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  • Double وعایق sealing, window Iron without switching to approach Vienna tuning

    Company padra, devised a method of completely new engineering regarding fixing the flaws door وپنجره metal, without the need to demolish or change the exterior building in the least possible time, Vienna tuning is to introduce.

    Building Materials
  • Oxide التیتانیوم

    المش الدنی Ho most ملائمه للابراج لیتحول Eli El Bayadh sleighs oxide التیتانیوم as soon as possible, and ارخص---کحد one ترکیز 45.5 and عینات 57 Phi المئه Ditto God fi الحوله یوجد government fix النسبه I مختبر Razi للمشترین

  • Bed بوبت electric dimensions 200 *90

    Manufacturer of bed بوبت electric \r\nتولید a variety of medical equipment\r\nبهترین quality and appropriate price

  • Awning, accordion

    Build awning اکاردونی in various dimensions\r\nساخت awning behind a window,\r\nساخت awning fence on the دیوار_شاخ Fern\r\nحفاظ, اکاردونی with lace, high thickness and profiles heavy\r...

  • Transportation services

    Company bus patrol hawk in Lorestan, Iran, \r\nآماده provide the best service to you

    travel agents
  • Types of road salt

    Sell all kinds of salt for the road\r\nانواع salt with the grain of the different categories for snow removal and Frost\r\nبا shipped to all parts of such \r\nما competition, we will you be a winner\r\nاز our site visit\r\\r\nفروش major industrial salt\r\nفروش major Salt purifier\r\nفروش major salt refined\r\nفروش major iodized salt\r\nفروش major salt without iodine\r\nفروش major salt family\r\nفروش major Salt Bakery\r\nفروشنده salt of the Garmsar\r\nفروشنده salt in Garmsar\r\nفروشنده Salt Range, Garmsar\r\nفروشنده Salt Range Semnan\r\nفروشنده salt in Semnan\r\nفروشنده salt ...

  • Car storage rahimi

    Car storage rahimi, designer and manufacturer of a variety of devices, motor Shui piece, washing, industrial, cylinder washer, full-automatic car storage rahimi, with over 20 years of experience in the production of time served وطننان dear can be! Machine specifications piece stand up box TL1200 has a water tank 330 liter الکتر motor 5/5 horse water pump 2 inch, with about 80 The number of nozzles wash with the power شویندگی extremely high thickness sheet machine 2 mm, the engine gearbox to rotate the axis of the loading cart, loading 110 × 110 cm loading capacity 400 kg, electrical switchgear ...

    machine manufacturing
  • The device production field فالوده

    The best and most complete machine, the production string فالوده brand فالا Machine dimension: 115 in a 70 cm Square and a height of 180 cm Type of system – two types: - Electric hydraulic automatic - Electric hydraulic غیراتوماتیک Rate of production: - 10 kilos in minutes starch noodle made - 17 kilos in minutes starch noodle made - 25 kg in minutes starch noodle made (According to the customer's order ready and delivered) Power requirements(optional): single phase Type transmission power system(optional): hydraulic Type of template: a template made of a stai ...

    machine manufacturing
  • Engraving machine metals

    Engraving machine metal fixed model sps 170 right direction carved on a variety of plaques and etched metal, etched parts, metal and non-metal (no PC required)\r\n - carve a variety of texts in Persian and English\r\n - carve the serial number\r\n - carved specifications\r\n - carved logo and logo\r\n - carved production date\r\n - carved-tag metal\r\n - the ability to direct connect barcode reader to the controller, and engraved serial barcode

  • Coil, tube - bending, tube - boiler tube

    Perform the manufacturing services, coil boiler and bending pipe coil

    Iron and steel industry
  • Sales and installation of elevator

    Company E. downs fellowship The sale of all parts of elevator includes rails for the elevator.The door .Appliance mechanics.Motor elevator Installing and implementing a variety of grades, tensile hydraulic vessel Sale, installing and implementing a variety of Lift Gazans wait Barber car on Repair وسرویس elevator Reconstruction اسانسورهای worn

  • Phosphoric acid 85% grade food

    Gallon of 35 kg \r\nمحصول country, Kazakhstan \r\nمجوز health certificate

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