• Company مهرفرصنعت

    Company مهرفرصنعت with the aim of producing in the context of a variety of artifacts bross metal in October 1394 was established.\r\n\r\nتلاشهای all-round Manager, agent, etc. by the Board of Directors and its personnel, production artifacts, bross metal to produce the final products can be used by operation upgrade, and in more ways, the objective, long-term more into consideration .Fortunately, the technical capacity and records of the Executive personnel has the company with all of their capacity in shifts, consecutive working.\r\n\r\nThis company having be Technical in the field of design and convert it to the final product and quality to all customers, this ensure that to be able to do any custom.\r\n\r\nما on this اعتقادیم that support industry practitioners and engineers, and employers like managers, this collection میباشدوهمواره in need of this support and appreciate the efforts friends.\r\n\r\nوره and provide all the metal industries and project supervisor, industrial\r\n \r\nمحصولات\r\nجعبه fire\r\nسینی cable and components\r\nساپورت installations\r\nتابلو power\r\nهود and gas\r\nرک\r\nدرب anti-theft\r\nآسانسور\r\nدرب elevator(A shutters and the two shutters)\r\nسقف decorative Lift\r\nکابین Lift\r\n\r\nتابلو power\r\n\r\nجعبه fire\r\n\r\nسینی cable\r\n\r\nساپورت and clamps installations\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nطراح and build a variety of artifacts bross metal includes :\r\n-build a variety of cf K Telecom\r\n-build a variety of hoods, gas\r\n - build a variety of tray cable, duct, mechanical and electric, cable ladder etc\r\n - build a variety of supports and clamps اسپرینکلر, etc.\r\n - build a variety of box of fire\r\n - service lifts(doors, roof, and elevator cabs)\r\n-build a variety of door anti-theft\r\nساخت a variety of boards, Electric

    Company mobile Smithy, Tehran, Iran

    Welding and forging in mobile and construction and installation window, fence, door, iron, Four Wood \r\nجوشکاری mobile in all parts of Tehran \r\nساخت and repairs in وپنجره build a shield gas piping without shutdown\r\n\r\n repair all types of door وپنجره\r\n repair Jack broken parking\r\n a variety of retail work and project welding \r\nلوله gas, homes, offices, factories, institution, and company,\r\nساخت awning, fence and metal with various designs for doors and Windows\r\nساخت, gas cooler and blue and the construction of the awning \r\nساخت types of fence, staircase for companies - home - offices \r\nبا the lowest price\r\nبدون closures

    Company Beach Energy lightning

    Company Beach Energy Lightning, with the goal of providing specialized services in the field of ventilation systems وتبرید industrial وخانگی using highly qualified professionals in this field start activity has the specialists of the company, years with a history of scientific, academic وصنعتی useful and Brilliant have been in the field of consulting, design, construction, installation, maintenance, and control devices, ventilation وتبرید (heating and cooling)the activity effective .Partnership, Company, field, industry, government and private including petrochemical, refineries, etc. Railways, Telecom, etc. thermal power station and units in the academic, economic stability, etc., airports, etc. banks, hospitals, hotels and cold storage and etc. face is taken.

    Sam Wayne

    Now, Sam Vienna in the year 1356, with the aim of improving the industry, the lifeline of the country to the arena effort, and use the expertise, experienced personnel ready to provide services to fellow industry.

    Thunder wide Varna

    With subject of activity design and implementation of various systems, electrical systems, industrial and construction lines twenty kV, supply and installation of all types of transformers and generators and electrical switchgear, steering wheel, etc. and launch a variety of industrial machines, installation and commissioning and repair of the electric system . Buy and sell appliances, lighting, all the activities of the services of electricity, imports of all goods and machinery needed in relation to the subject activity . Providing any service to subscribers . Do any activities, design and engineering in order to build or optimize parts and equipment to the country's electricity industry . Activities in the fields of consulting engineering, peer reviews, technical and economic . Compile the process of making the design of the production lines and بارزسی characteristics of the components and equipment of power industry of the country . Do any activities, design and engineering in order to build and optimize parts and various equipment in water and power industry and transmission lines, natural gas, country, design, production lines, and transmission and monitoring of technical components and equipment for industry, utilities and transmission lines, natural gas country . Carry out all activities civil works in the field of construction (انبیه ) water, energy, رتاسیسات of agricultural machinery and equipment and table of this landscaping and its beeches . Perform all service activities in the fields of repair and maintenance services of green space and Affairs facilities and services do general cleaning . Waitress . تلفنچی like it . The preparation of skilled manpower and efficient, required Co., Ltd. import and export of all goods allowed .

