Sell Offers Audio and video player

  • Build and install all kinds of boards, all the colors, and TV, urban

    Industrial group pixels\r\nتولید a variety of monitors, big modular and TVs urban\r\nدفتر central : Mahshahr port\r\nباگارانتی 40-month

  • Cinema at home

    Design and implementation of home theater in your home

  • Curtain Display, 2.5 meters, ceiling Electric

    These blinds attached to the ceiling, are Electric open and closed. Also, remote control for opening and closing the curtains there. It should be noted that the curtains display a very large impact on image quality. The width of the curtain display, 2.5 km and is for the Aspect Ratio, can be used. Aspect Ratio, or the coefficient of perspectival ratio of the length to the width of the image is usually a ratio of 4:3 and 16:10 and 16:9. For example, the coefficient of perspectival 4:3 When the length of the image created on the curtain, 2.5 m is the height or width of the image equal to 1.875 k ...

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