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  • Wastewater treatment package of industrial units

    ABFA Sanat Kulak Manufacturer of wastewater treatment and wastewater treatment packages Performer of wastewater treatment plants Productor of packages with polyethylene concrete Sewage treatment system \\ r Wastewater treatment packages \ \ Industrial effluent treatment system \ \ Industrial effluent treatment package \ \ Systems Slaughterhouse treatment \ \ Elimination of environmental pollution \ \ Elimination of pollution and evaluation and implementation of environmental projects \ \ Septic tank \ \ Septic tank for sewage \ \ Septic tank for polyethylene \ ...

    Water and Wastewater
  • Implementation of oil and gas projects

    Implementation of oil and gas and petrochemical projects from zero to one hundred (oil tanks of pipelines and gas, oil, wellhead facilities) Installing a gas scientist Contracting the implementation of oil, gas and petrochemical pipelines Obtaining and granting domestic and foreign agencies and obtaining any contracts with companies, offices and individuals and ... All over Iran, more than 20 years of experience With all industrial equipment and machinery and experienced personnel and engineers For more information and contact us, please contact the numbers listed in the information ...

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals
  • Hoodo Printer Card Ribbon SIP-30

    Hoodo Card Printer Color Ribbon with 200x Printable Capability Hoodo Monochrome Black Ribbon KO Black Ribbon with Hoodo Protective Layer To be able to To print different types of labels, we have to use a special ink for this work, which is called a ribbon. There is also a special ribbon for each type of label to achieve the best print quality and durability. This product is actually a plastic sheet on which a layer of ink is drawn. This layer can be placed inside (Inside Facing) or outside (Outside Facing). The important point to pay attention to is that before using this product, you sho ...

    Printers and Scanners
  • Interior decoration design and MDF cabinets

    Maranti Co. Interior decoration design and cabinets MDF wall cabinets Kitchen cabinets Glass cabinets Membranes cabinets Neoclassical cabinets

    Cabinets and interior decoration
  • Wholesale dried shrimp

    Wholesale dried shrimp Dried shrimp is one of the high quality and delicious products that people always sell fresh and first class dried shrimp all over the country, by its reputable store, one of the activities It is considered to be very suitable, which has also provided people with access to these unique products at an exceptional price. Calibration of dried shrimp Dried shrimp in addition to taste It is very delicious and has a very high nutritional value for people, which can have many positive effects in reducing and treating many diseases, and in traditional medicine, its use has bee ...

  • Germinated mung bean Vitabazor

    Nutritional value and vitamins in mung bean sprouts: -fiber -Vitamin C -Vitamin K -Iron -Folate -Copper Useful minerals in mung bean sprouts 1) Fiber: Mung bean sprouts are a low-calorie food that is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Adding mung bean sprouts is also great for a healthy and balanced diet, there are several reasons why you should have enough fiber in your diet, the most important of which is: - Improves the digestive system Forgives and facilitates defecation and prevents diarrhea and constipation. - Consumption of fiber in the long run is excellent for heart hea ...

  • Machine cold water, boiling

    The device cooling water گروه, commercial, Lotus-makers in Melbourne عرضه official supplier of the machine cooling water هیتما - گیلبرتون standing, two versatile دارای warranty ارسال to all the cities of Iran کیفیت excellent طراحی beautiful and unique آب hot for tea and coffee آب cool below 4 degrees, the boiling water above 95 degrees has a fridge for keeping drinks and food دسترسی quick and easy to hot water and cool water at all seasons of the year دارای child lock for boiling water نصب fast and Easy مناسب for offices, clubs, sports, banks, daycare, etc. centers and public centers ...

    Consumer goods
  • Sale of beet and sugarcane molasses, sale of vinas, sale of pulp

    Leave the purchase of pulp and molasses to us. Yeast dough, industrial livestock ... directly. Sales of beet vinas and sugarcane vinas for animal feed concentrate, Vinas fertilizer and agriculture, for industrial use in factories, etc. with high brix, best quality and most suitable Price. Sale of gallon beet molasses Retail packaging and bulk molasses in high tonnage with high sugar and brix for animal and poultry feed and industrial use, shipping throughout Iran Sales of sugarcane molasses and beet molasses Iranas Production Group 09107567959 WWW.IRITM.IR To receive the price list ...

  • Special sale of raw, viscose and cleaning fabrics

    Iran Tanzif Trading Company works with the aim of producing and supplying the goods needed by companies in the field of clothing and textiles in order to improve the quality of clothing of employees of companies and hospitals. Production and Sale of raw fabrics in different types Production and sale of viscose fabrics Production and sale of cleaning fabrics Sales in bulk and in part in the quantities you need Sending is possible throughout the country. Export It is possible to go abroad. For more information and contact us and also to register your orders, you can refer to our website a ...

    Spinning & Weaving
  • Print flag, desktop, formalities and fluttering 88301683-021

    Manufacturing company نیوچاپ 88301683-021 Relying on the experiences of long-standing and employing latest machines, modern day and in the motor new in the field of production and sale and the import flag in line with the goals of national is proud to announce its readiness to cooperate with the organs and institutions and companies and factories to announce. Company نیوچاپ managed with effort and experience in the field of the preparation of the flag, the possibility of offering this product with good quality and reasonable price to our customers dear your provide. 1-flag desktop Dimensi ...

    Printing and Packaging
  • NitroxyPen Removal of genital warts, excess meat (home cryotherapy)

    What are the advantages of nitroxypene compared to other cryotherapy products? 2_ Cheap and economical price for personal and home use 3_ Possibility to treat more than 150 positions with each cryotherapy spray 4_ Suitable for tattoos, warts, genital warts and extra flesh 5_Free training and zero to 100 use of the product 6_ Send to all over Iran Free consultation: 09108703253 (Parthian) _______ Cryotherapy capsule content : N2O gas (liquid nitrogen) Capsule volume: 200 ml Spray cooling capacity: minus 70 degrees Celsius Package contents: 1_ Cryo spray Contains ...

    Health & Beauty
  • Automatic packing machine

    Machine specifications: • Input power supply: 3-phase electricity • Loading speed: 500- 1500 packages per hour • Loading accuracy: 0.1 g - 5 g • Loading capacity: 50 g to 1 kg (custom for more weights). 4.3-inch color touch screen with Persian language, solar calendar and production statistics • All settings and calibration from the touch screen are very easy • Correct the amount of spills automatically • Has resonant vibration with the ability Adjusting the filling speed • Possibility to add a fully automatic packaging system (custom) • Has a counter and presets the packagin ...

    machine manufacturing
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