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  • Leisure time of children in summer classes chess

    Do you know the class chess is one of the most healthy classes to fill the leisure time of children can be?

  • Classes, Education, Chess Club, Chess in Iran - the home and school specialized in chess

    Chess Club of Iran, as one of the first and Best Home, School, Chess, the organizer of the class, teach chess for public, private.

  • Education, chess | the Chess Club of Iran

    Chess Club of Iran, under the supervision of the Directorate of youth and sport Mashhad, training courses, public and private chess at all levels and for all sections of the age held.

  • Tutoring mathematics high school first

    With greetings and respect,\r\n\r\n\r\nتدریس private basic mathematics ninth ( first high school ) with a guarantee of a high score to be accepted, applicants, and interested in, feel free please...

  • English tutoring

    Tutoring in English\r\nموسسه language knowledge contributes with more than 20 years of experience tutoring in English\r\nزبان English one of the languages of the Indo-European of the Germanic branch. ...

  • Tutoring the French language

    The Institute of language, knowledge, contributes with more than 20 years of experience tutoring the French language\r\nفرانسوی one of the languages of Indo-European is the later of the languages رومیایی impact, it is considered that from the G...

  • Tutoring German language

    The Institute of language, knowledge about with over 18 years of experience Tutoring German language German language full گویشورترین language of the European Union, with more than ۹۵ million گویشور are speakers of ...

  • Tutoring the Spanish language

    The Institute of language, knowledge, contributes with more than 20 years of experience tutoring the Spanish language\\r\\nزبان Spanish or Spanish from the language family Roman. this language is one of the widely used...

  • Tutoring language

    Educational institution, learners, knowledge about with over 18 years of experience and a successful track record in the field of teaching private Language Institute, your home and your workplace and are also ready to provide services to all ...

  • Training, PLC, S7

    Training, software, SIMATIC MANAGER, along with familiarity with the hardware configuration of the PLC series S7-300زیمنس and how to programming, and test plans, check the I/O, digital and anal...

  • Educational software faze, (میشاوکوشا)

    Educational software Misha, and industrious \r\nاز base preschool, the ninth high school and the English language . \r\nقیمت math and Arabic : 36000 USD\r\nقیمت science courses, and English, and parasites...

  • Ruth super professional all software افزفرهای architecture :Max.Code.Photoshop.Corona .Sighting and...

    Ruth, professional design, internal and external .\r\nاموزش professional posing storage with getting the approval of the municipality is quite principled and, in the framework of\r\nاموزش professional interior design for classic and ...\r\

  • Training plan up پرزانته (Phase 2 architecture)

    Training plan up پرزانته:\r\n\r\NICON in the course to the rigorous training and the principles, software, AutoCAD, instrument and this application is in two parts, two-dimensional and three-dimensional fully examined, we.\r\nاتوکد the fastest software in the drawing is a two-dimensional and cities suitable for soft afezaz visible in order to do the project, and Phase 2, respectively. This package of training into four parts, the main is divided into:\r\nاموزش AutoCAD 2بعدی full\r\nآموزش AutoCAD 3D to mobile پرزانته files of three-dimensional\r\nآموزش residential project executive, from zero to hundred, along with the terms of the municipal\r\nسیلابس course AutoCAD\r\n\r\nآموزش user environment of AutoCAD and how to do the settings\r\n\r\nآموزش commands drawing (the first part)\r\n\r\nآموزش commands Drawing (section\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nعلی Atai :خواه09214298669\r\n\r\nاهواز.Kianpars Persian Oriental building سارایی واحد2 Art Institute ورساز.09377412408

  • Education Corona

    Mettur rendering کورنا one of the motor render 3d Max can be . That the superiority of a particular وجذابی compared to vray is .Including rendering speed, catch, and outputs .The quality of the output and etc .You can go through the following information this course see.And at the end of the sample tasks students in Site view, please.

  • Training videos, professional photography, and Portrait Lighting

    Sales training videos, professional photography, and Portrait Lighting

  • Education the citadel (keyboards )

    Private training keyboard ( the citadel ) in your home With a simple, yet professional you musician, skilled makes No age restrictions, Mr and Mrs. 09194260919 Telegram 091942...

  • Do Thesis

    The Institute for Educational Research "Fellows" in Tehran with over 11 years of experience in the field of spreading knowledge and also counseling performs a variety of the end of the letter. (writing) and paper, printing and publishing paper (printing paper international), books, academic, translation, specialized, and preparation of proposal and consulting services online training classes in you serve the students and graduates dear the future of the country.\\r\\nPlease report to make better use of educational services and guidance, acceptance, and telephone counseling free, do Thesis for technical engineering, thesis, humanities, thesis medical thesis basic sciences to the website of the entourage notes visit, and if you need tips and advice داشتین with email Institute of همـراهـان communicate. Thank you for visiting . Telegram : 9100920355\\r\\nآدرس : تهران – خیابان انقلاب - Educational Institution fellows\\r\\nآدرس website, entourage notes

  • Institute do Thesis

    We believe that education and training may not be for everyone.\r\nاینجا a lot of things to help you achieve your goals there.

  • Training guarantee English, IELTS and TOEFL and GRE

    Academy of language new ideas in the year 1379, with official authorization from the Ministry of culture and Islamic Guidance with the registration number 1199 management of Mr. Mehran برجیان has been established. This institution not only ...

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