• Workshop Ranjbar

    Door, accordion to some kind of SHIELD, is said to have often the direction of protect the door entrance units, apartments, used, and, in some cases, such as مغازها, warehouse, and other locations also are being used. Friends the main door folding metal straps, which by Pym, metal to each other attached, and the frame metal is that, as rail in the axis of the width of the door moves from the lowest space in the stairwell occupied and bothered by the not creating. Door accordion variety of ways in the market has been that the different names also have, but the most common models of them, the so-called three flowers or three Rhombus is 90% security and desired to communicate. therefore, the direction of increasing security can lock, hide that in the body of the door design is, as well as the number of loops, the lock further use.\r\nدرب accordion, as the name has not been retrieved from the instrument the accordion can be, and design and build it are inspired from this maker. Of course, another name, because the door gate valve, etc., door, Korea, Korean... and also to this kind of door-to-form Folk said. The main purpose of the construction, design, door, accordion, use the optimal space, security. Door, accordion due to the fact that the folding can then be accumulating little place taken out, and thus take up very little space occupation, it can be that the optimization space will be.\r\n\r\nدرب, accordion easily with the hands replaced and the cause of it also the network that it is. The items in the dimensions equal to the door metal, less weight to have and are it can be to replace the doors with remote parking that in addition to weight much and the Heavy much space would occupy even can be remote on these doors are connected and the issue of the opening and closing of the hand is thereby ruined.\r\n\r\n \r\nساخت awning اکاردونی in different dimensions\r\nساخت awning behind the window\r\nساخت awning fence on the دیوار_شاخ Fern\r\nحفاظ, Oka ...

    The company still farmer

    Production and sale of all kinds of devices and equipment, industrial, video production, educational and instructional books in the fields of -Agricultural -Hall, and cultivate oyster mushroom -the button -گانودرماو...produce variety range of electronic and equipment related to agricultural, such as devices, dry fruit, sewing machine, plastic machine, date., the incubator and...

    Trading company set up

    Import the kit assay endotoxin LAL Endosafe, USA, and the device PTS big اندیکاتوربیولوژیک bar, and the vial microbe autoclave, gas, ethylene oxide and dry heat from the company MESALABS tits Aspen 60, etc. impurities and ورکینگ the reference standard, USP-BP-EP preparation of reference standards Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical standards reference of medicinal\r\nReference Standard USP\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nفارماکوپه\r\nحرارت dry\r\nاندیکاتور biological\r\nکیت multi-test\r\nکیت کروموژنیک\r\nکیت sensing\r\nویال microbial\r\nPTS device\r\nاندوتوکسین\r\nاندیکاتور\r\n\r\n\r\nامید permalinks\r\n\r\nشماره contact:09109801035 - 09128305015\r\n\r\

    Innovators rejoice

    The largest production, equip and exporter of fixtures, amusement parks, etc. home and home jobs with 3 decades of activity in this industry

    Engineering Tasnim medicine computer

    Engineering company Tasnim medicine computer established 1378, manufacturer, equipment, electronics, building industry.The company in the field of systems conversation expertise .From جملمه NCS (نرسکال)-system meets کابینی prison-system, the emergency phone poles, - phone systems, anti-water, \r\nThis company the ability to order the construction of any product, there are

    Pars reservoir

    The barking of the tank designer and manufacturer of a variety of towers, distillation, types of boiler, etc. a variety of tough consuming water. pressure vessels, metal tanks, steel, equipment, petrochemical, equipment, oil and gas and other industries

    Company بهسازکاران industry statue

    Company بهسازکاران industry statuette of production and designer of a variety of wardrobes, dresser, archive, etc. wardrobe rail, etc. wardrobe rail archive, etc. wardrobe archives, rail, install, wardrobe archive, etc. open, and clamps, dresser, archive, etc., relocation, wardrobe, archive, etc. dresser, encrypting, etc. dresser, movable, wardrobe میکانیکی., The Wardrobe animated میکانیکی., The Wardrobe میکانیکی movable, wardrobe, MDF, dresser with paint, electrostatic, etc. wardrobe archives میکانیکی., the wardrobe rail میکانیکی, etc. wardrobe, archives, movable, wardrobe, animated, archive, etc. dresser, fixed, dresser, electronic, wardrobe, archives, movable, wardrobe archive میکانیکی., The Wardrobe archive fixed. Wardrobe میکانیکی archive, etc. wardrobe میکانیکی rail, etc. dresser, Rotary, etc. dresser, mechanized, production, wardrobe, archive, sale, wardrobe archive, etc. dresser, archive, etc. dresser, archive, etc. wardrobe archives, rail, production, wardrobe, archives, rail, production, archives, rail, etc. wardrobe, military service, etc., files, gate valve, etc. wardrobe, etc. زونکن in. bed, military service, etc. fainting is stuck جاکفشی, etc. زونکن pendants, etc. زونکن lock and.... dresser, Medicine, Library, sofa bed and washing machine. a sofa bed and washing machine. bed, beds, sleep, bed, patient, file, file, four drawer, etc. file of the map. Wardrobe personnel, etc. cupboard, not the door, the wardrobe six doors, wardrobe چهاردرب the file, چهارکشو, etc. chairs, office supplies, etc. wardrobe دواربشقابی, etc. dresser, Rotary, pendant, etc. dresser, Rotary, without the cabin, the seat management, etc., desk management, etc. file MDF, file, metal wardrobe, encrypting, etc. dresser, encrypted MDF, file, encrypted, etc. dresses, etc., archives, etc., rail., the desk, administrative, chair, students, etc. a solution to optimize space, dresser, rotating five floors, wardrobe Rotary four floors. boards, types of wardrobe, metal 9درب, Ready to serve all public agencies and private industry.\r\nThis company is also in the project installation and relocation lockers archive is also ready to serve all parts of the country is\r\n\r\nتلفن mobile: ۰۹۱۲۷۳۳۸۸۴۸ – ۰۹۱۲۵۳۵۰۲۲۴\r\nدور Ava: ۰۲۱۷۷۷۳۲۸۲۴ – ۰۲۱۷۷۷۳۲۸۲۵\r\nدور journalist: ۰۲۱۸۹۷۷۴۲۷۵\r\nوب the official site of the company: and\r\nکانال Telegram:

