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  • Types of metal doors and iron doors Pion

    Azar Metal Pion Company; Manufacturer of new generation of metal doors and iron doors with electrostatic furnace paint and complete pack, is ready to sell its products throughout Iran and neighboring countries. Pion metal doors using quality raw materials, Stainless steel profiles and sheets, electrostatic paints, unbreakable safety glass, locks in simple and electric yards, safe packaging and nationwide leading metal door industry. Pion Permanent stores are in the cities of Tehran, Mashhad and Tabriz, and in most cities of Iran, we are at your service with a representative. To view e ...

    Building Materials
  • قفسه فروشگاهی

    تولید کننده انواع تجهیزات فروشگاهی ، سیستمهای نوین در امر فروشگاه و فروشگاه داری می باشد.ما با افتخار اعلام میکنیم که تجربه طراحی و تجهیز بیش از 1200 فروشگاه و هایپر مارکت بزرگ و کوچک در داخل کشور واخیرا در خارج از کشور را دارا می باشیم. این شرکت با افتخار برخی دیگر از تولیدات خود را در زمینه تجهیزات فروشگاهی و هایپر مارکت به شرح ذیل اعلام میدارد: قفسه فروشگاهی قفسه یکطرفه فروشگاهی قفسه دو طرفه فروشگاهی استند فلزی و چوبی تولید روزانه 3 فروشگاه -خرید مستقیم از کارخانه بدون واسطه با بهترین کیفیت موجود در بازار و کمترین قیمت با تجربه تجهیز بیش از 1500فروشگاه افق کوروش - وین مارکت - رفاه - ا ...

  • Crusher

    Manufacturer of complete sand line including, sieve, feeder, jaw, qubit, hydrocone, sand maker, salt sand, conveyor, dryer, and all crusher parts,

  • Sale of beet and sugarcane molasses, sale of vinas, sale of pulp

    Leave the purchase of pulp and molasses to us. Yeast dough, industrial livestock ... directly. Sales of beet vinas and sugarcane vinas for animal feed concentrate, Vinas fertilizer and agriculture, for industrial use in factories, etc. with high brix, best quality and most suitable Price. Sale of gallon beet molasses Retail packaging and bulk molasses in high tonnage with high sugar and brix for animal and poultry feed and industrial use, shipping throughout Iran Sales of sugarcane molasses and beet molasses Iranas Production Group 09107567959 WWW.IRITM.IR To receive the price list ...

  • Repair hood perfect perfect

    The only company after-sale service, official, brand, perfect, perfect Repairs specialized hood perfect Repair main board, and the winning touch Importer of accessories and components, hood perfect Please, in order to provide services during office hours with the number, 22306649 _ 26326554 _ 26320175 and for a 24-Hour Number 09121968200 please contact.

  • Repairs پارکت and Saab and parquet lacquers

    Repairs specialized پارکت and Saab and parquet lacquers in all areas Tehran وشهرستانها to our mind . With a history of 20 years in the field of all kinds of parquet, and laminate. Saab and lacquer, a variety of give wooden, ( size large and small ), etc. Saab and Polish and all repairs with the most advanced devices, etc. Minor repairs and. Putty art. Saab and varnish stairs and narrow spaces, etc. Saab and varnish baseboard, etc. Visit the project site and advice. To view photos of before and after the run, visiting the site, please . ( Photo gallery/Saab and parquet lacquers ...

    Decoration and facade
  • "Shahnameh Stories"

    Biography of Mr. Mohammad Reza Yousefi Child and Adolescent Writer (with Interview Video) Mohammad Reza Yousefi, author and theorist of Iranian Children and Adolescent Literature was born in 1953 in Hamedan. The autobiography of Mohammad Reza Yousefi is as follows: I "Mohammad Reza Yousefi" was born in October 1943 in Hamedan and studied in the same city. In 1973, after graduating with a degree in literature, I came to Tehran and studied history at the University of Tehran. At the same time, I collaborated with student theater groups. My first book was published in 1978 under the title "The Y ...

  • Cryotherapy spray - treatment of genital warts and moles at home

    Cryotherapy spray is one of the best treatments that is highly recommended for the treatment of genital warts. Unfortunately, in recent years, genital warts have become widespread in the world, which has spread to different types of people. Cryotherapy sprays, which are known as a treatment for this disease, are very effective in improving it. For this reason, if you have this disease for any reason, we strongly recommend you to buy it. Benefits of using cryotherapy It can be said that the most important and main way to treat genital warts is to use this spray. Among the important reason ...

  • Production and sale of decorative mirrors (decorative glass) in Isfahan

    for decorative glass A simple definition of any glass that is suitable for use in interior decoration is a part of decorative glass. Since one of the most important uses of glass is the decoration section, we see a lot of variety in this section. Here are some types of glass that are part of all decorative glass Colored patterned glass The reason for the popularity of this type of glass is its high capability and flexibility in design and patterning. . Each design and pattern can be printed on glass, and this makes many people think of printing their desired design on glass. Many organization ...

    Decoration and facade
  • Professional construction of car parking awnings, terrace awnings, ramp awnings

    is a designer and implementer of light structures with U.PVC cover. This company is active in the field of construction of parking canopies, execution of various canopies, pavilions, canopies and rolling shutters to block the view, with U.PVC covering. CNC and cold rolling in Iran, which has succeeded in receiving the ISO 9000 comprehensive quality management standard. Saye Sazan Kourosh Babish Company, with 16 years of brilliant history, announces its readiness to cooperate with public and private organizations throughout the country. Contact us for free construction and consultation o ...

  • Server Room Intelligent Control

    Server Room Intelligent Control System SRC2.2 is a fully industrial mechanism for protecting server room and receiving server room alerts in critical situations This system is able to measure all the important physical and environmental factors for the server room (temperature - humidity - smoke - fire - power outage - water leakage - unauthorized entry, etc.) and in the absence Admin or server room maintainer in case of problems or exceeding the standard values ​​was defined in various ways to inform the authorities about this event This system has a wide range of capabilities, including: ...

    Network Services
  • Sale of celestine stone and fluorine stone

    Celestine is a metal mineral that has many applications in processing operations and can be used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc. Product made of celestine or The same strontium, which is a metal product, is used in various industries such as fluorescent lamps and color television picture lamps, as well as incendiary. However, the consumption of this product is not limited to this and we see the presence of this mineral in some psychotherapeutic drugs. Ornamental such as amethyst in raw form

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