• Company بهسامان energy

    Double glazed window to two different methods\r\n\r\nتعویض with UPVC window :\r\NICON in this method, the previous window is removed ( the frame round the window), and instead of a UPVC window installed. Profiles used Vista, clamps and وینتک with fittings, classy, and double glass factory and....\r\n\r\nروش Vienna tuning\r\NIF, due to having windows form and.... problems تغییرنمای building or the high price of UPVC windows, or any other reason, are reluctant to replace your Windows you don't have, but want the problems window his iron as a principled and engineering, without any change of the facade, please fix, we approach Vienna tuning to you we introduce.\r\n\r\nجهت the acquisition of additional information about the methods, etc. to the site of the company, please visit\r\\r\nتماس with the experts : 75089\r\nبازدید and advice free of charge.\r\nپنجره upvc, etc. ویستابست, etc. وینتک, etc. double glazed windows, windows double glazed and ... window, fence, etc. double-wall glass, window arch, window, form, and.... sealing of Windows, innovative insulation and sealing of Windows, Vienna, tuning, etc. بهسامان energy, replacement windows

    The layout and the building of dry China

    Group plan, and the application of China supplier of all kinds of fiber cement board claddings and performer, specialized in facades cement board - supplier of all kinds of adhesives for construction and industrial

    Ruberoid Corp Fort Stagecoach

    Ruberoid Corp Fort products to Iranians \\r\\n quality quality is our goal

    Company gypsum industrial Omid Semnan

    Factory chalk Omid Semnan in سال۱۳۷۰تاسیس was during these years, always trying them up based on need, market technology to various products and quality that in this regard, in recent years, according to the process of industrialization of housing in the public investments for development and modernization of lines of plant according to the standards of the world, with the forces of experienced and trained he is . This factory now is ready with new line میکسینگ plant, etc. daily 200 to 300 tons of plaster combination, such as chalk, spray, etc. plaster گیپتون, etc. plaster, anti-moisture, plaster, pay something, etc. and produce the resulting activities of the company obtaining a certificate of national standard and certification characteristics of the building and Housing Research Center, etc. to European standards (CE) quality management system 2008 :9001, ISO, be, in company policy, etc. in addition to legal requirements, respecting the rights of consumers and obligations of the social fashion is.

    Cover and work in Tehran

    Designer, producer and presenter, covering the new construction


    سینابام above any roof

    فوکا door

    Manufacturer of interior doors and anti-theft

    Parasol-makers style structures (ساختینه )

     Company sheds makers style structures after years of experience in sale of material, construction, and familiarity with the building industry, utilities وابزارآلات in the year 1396, decided to create an online store with the name (ساختینه) was.\r\n preparation systems, integrated store and Exhibition, etc. to create a safe and advanced in order to provide and introduce products manufacturers, directing, facilitating, and speed of the part a sale and updated the information of these industries and the sale of goods, standard of the main objectives of the company.\r\n space fully electronic, to introduce the products in the shop template, electronic, mobile app, etc. software management enter storage products, introduce and sell products, producers of Abdul, one shop online, always update from the main advantages of this فروشگاهست .\r\n remove intermediaries and related storage partners and buyers, with major manufacturers, our main goal has been, and it's a step worthwhile to reduce the costs of consumers and more sales producers, and also the satisfaction of the parties, we have put.\r\n ساختینه believes the use of updated technology and software tools to introduce and offer products can be achieved, including quality improvement, sales بیشتروکاهش costs the manufacturer as well as increase the level of satisfaction contacts and finally, economic progress will bring.\r\n because summary being content was worthwhile the time you set

    Chemical industry in Iran and Germany

    MADE IN ITALY color سایف Italy \r\nMILANO.ISTANBUL.TEHRAN\r\nآغاز to factory color سایف, