activity and etc ... will be shown same as you had entered to search engines and people.
2- you private information ie. cellphone number and Address in case you had given the permission , will shown to others.Only if you entered them correctly in their fields and had not entered in description field.
3- Your confidential information such as official company/corporate advertisement and ... and also your email won't show to anyone. This information will be available to Jooyeshgar employees who need to verify users.
4- You could be confident that your cellphone number and your email won't ever be available to advertising companies.
5- Your password has been encrypted via sophisticated algorithms even in case of cyber attacks your password won't be available to attackers.
Infomation we collect:

Other than information your fill up in the forms other information will stored in our systems such as:
1- number of successful and failed login attempts.
2- Some of this information will be stored in your browser cookies.
3- Pages which has been viewed and number of the views.
4- Your IP address and your browser type.
5- The URL which you entered from( such as

Modifying your policies:

Jooyeshgar may decide to change it's polices. we suggest to review these polices regularly.Please don't hesitate to contact us if you had questions or issues regarding our privacy policies.

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