Sell Offers Building and Construction

  • Door accordion leather

    ادرب accordion due to the performance of a simple mental واستهلاک down has a high demand in the market. This system at the entrance, many places, including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, residential complexes, stores, and ... used

  • Double وعایق sealing, window Iron without switching to approach Vienna tuning

    Company padra, devised a method of completely new engineering regarding fixing the flaws door وپنجره metal, without the need to demolish or change the exterior building in the least possible time, Vienna tuning is to introduce.

  • The roof skylight and Hull niches

    Manufacturer of sheet roof skylight and Hull niches, without restrictions on the length and form sheet

  • A pergola pleasing, intimate in the yard of the villa and your home

    Canopy protects from the auto-increase value of the property with the use of the canopy-increase the value of the property with canopies-using canopy outdoor, outdoor-the use of the canopy in the open space-the use of awnings on the terrace-use the awning on the terrace-use the parasol on the roof-the use of awning on the roof-the construction of a canopy on the terrace-the construction of awning on the terrace-the construction of awning on the terrace-construction of a canopy on the terrace-best canopies on the roof-Best awning on the roof-the model is made of the canopy on the roof of the ho ...

  • Glass wool( Isfahan)

    Dealers sell all kinds of glass wool in the known different\r\nپشم glass, some kind of thermal insulation and audio.\r\nپشم glass with the absorption of sonic energy improves process performance, voice, wall,floor, ceiling, and the transfer of any pollution, the audio can be.\r\nپشم glass, with the balance of heating and cooling Moore need the environment to prevent the waste of energy can be.

  • Door accordion PVC balconies, and wooden shutters accordion

    Door accordion PVC in simple models, and window,\r\nدیوار and doors for vans folding remarkable engineers, building, bulk-makers and Tower makers\r\n*garage doors, gate valve, Chu...

  • Shadow makers, the presenter, parasol, parking lots, terrace, etc. the pool, alcove, etc.,

    Shadow company-makers of polymer presenter, canopy, modern, no base annoying with poly cover یوپان upvc View the designs on the website WWW.SAYEPL.IR WWW.SAYEHSAZANCO.COM 09126...

  • Window double

    Double glazed window to two different methods\r\n\r\nروش first : replacement with UPVC window \r\NICON in this method, the previous window is removed ( the frame round the window), and instead of a UPVC window installed. Profiles used Vista, clamps and وینتک with fittings, classy, and double glass factory and....\r\n\r\nروش second : without the swap method ( Vienna tuning )\r\NIF, due to having windows form and.... problems تغییرنمای building or the high price of UPVC windows, or any other reason, are reluctant to replace your Windows you don't have, but want the problems window his iron as a ...

  • Flat electrical ۳موتوره

    Medical equipment - physiotherapy equipments-waste نخاغی-bed spinal cord injury-tilt table mountain - lift - lifter-patient-bed patient - physiotherapist - hospital-beds-منیوپلیشن - treatments...

  • Photos canopy-photo alcove-picture of parking with سایبون-picture alcove, beautiful

    Information about the construction of parking-a roof for the outdoor pool-shadow company-makers-the shadow of death, polymer-shadow-makers, modern-the shadow makers-concrete structures-the shadow Bowen sturdy-the price of the construction of the canopy-the price of the construction of parking lots, administrative-representing the shadow-makers-representing the shadow of death, in Mashhad, Iran-representation of shade-makers in karaj-the designer and host a variety of canopy-سایبونهای administrative-سایبونهای personal project-construction drawings-time implementation of a canopy-time enforcemen ...

  • Par plus

    Sale, balance of manufacturer ceramic tile with the best quality and most nozzles price, brand N+

  • Repairs, elevators, hydraulic

    Department of engineering, Hydro-downs pars ready قبوا, general repairs and minor lifts hydraulic in Tehran and other parts of the city transpires.\r\nکاری that our colleagues couldn't...

  • Welding and Smithy, mobile

    All service welding - Smithy in Tehran for mobile de رخدمت we are\r\n

  • Home lift

    Run home lift(elevator)to the old building\r\nبدون need three-Phase Electric Power\r\nقابلیت run within a week\r\nقابلیت run in the spaces, very small\r\nسطح safety wonderful...

  • Elevator

    Department of Engineering, hydro-downs Pars Now the company hydro-downs barking with enjoyment of experiences in doing various projects and by having personnel with experience ...

  • Sepehr foam Isfahan

    The official representative of the Sepehr foam advanced foam Isfahan and center for the sale of a variety of فومهای epe.xpe.eva.xps the form of Rolls, foam mattress ۲۰۰*۱۶۰ ۲۰۰*۱۸۰ فومهای boards in sizes and thicknesses desired\r\n for less cost from the dealership you purchase.\r\nانواع foam polyethylene کراسلینگ foam tube, foam mattress, foam Rowley.\r\nفوم the best isolation and the best heat insulation, moisture and sound. Foam polyethylene lightweight and soft and has portability and easy installation have. Polyethylene foam of the composition of tiny bubbles of air with the polyethylene ...

  • Door accordion PVC

    Doors accordion in simple models, and window, Remarkable engineers, building, bulk-makers and Tower makers *Elegant design for use at the entrance to the rooms, service, health, and partitions, interior *Waterproof and washable *Ability to crease more in order to view more beautiful ( according to order ) *Variety of colors In two types, plain and window,

  • Convert old windows to double glazed windows and triple glazed

    Operation of double and triple glazed window with done in two ways:\r\n\r\nروش first : replacement with UPVC window \r\NICON in this method, the previous window is removed ( the frame round the window), and instead of a UPVC window, a standard one can be fitted. Profiles used Vista, clamps and وینتک with fittings is a glass factory with the argon gas can be.\r\n\r\nروش second : without the swap method ( Vienna tuning )\r\NIF, due to having windows form and.... problems of change, building facades, or the high price of UPVC windows, or any other reason, are reluctant to replace your Windows you ...

  • Table fantasy .The floor carpet . In Isfahan

    Sell all kinds of tables fancy for the garden and Villa in different designs with bicolor Gray واخرایی and floor carpets for the pavement with different designs to the price of the workshop of yours in the meantime...

  • Shadow makers, polymer, designer, and performer, making a variety of canopy, administrative, etc., with poly cover یوپان across Iran

    Build and run a variety of canopy with poly cover یوپان in Tehran and the representation of the canopy, administrative, and structural style in the whole of Iran

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