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  • Shadow makers, the presenter, parasol, parking lots, terrace, etc. the pool, alcove, etc.,

    Shadow company-makers of polymer presenter, canopy, modern, no base annoying with poly cover یوپان upvc View the designs on the website WWW.SAYEPL.IR WWW.SAYEHSAZANCO.COM 09126...

  • Automatic packaging machine

    Packaging machine designed by the company design and engineering, the farmer includes the packaging machine, semi-automatic and ... automatic packaging machine and packaging machine, can. Packaging machine Automatic in all process پرکنی., the weighing and the flood, by the controller, the weight iBATCH and display HMI.( This type of packaging machine suitable for packaging up to 1500 packs per hour.)

    machine manufacturing
  • Special sale trampoline amusement parks

    Construction, production and sale of special trampoline amusement parks in different sizes, with the standard of the organization of the national standard, one year warranty and 10 year after-sale service 1 German 2 German 4 German 6 German 8 German 10-seater and 12 seater\r\nلوازم trampoline includes springs, Ukrainians, etc. veneer, Korean, lace, floor, and lace away from the type of degree one can be found. \r\nآدرس central office : تهران، خیابان دماوند، چهارراه سیمتری نارمک، station, eminence, etc., next, Cinema, p, etc., No. 502, Unit 5\r\nدفتر central : 02177984978\r\nهمراه : 09127239401 ...

  • Sale cylinder and ماردون کونیکال 51

    Sale cylinder and ماردون کونیکال ۵۱ second hand, cylinder and spiral کونیکال 51, PVC, etc. ۲ kit cylinder and ماردون second hand pvc perfectly healthy, cylinders and spiral کونیک second hand pvc, cylinder and spiral ۵۱ mm PVC, pair ماردون ۵۱ pvc extruder کونیکال 51

  • Plastic barrel

    Diamond polymer manufacturer\r\nانواع barrel plastic of a capacity of 30 to 220 liters\r\nبصورت openings and has clamps metal\r\NICON in two colors, blue and White\r\nجهت used for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and etc\r\nتولید the material is a\r\n*all barrels have the weight that are high resistance and longevity of the product increases*\r\nto buy this product you can with phone numbers:\r\n021-46077325\r\n021-46077298

    Water and Wastewater
  • Fiber cement board claddings

    Sell all kinds of fiber cement board claddings and Thai - fiber cement, simple and plan, Wood \r\site configuration://

    Building Materials
  • Door repairs وپنجره

    Provide repair services or regulating the door وپنجره in all parts of Tehran is taking place in the\r\nتیم expert and committed, and has a long history in the field of repairs,\r\nلازم to mention that all services ...

  • The device production field فالوده

    The best and most complete machine, the production string فالوده brand فالا Machine dimension: 115 in a 70 cm Square and a height of 180 cm Type of system – two types: - Electric hydraulic automatic - Electric hydraulic غیراتوماتیک Rate of production: - 10 kilos in minutes starch noodle made - 17 kilos in minutes starch noodle made - 25 kg in minutes starch noodle made (According to the customer's order ready and delivered) Power requirements(optional): single phase Type transmission power system(optional): hydraulic Type of template: a template made of a stai ...

    machine manufacturing
  • آنودایزینگ red aluminum Araya

    Anodizing aluminum, aria, the service provider plated aluminum to the method of European آنودایزینگ our services : \r\nآنادایز hard\r\n anodized chromic \r\nآندایز White\r\nآنادایز colored\r\n anodize normal \r\nآنودایز matte and Shiny \r\nسختی up to 700 Vickers\r\nضخامت up to 100 micron \r\nکروماته yellow \r\nکروماته Green\r\n کروماته seven colors \r\nآلوداین \r\nخدمات polishing chemical aluminum parts \r\nتلفن :\r\n 66153057\r\n 66153058 \r\n66153038فکس\r\n \r\n 1145 802 0912 Mehdi Mohammadi, expert mechanics, aircraft\r\n WWW.ANODIZINGARIA.COM\r\n INFO@ANODIZINGARIA.COM

  • Centrifuge blower

    Ventilators Haas centrifuge for installation in ventilation systems of commercial and industrial use.

    Air conditioning systems
  • Drill, screwdriver, milling all the diamond brand göring, Germany

    Importer of lathe tools and cutting brand, goering, Germany(Guhring), includes a drill and screwdriver and milling in the size of the different condition of originality of the goods.

  • Tile مهرچین

    Dealers sell a variety of plates مهرچین in different colors for making a variety of سطحهای steep

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