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  • Cover, protective whether this feature لاینینگ

    Cover, protective whether this feature لاینینگ\r\nThis company in the field of رابرلاینینگ all kinds of container, pipes, parts, industrial, utilizes personnel trained and experienced with advanced equipment, as well as the backing of technical and technology policy based on his customer satisfaction, accuracy, speed, quality and reasonable price track track.\r\nجهت run استرلاستیکی must have the following noted\r\n• quality and feature the metal surface before the start of the implementation\r\n• the thickness and type of rubber\r\n• select the appropriate ...

  • Making رولیک and drum, and veneer types, roller and wheel

    رولیک one of the parts of the conveyor system میباشدکه for idlers in the system, the action can نمایدو has a variety of : رولیک went on. رولیک back, رولیک armpit strap ( help) and رولیک bumpers industry.\r\n\r\n1 - رولیک went : in the upper part of the machine conveyor and the following conveyor belt is used and the weight of the load, and the belt can withstand.\r\n\r\n2-رولیک back: on the underside of the machine conveyor and the conveyor belt is weight belt can withstand.\r\n\r\n3-رولیک armpit strap: in part on the machine conveyor and i ...

  • بلادر and loosen the accumulator

    بلادر are frequently on the inside of the Shell Special accumulator used to have, and in fact, the storage or accumulator, hydraulic, a kind of storage tank under pressure in which a hydraulic fluid incompressible by an external source under pressure is placed and the external source can be a sprung weight of the OR a compressed gas, is.\r\NICON in fact, the accumulator to a hydraulic system this will allow maximum consumption with the use of a pump, a smaller meet and a consumption of temporary, quick response, give as well as fluctuations in the system's gentle and uniform makes. And ac ...

  • The cement plug and the stripper

    The cement plug, and stripper\r\n\r\nButton plug\r\n\r\nTop plug\r\n\r\nتهیه and pumping cement in the well, the oil سیمانکاری oil well or cementing to say. Operation سیمانکاری oil well to منظورهای different is done:\r\n\r\n– for leakage, sealing the space between the casing or lining has been pushed in the well (casing or liner) and the formation of drilling he has been to this space, called the annulus, say.\r\n\r\n– to block the area of the formation while drilling in the area, etc. هرزروی drilling mud that happens to this area called the lost circula ...

  • Importer and supplier of raw materials, rubber

    Sale \r\nکائوچوهای natural: SMR 20 - RSS1\r\nکائوچو synthetic: SBR 1502 - NBR – EPDM - PBR 1220 –بیوتیل - کلروپرن\r\nشتاب دهندها : MBT - MBTS –TMTD - TMQ ...

  • Greenhouse film

    Instructions for use\r\nآماده storage for installation\r\n the direction of the preparation of any object, thin and sharp as possible when installed or used, damaged). The metal framework of the greenhouse should be of the type, galvanized, Class C and exempt from corrosion. The framework of the greenhouse, wooden must be perfectly smooth and solid.\r\n the form of metal in contact with the film of the greenhouse should be water-based paint, white color. It is certain that all painted surfaces before installing the cover to dry completely. If you use the clamp, the clamp must be fully impregnated into the stainless steel and the color.\r\n To avoid damage caused by heat and rust from the wire, white plastic or use and in both modes to make sure that the plastic used in the wire of PVC is not.\r\n the metal framework should be based on the standard AFNOR NF EN 13031-1. 1. Design.\r\n\r\nنصب film\r\n film, preferably in the morning or afternoon, smooth (10 to 20 degrees centigrade) to be installed.\r\n To avoid any sudden movement of the film should be enough to be drawn. Of stretch the too the movie avoided.\r\n film should be at 25 cm frame of the greenhouse to be positioned.\r\n in the cross-shaped cladding, should be in the opposite direction. Tunnel to prevent overheating, you must have proper ventilation.\r\n in order to avoid shake and vibration. the movie should be regularly tightened.\r\n at the time of storage, must be in their original packaging in moderate temperatures, away from نورخورشید, etc., moisture, and chemicals used

  • The granulated rubber .

    The production and sale of granules ( all sizes ) and rubber powder Company azaran Robert(rubber), Asia

  • Silk texture Lotus

    Company silk texture Lotus from 1373 with the name of the assassin, the tissues begin to operate in the field of manufacturing rope and yarn, and plastic(polyethylene) and have more than 25 years of experience in producing all kinds of rope, plastic, there. \r\nمحصولات our size and diverse qualities can be produced. \r\nما rope Grade 1 with the name of the assassin and the rope is 1.5 with the name Silk supply to the market we. \r\nهر two types of ropes, three-strand, and the Z texture. \r\nThis rope has the power to pull high and are more in the fishing and packing, especia ...

  • Trousseu Indian aunt

    Trousseu 77 fabric is the most complete service, dowry market, Iran, are all functional items that you composed for a living, you need it, there is this service, dowry, despite the price, Economic high quality to produce products in terms of has

  • Yarn carbon spun

    Yarn carbon carbon رایون the construction of Belarus with تکس 400 grams packing of the Duke ( the Duke of 1.8 kg yarn)

  • Masterbatch, anti-static

    Masterbatch anti استایک (anti-static) caused prevent the accumulation of static electricity, improvement, property, printing, Flex, non-absorb dust and grime in the plastic products. ...

  • Masterbatch anti-block

    Masterbatch, anti-block, to reduce friction on your own, or parts of the conversion equipment are used. Levels of polymer often friction, show high, which leads to بروزمشکلاتی de...

  • Masterbatch, transparent and shimmering

    Masterbatch, روشنکننده optical, etc., with which the names of the materials bleaches (optical brightener)including polymer masterbatch BLEACH and agents, bleaches فلئورسنت, too, are called, through a...

  • Masterbatch, lubricating, and second: Shiraz

    Masterbatch the other benefits that the names of The lubricating or masterbatch sleep (Slip) is also known. to reduce the resistance of the film to لیزخوردن on your own, or parts of the conversion equipment.

  • Masterbatch anti اکسیدانت

    Materials anti اکسیدانت, one of the most important add-ons for the plastics industry that are in the processes of manufacturing are used. پلاستیکها usually under the influence of light, oxygen and heat to ...

  • A major player mug یکبارمصرف single dish in Khorasan Razavi

    I plays a major glass of یکبارمصرف brand single dish in Khorasan Razavi and is also a major player mug یکبارمصرف single container in the holy city of Mashhad for the major and the top of the 50 pack and free shipping at L...

  • Transparent masterbatch manufacturer

    The company bond polymers alchemy with two decades of experience, manufacturer of مستربچهای additives and colored \r\proxy to use for this polymer, used intuitively from the glossiness a little bit, or, or...

  • Rubber diaphragm industrial

    Rubber storage alchemy industry manufacturer of diaphragm, simple and منجید, and used various industries.

  • Polymeric materials

    Trading of chemicals and polymer

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