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  • Frames flat, frames

    Frame and bed, frame\r\nتجهیزات medical - equipment physiotherapy-waste نخاغی-bed spinal cord injury-tilt table mountain - lift - lifter-patient-bed patient - physiotherapist - hospital-beds - ...

  • Stretcher emergency

    Trolley, Emergency, place the head and basket clothes and capsules اکسیژنتجهیزات medical - equipment physiotherapy-waste نخاغی-bed spinal cord injury-tilt table mountain - lift - lifter of the patient-the sick bed...

  • A patient lift

    A variety of lift, patient, and hospital equipment\r\nتجهیزات medical - equipment physiotherapy-waste نخاغی-bed spinal cord injury-tilt table mountain - lift - lifter of the patient-the sick bed - فیزیوتر...

  • Flooring, hospital, sanitary, etc. Pharmaceuticals (antibacterials)

    The risk of contagion in the hospital, that floor cleaning in the well do not is two-fold. Bacteria on surfaces of non-porous influence, not detergent, the basic alcoholic ...

  • Acupuncture Dr. mehrdad Kazem Zadeh, kermanshah, Iran

    Perform all services, acupuncture, approved by the World Health Organization acupuncture clinic Dr. mehrdad Kazem, born in kermanshah.The first and only Center for acupuncture accredited and approved construction...

  • Acupuncture clinic Dr. mehrdad Kazem Zadeh, kermanshah, Iran

    Acupuncture clinic Dr. mehrdad Kazem Zadeh services: Beauty and facial wrinkles . Weight loss and elimination of obesity topical . Depression . Migraine . Back pain and sciatic pain . Pain and آرترز waist and knees . Paralysis of the nerves of the face, Bell's . Paralysis limbs after stroke . امبدینگ or planting yarn stitches, with the ability to attract( کاتکوت )to reduce the weight, size and fitness.Treat pimples and acne with cupping on the face, the Chinese know Oscar, and instead of cupping. Provider specialty and most روزآمدترین services acupuncture in the country In the environment of a clean, sanitary, modern and ... stylish with the perfect atmosphere and distinct between each bed.The elevator from inside the alley, etc. wheelchair, etc., walkers and Internet high-speed free. Consulting, business and filing for free. The only acupuncture Center in kermanshah, which in accordance with the standards of space and place provide the service of acupuncture of the Ministry of health, treatment and medical education ( health care ) built and equipped . The only acupuncture practitioner accredited and approved by the Medical Council of Iran in kermanshah The location of the car park with leaderboards, special veterans, and patients, the lesion of the spinal cord, etc. the ramps for entry to the alley., the elevator with the door without any stairs from inside the alley . For advice and business need to appointment is not, and on the other hand, radiographic etc. tests, and all the days Monday to Thursday hours 3:30 to 6 p.m. in person to the Office, please visit big After the visit, diagnosis your condition, and decide for method and type of treatment turns to acupuncture, you can be coordinated. Working hours of the Office: Monday-Thursday from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Friday and official holidays-office closed. The direction of any further information between the hours of 3:30 to 6 p.m. With phone leads to call.

  • Treatment of sciatica with acupuncture in kermanshah

    Acupuncture clinic Dr. mehrdad Kazem, born in kermanshah, Iran

  • HEPA filter bag, bag filter, air handling

    Company filter wide with a history of more than ten years the production of industrial filters, Hospital and ready to cooperate with all Hospital and industrial. The company uses the best media and production quality has always been to refine, better air and fluid consumption, you can decide. The company is also in the production of medical equipment and hospital, including filters, antibacterials, and suction is also activity. Filter gostar Mashhad, Iran ready to cooperate with all hospitals, factories and various industries throughout our country Iran. we are the manufacturer of all kinds of ...

  • HEPA filter panel bag, filter bag, clean room

    Company filter gostar Azar manufacturer of air conditioning products, laboratory and hospital, etc. build and run the clean room or the design and implementation of clean room products Air showers since box a HEPA filter and bag, hood لامینار and petrochemical products

  • Hood لامینار

    Hood Class 2\r\nضد acid\r\nقیمت hood لامینار\r\nپی friend km\r\nphمتر\r\npcr\r\npcrورک station\r\nهودکلاس1\r\nهود tissue culture\r\nفیلتر HEPA\r\nتعویض filter لامینار\r\n۳۷درجه\r\nلامپ yo he\r\nuv\r\nانکوباتور smart

  • Hood chemical پکپارچه

    The hood of the microbial\r\nهود لامینار\r\nلامینار Flo\r\nانکوباتور\r\nانکوباتور ۳۷درجه\r\nانکوباتور یخچالدار\r\nانکوباتور, shakers,\r\nانکوباتور ۵۵لیتری\r\nسکوبندی laboratory\r\nشیرآلات laboratory\r\nسینک anti-acid,\r\npcr\r\nورک station\r\nهود vertical\r\nتعویض hood filter لامینار

  • Special sale device with the highest power laser دایود 2019

    *The use of laser technology دایود for effective removal of hairy*\r\nمناسب for all skin types(دایود special type of skin, and the Iranian)\r\nدارای confirmation of the official administration, monitoring, and ...

  • Center, buy and sell van, and ambulance

    Center purchase, sale, supply and furnishing of all kinds of vehicles, ambulance and fire stations in Khuzestan province\r\n1 ) equip the cars to carry the money standard\r\n2 ) van Toyota, Hayes etc., Van Hyundai...

  • Cocktails for mesotherapy درماهیل

    In a variety of strengthen hair. fat burner and جوانساز\r\n\r\nساخت Korea\r\nto treat hair loss and facial rejuvenation and joint pain\r\nمدل BBC or You Tube\r\n\r\nساخت Switzerland\r\n\r\n09129465193 Montazeri\r\n22850864

  • Kit PRP رژن lips

    For the treatment of hair loss and facial rejuvenation and joint pain\r\n\r\nمدل BBC or You Tube\r\n\r\n\r\nساخت Switzerland\r\n\r\n09129465193 Montazeri\r\n22850864

  • Gel IDE colouring

    Special injections with ویسکوزیتی, and easy control in injection Special injections with ویسکوزیتی, and easy control in injection Making country Italy 1 mill 88105666 09124025451 montazeri Valid brands, the price balanced with the discounts, special, Delivery, fast, in all parts of the country

  • Gel IDE رژنیال

    Gel آیدیای رژنیال 1 mill \r\n\r\nحجم this in different parts of the body such as the face, neck, chest, and ...\r\n\r\nساخت Italy\r\n\r\n22850864\r\n09129465193 Montazeri\r\n\r\nبرندهای Mae...

  • The book of Mesotherapy

    The book of Mesotherapy include astronomical مزوآناتومی, etc. مزومتدولوژی, etc. مزوفارماکولوژی., the meso-rejuvenation, etc. meso-hair care and مزولیپولیز was printed \r\nپدیدآورندگان: A. Montazeri, etc., the doctor شبن...

  • Intelligent systems پیجینگ Paging Systems

    The announced code for audio with color codes or numeric\r\nپخش the voice recording for the smart part of the pre-defined\r\nظاهر beautiful graphics and panel polycarbonate significant....

  • Wall glass joint modular operating room

    Glass, an attractive environment and a working environment pleasant.Wall system Glass different design options and backlit. For example, design, printing, different...

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