    The only mineralization, Semnan

    Company Stone mineral اروانه have reserves on top of Celestine the top of the 95% stone and fluorine, and also providing gems of ornamental, such as امیتیس industry .\r\nفروش stone, Celestine, with the cutie ۹۵ percent to the Top\r\nبزرگترین mine, Celestine, Iran\r\nیگانه mineralization, Semnan\r\nمعدن Celestine and Florin \r\nفروش a variety of ornamental stones\r\nفروش such as fluorite and امیتیس\r\nفروش ornamental stones in raw form \r\nبالاترین save Celestine country\r\nانجام operation projects and business in the field of mineral ore and ornamental

    Company Alborz car pasargad

    Alborz machine, pasargadae, with registration number 30441 significant building permit Alborz machine with the removal of the broker, the intermediary target device yourself with the real price buy Making machine, foam injection and CNN launched the production line of foam furniture, and insulating sandwich panel .... Production line of the insole of a shoe ...foam insulation, Refrigerator ... produce air filters, ... supplier of parts, design a variety of electrical and industrial منیاتوری ...overhead crane ...... System, factory food.... Alborz machine, pasargadae, and Alborz foam, CNN, cnc, without an intermediary broker, your target device order Contact number :09905596514 www.

    Sepahan insulation

    Reseller program polycarbonate .The polyethylene foam .یونالیت .Tile

    Nebula link Walla

    Company Sahab link Walla\r\n\r\nعرضه of chemicals, food grade requirements food industry include :\r\n\r\nسدیم tri Poly phosphate – STPP\r\n\r\nمونو sodium glutamate\r\n\r\nسوربیتول\r\n\r\NAND .........\r\nشرکت active in the food industry can chemicals موررد need through his company, Nebula link sublime with excellent quality and reasonable price, provide contact 09981087800

    Company mobile Smithy, Tehran, Iran

    Welding and forging in mobile and construction and installation window, fence, door, iron, Four Wood \r\nجوشکاری mobile in all parts of Tehran \r\nساخت and repairs in وپنجره build a shield gas piping without shutdown\r\n\r\n repair all types of door وپنجره\r\n repair Jack broken parking\r\n a variety of retail work and project welding \r\nلوله gas, homes, offices, factories, institution, and company,\r\nساخت awning, fence and metal with various designs for doors and Windows\r\nساخت, gas cooler and blue and the construction of the awning \r\nساخت types of fence, staircase for companies - home - offices \r\nبا the lowest price\r\nبدون closures

    Innovators rejoice

    Production equipment recreations

    Now automation 24

    Internet store automation 24 relying on a store with a 30-year history and sphere of activity, power, industrial, industrial automation, tools, and supplies measure, in March of year 93 has been launched . With the activities taken, and this store has the symbol دوستاره trust the electronics of the Ministry of Industry, mine and trade., the Golden symbol, bookkeeping, database, Internet, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance, and also under the monitoring system, review of the Obama administration and the center for information technology and digital media.It is noted that purchases from the site store automation 24, according to the plan incentive, which is from the beginning, the activity of this store has been active for free through priority mail, and without any cost to the buyers, to the address listed ( the door of your home or place of work ) will be sent.


    Sets Dena with over 15 years of experience working in the field of assembly , test and repair boards, electronics in the actuation forces, highly qualified, efficient and accurate, ready to cooperate.\r\n\r\n09123496284

    Now common sense industry sepahan

    Now common sense industry sepahan supplier of refractory materials required in continuous casting. The company in the year 91, managed to produce fireproof material imported high-quality in its factory located in industrial zone, ant zone was. The company has a reseller reputable companies, Indian and Chinese in the field of refractory materials.

    Company textile industries پودینه tissue., Ltd

    Company textile industries پودینه tissue, with more than half a century of experience manufacturer and exporter of knitted fabrics of superior quality.

    Diamond polymer

    Shop diamond polymer A to buy tanks and polymer items polymer can be

    Company دماتجهیز

    In the group, gas coolers and split site reference دماتجهیز that the first (from 1383) and most viewed web store devices, heating and cooling in the Middle East is (according to the data website world can slightly bored to study, descirption, summary and a comprehensive ... item with your best price (guaranteed best prices) and confidence from the Get Service and warranty original and authentic bought easily please.

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