    Caspian fan

    Manufacturer of ventilators, air -, mechanical -, PA

    Company elevator and Escalator victorious flight kosar

    Engineering company, victorious, flight, official activities with your hire engineers capable and qualified of the year ١٣۸۸ in the field of consulting, design, sales and installation has started. This collection, having the industry knowledge and the technology install elevators مونتاژی and imported company wittur is proud of the products quality feather company WITTUR in Iran, installation, repair and maintenance. Engineering triumphant flight, a company native to that trust in the capabilities of growing and growing forces expert domestic in the field of design, engineering, construction, production and also import all kinds of elevator and accessories, elevator and also install the elevator . Group engineers company includes professionals with experience that all the needs of the customers on brought makes. Engineering triumphant flight, consisting of the departments of R&D, engineering, and ... marketing, sales and after-sales service is ready to provide all kinds of elevator all imported in the model, passenger., the barber, etc., panorama., the hospital, Home, lift, and غذابر in a variety of carrier and without the Powerhouse and also a variety of Escalator and a moving sidewalk projects for residential, administrative and commercial. Engineering company, victorious, flight, equipment, elevators assembled in Iran from the most prestigious builders in Germany, Italy and Switzerland such as ThyssenKrupp in Germany, WITTUR, Germany AEG, Germany, that is because of the innovation and the quality of a privileged advertise awards and appreciations, valuable world have received. supply.

    Company Aras بالابرسازان downs

    Company Aras Lift makers-downs with having a personnel of regular and trained in the field of service, maintenance and repair, elevator motor, Lift, build, circle, engine, elevator installation اینکودر service and repair of the escalator to be able to provide services to صورت24ساعته and in all areas of Tehran and the dispatch of repair, and the serviceman درکمتر از3ساعت

    Company Anna el single

    آناالتک : enter a captive supplier equipment, fire alarm

    Development company based steam

    Contractor powerhouse and utilities, places of industrial, commercial and residential with over 25 years of experience in the field installation of boilers, steam and spa فایرتیوب and واترتیوب

    Engineering company, please click privacy sepahan

    Company engineering and technical, please click the privacy sepahan is the largest and most specialized Center for the sale of a variety of barrier structures in the Isfahan province, in possession of a variety of brands, raised barrier, automatic prepare contracts, sales, installation and services with entities and organs.

    Company, energy services area, the information

    Optimize and manage energy consumption Renewable energy

    The company Villeneuve plastic

    Pipe and fittings each class PVC, PVC-U وینوپلاستیک\r\nشرکت manufacturing وینوپلاستیک the largest companies active in the industry, the production of pipes and fittings, polymeric and PVC in Iran. The company officially its activities of the year ۱۳۵۸ has started and now become one of the largest and most advanced factories in the production of pipes and fittings, PVC-U (PVC hard) of size 16 mm to 1200 mm in Iran has been.\r\nانواع productions:\r\n - manufacturer pipe and fittings for sewer construction\r\n - manufacturer pipe and fittings for municipal sewage\r\n - manufacturer pipe and fittings for moisture under pressure\r\n - manufacturer pipe and fittings for telecommunication\r\n - manufacturer pipe for gutters and rain water\r\n - manufacturer plates UPVC\r\n - manufacturer UPVC\r\n - the first manufacturer of pipe and fittings power-sealدر (No need to heat, and with the complete sealing and fixing of the complete contraction and expansion)\r\nافتخارات and استاندادها:\r\n - the biggest exporter of pipe and fitting UPVC windows in the country\r\n - has the international certificates (ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 10002 - ISO 10004 - ISO 17025 - OHSAS 18001 - ISO 14001)\r\nISIRI 9119 related to the sewer of the building equal to EN 1329\r\n ISIRI 9118 related to municipal sewage equal to EN 1401\r\nISIRI 9117 related to water supply, under pressure, equal to EN 1452\r\nEN 12200 related to pipes, studs, \r\n - has a technical certificate from research center of building and housing\r\n - certification lab fellow, Bureau of research and standard صنعتی\r\n------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\\r\nدفتر the sale of the domestic market: 34704515-34711663-34705082-026 \r\nدفتر sales : 44123309-021\r\nآدرس factory: Alborz province, karaj, what if there's no etc., next to the police the way under, the grant, etc. street workers, and وینوپلاستیک

    Company modern design

    Nowadays, our society demands products of high quality, in the field of Health building to the direction of raising the standards of life and construction. As مستحضر are the health service component of the environment-sensitive services, and with heavy use in public buildings, administrative, commercial, residential and... is that after a short time to different causes, ranging from the transfer of incorrect wastewater, excessive consumption of water, clear being vain system, lighting and ventilation, sanitary and... got to the erosion goes and costs a lot more imposing. Group of Engineering Company, new plan, according to the opinion of experts and engineers, and successful experiences to design and run health service smart has. In سـرویـس بـهـداشـتـی هـوشـمـنـد water and electricity required for the full control and be based on the presence of persons and the amount of demand is used. The plan is based on the need of the building, administrative, public, residential and... is planned and effective step in the reform of the consumption pattern and reduce costs and, together with the law " being targeted subsidies can be, and as a short-term investment economic justification as well. What is very important and worth noting is this is that the products are designed in such a way that, while having an outward normal in the least amount of time without the need of destruction in any service applicable. Of course, قـیمت بسـیارمناسب and super durability, installation company and long term warranty and after-sales service is also مکـمل, beauty, beauty and health, and saving water and electricity خواهـد.

    Company مهارانرژی Golden River

    Company مهارانرژی افتخارداشته that twenty years of service in the field innovative insulation engine room.Pipe and.... And implementing refrigeration بانیرهای experienced specialist in this field has been وهنوزافتخارداریم that to our dear homeland and people while service some have

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