• Samen chemistry Iranians

    Company samen chemistry Iranians with 25 years of experience in the options field of supply, manufacture and import chemical raw materials of the highest quality, and domestic and international standards products to our esteemed customers, provide \r\nتلفن: ۵ – ۷۷۶۵۱۱۳۴, etc. ۷۷۵۱۵۹۶۷, etc. ۷۷۵۳۸۴۵۵


    The group of factories manufacturing plastics, in the year 1367 the activity of their manufacturing in the industrial town of eshtehard started.\r\nThis company, a variety of polymer products in the two groups of PVC(PVC) and polyethylene (PE), in accordance with international standards with a capacity of 40.000 tons per year supply and is proud that the compound of exporting national and provincial, four product groups as follows manufacturing and supply ... and besides, sell it inside the country, so far, to more than 16 countries around the world has issued:\r\nانواع polyethylene film:\r\nانواع film is a three layer polyethylene LDPE and HDPE, width and different thickness with the ability to print flexo up to six color:\r\nفیلم shrink film (Shrink Film) in order to consumption in the industries of TILE, ceramic, packaging, food, pharmaceutical, health, automotive, and ... .\r\nفیلم agricultural includes coverage of greenhouse, tunnel, mulch, coverage, fodder, etc. geomembrane, etc. bag holder, banana and ... .\r\nفیلم building and construction projects; can include: sheath, PE, Foundation, etc .\r\nانواع bags and industrial consumer:\r\nانواع roll bag, industrial sewing, sealing and ... for packing of liquids, granules, etc. powder and also لاینرجامبوبگ, etc. big bag., the pallet, bag, etc., poly-bag (bitumen) and...\r\nکیسه freezer and garbage and Kieran, store.\r\nانواع کامپاندهای and granules polymer:\r\nانواع granules, soft and hard feet (رRigid and Soft PVC Granules) in different grades the direction of consumption in the industries of wire and cable, automotive, hose, plastic injection molding parts. the old rickety doors and windows and ... .\r\n a variety of کامپاندهای polymer contains fillers, polyethylene (PE) with commercial brand هایکال (HiCal) for consumption in the industries, jute, weaving, injection molding parts, and inflatable, دمشی .\r\nانواع hose PVC (PVC Hose)and roll watering پلیاتیلن :(PE)\r\nشیلنگهای PVC (PVC) reinforced and ... high-voltage and specialized; a one to seven layer for use in irrigation, gardening, industrial and fire-fighting.\r\nرول irrigation polyethylene (PE) in different sizes.

    Pars polymer Iranian

    Engineering company Pars logged in, the Iranians with the aim of providing technical and engineering services in the field of setting up production lines, a variety of polymer products in four groups, industries, plastic industries, rubber industries, composite industries paint, resin and adhesive, etc., in the year 1386 was established. The activity of this complex engineering due to the need of the country to entrepreneurship and production engineering in the field of products, industries, downstream petrochemical industries, etc. click on the training formulations, transfer of technology, production and also supply the machinery required quality for the production of polymer products focused effortless. Hence, benefiting from skilled experts of Science and technology, polymer and cooperation with centers of technology, the knowledge base in this regard, the working . Part of the activities and the fields of entrepreneurship, in polymer industries in order to inform the entrepreneurs and investors are introduced . Hope is the mainstay of the efforts and experience of specialists, the role of the manufacturer in promoting our country in the areas of production and technology played our.

    Company, process, vocabulary,

    Hi, I want\r\nشرکت oven come the vocabulary, the consulting company Industrial Estates, Isfahan, with the expert ومجرب in the field of technical services, and Engineering (Chemical and cellulose ) certificate of the company, the big chemical بوفورس (Nobel شماتور Sweden) with a history of over 25 years in finance, consulting, investigation, and ... layout; monitor; can run and launch پلنتهای chemical plant, nitric, etc. sulfuric and. phosphoric., the hydrochloric, etc., filtration, effluent, acid, etc. chemical fertilizers, and salts acid and the preparation of the plan and the implementation of fixes pollution industries ...) The Venice plant, the production of organic material, and has experience in providing new ideas and fix problems in chemical plants and the preparation of the plan and the feasibility of welding of different chemicals and different products, and is familiar to safety in chemical plants; too familiar to the standards of various industry, chemical, petrochemical, familiar Yi and understanding the various equipment, factory, petrochemical, وشیمیایی ready to serve the industries of our beloved country, I am .\r\n\r\n\r\nشرکت process wor Gan, is proud of the seabed is necessary in order to provide ideas early returns, the direction of the investors, charitable person, who in the wake of investment, the yield good and are useful and auxiliary employment to the youth of this country are Venice, entrepreneurship for the country's industry to provide .\r\nوهمچنین with the absorption of good ideas and helpful people empowered with the absorption and the introduction of the investor in the realization of the idea into practice, the owner of the idea will help .\r\nمسعود IQ 09133709850


    تصنیع line إنتاج حمض الکلورید وکبریتات البوتاسیوم

    Company وریان Chemistry

    Company وریان Chemistry with reputable dealers and bring in the field of production, import and sale of chemicals, such as solvents, materials, industrial and laboratory catalysts, chemical and petrochemical, etc. types of insulation. raw material of plastic and polymer, etc. kinds of additives, materials, biological, agricultural, and ... preparation services to scientific and research centers, etc., factories., the construction companies and manufacturing industries, oil, gas, petrochemical and ... TVA.

    Control color.Tavakoli link telegram Witness the color of the preparation and distribution of raw materials, paint industry and Plastic Industry. that اجناسی a variety of fluorescent, Korean, panax, including a variety of Titans, etc. all kinds of resin, epoxy, poly اساتر, etc. آلکید resin, etc., powders, luminescent, etc., raw materials, glue, storage, etc. all kinds of color powder from the country, Asian and European, etc., PVA.PVC.DOP. Resin, acrylic, liquid and powder, etc. ردین phenolics, etc., Petro resin, etc., types of glue, اکرونال, etc. بیندر printed. لیتوپن, etc. adds body & resin, etc. گلسیرین., the step resin(کالیفن), etc. all kinds of bronze powder, shells, colour, additives:anti-foaming, anti-mildew, anti-procedural.Anti-fouling, etc. a variety of دسپرس, etc. a variety of concentration, developer, software, dryer, dryers (lead, cobalt, calcium, and all the Add-ons مربوبط to paint, resin, etc., glue, and .... For more information please contact.

    Nano-materials developers, Pars

    Company academic Nano-materials developers, Pars, consisting of professors and university graduates ready to supply material graphene required University researchers and research institutions, including graphene oxide, single layer.

    The company explains, explainer, sadra

    Creativity. work. hard work, value pricing, to staffing and respect the sublime to the customer based on yogurt.

    Company, Tehran, Iran techniques

    Sales and implementation of all technical work a variety of cameras, power requirements and facilities, and all executive and technical advice

    Group similar makers chemical processes

    Doing student projects and industrial simulation of chemical processes with the software Aspen هایسیس (investigation) by a group of the best graduates of Sharif University of technology

    Company, Iran

    Control implementation fix the imperfections in the lines pt&ed

    The company pipeline technique

    ططراحی and advice in the fields of piping,\r\nتهیه maps ازبیلت of industrial units\r\nتهیه maps Executive such as isometric and plan plumbing

    Company AUT CFD Projects

    Do projects and industrial research simulation of hydrodynamics flow and heat and mass transfer through the technique of computational fluid dynamics with the use of the software Fluent (fluent)\r\n\r\nتوسط graduates, MA and Ph. D. at amirkabir University of technology (Tehran Polytechnic),

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