Sell Offers Consultation

  • Family counseling online

    Consulting in the field of family, child, relationships, emotional

  • Legal Services Institute, the gamers

    The Institute of legal gamers by consultants expert in the field of legal advice and judicial services of the following offers : \r\nتنظیم types of petitions, legal and complaint - petition for adjustment of the criminal ...

  • The implementation of various projects and initiatives briefing

    The implementation of various projects and initiatives briefing \r\nانجام all things plant, from the first construction until the end of the operation included(construction of silos and purchase of all equipment and installations and appliances آزمایشگ...

  • Provide consulting services fire extinguisher

    Company leading the industry by having a work permit from the fire department, Tehran, the possibility of providing consulting services fire extinguisher is capable.

  • Stay and invest in Hungary

    You can invest to the amount of 300000 Euro with a guarantee of return and returnees, etc. permanent residents of Hungary to obtain.\r\nروند this program, the nominee to this form.

  • Consulting senior thesis and دکترى new project

    Research Center specialized in New Project\\r\\nترجمه specialized counseling Project, University of\\r\\n type, and the preparation of PowerPoint thesis\\r\\nمشاوره thesis ودکتری\\r\\nنوین project

  • Consultant, organizational and planning

    Consultant production planning\r\nجذب staffing to HR practices, engineering\r\nسیستم and methods\r\nبرنامه planning and repairs to keep\r\nمشاور CEO in matters of production\r\nمشاور managing director on productivity, organization, and equipment\r\nعارضه marketing, organizational, production,\r\nعقد contracts, internal \r\nبازرگانی internal\r\nبرون outsourcing\r\n\r\n021-66097507\r\n09904095377

  • Preparation of plan, technical and economic in Karaj and Tehran, Iran

    Plan and ... feasibility studies , advisory services studies of investment in the economic sector\r\nخدمات following a completely professional under the supervision of engineers and consultants هونامیک offered:\r\n*feasibility studies preliminary and detailed (market studies, technical, financial and economic) Designs and projects in industry, mining, agriculture, services, etc. infrastructure and tourist destinations with the use of specialized software COMFAR III EXPERT and EXCEL and ...\r\n\r\n*plan of justification in the context of different directions, obtaining a bank loan\r ...

  • Consulting, design, sales, marketing, and branding

    Company نویان industry هونامیک\r\nبرنامه planning, marketing and sales includes segmenting aim of this place marketing, which is based on The Matrix formulation of strategies derived from the model of David are done.\r\n_برنامه marketing to attract capital fundraising through individuals, entrepreneur, or banks and financial institutions in credit)\r\n_برنامه marketing for sale of products and services from companies domestic and foreign _برنامه marketing to provide a strategic plan for marketing to the board\r\n_برنامه marketing to review Design Busin ...

  • Obtaining the certification of ISO9001 in Karaj -Tehran-Qazvin

    Company morning the quality of the trail ,Consulting in the field of certification of ISO (ISO) and CE certification for all companies and organizations with the licensing agencies of the country and the automotive industries building. The company with the acquisition of a symbol of the trust the electronics and the symbol of a reorganisation of the bases of internet users and our customers this will ensure that in a safe environment and in the shortest time to register and get certification of ISO desired in the system, the ISO system to.This organization has representation from companies Cer ...

  • Institute Ryan

    The Institute of international patents Ryan The first institution offering services patent with the use of the system of registration of international PCT on Iran Do you know the treaty همکاریPCT ...

  • The Institute of legal Ryan

    - Registration of all commercial companies\r\n - registration of all changes related to the company,\r\n - register brand\r\n - patent\r\n - registration of the industrial

  • The Institute of international patents Ryan

    The Institute of international patents Ryan (free consultation) The Institute of international patents, Ryan provider of all services in the fields of : 1 - registered inventions in Iran, and WAC...

  • Business Certification knowledge base, and related services

    Business Certification knowledge base and the related services\r\nمؤسسه technology development Ryan, \r\nآماده provide consulting services from the beginning to the stage of your business license, knowledge base, and also obtaining the accommodations and facilities offered on behalf of the fund for innovation and prosperity, for the economic foundation of knowledge of the country, including manufacturing companies and service can be. \r\nto get more information using the communication path the following ready to provide more services we provide:\r\n \r\n phone : 02174358\r\n 46 and 0 ...

  • Do and fast delivery plan to the bank(the National Development Fund)

    Providing a variety of plan software کامفار with تأییدیۀ focus consultants Credit Bank

  • Provide Plan direction for the necessary permits

    تـهیه ago plan and طرحـهای justification اقتصـادی, etc. فنـی And مالـی to present to banks, organizations, etc. financial institutions and credit, etc.

  • Provide business services,

    Advising of foreign trade from the stage of obtaining pre-invoice to customs clearance \r\nارائه consulting services international transport of imported goods and export \r\nارائه the services of an expert, advising and issuing a variety of insurance policy \r\nپیمان Management, Import and export a variety of goods \r\nپیگیری solve disputes customs \r\nبررسی and dispute resolution matters related to commercial, foreign and international companies and organizations\r\nبرگزاری specialized seminars on a daily basis with the subject of foreign trade\r\nنیاز sur ...

  • Clinic Social Work, star Shiraz

    Counseling individual, marriage, family communication problems and emotional and mental therapy, behavioral disorders in children, hyperactivity, educational counseling, children, Test, intelligence, and character, holding workshops and seminar training\r\nمشاور family: Mohammad worker (before marriage, couples therapy, divorce)\r\nمدیریت: just interested in\r\n\r\nتماس: 07138477451

  • Estate jeweled

    The fastest Center buy-sell -mortgages واجاره-expert contractor in the area north of the city area

  • Center for Psychology and counseling, the creation of the new branch

    * Provider of a variety of services, psychology and counseling in lahijan\r\n* marriage counseling\r\n* advice, upgrade the level of relations of spouses\r\n* advising\r\n* advice and \r\n...

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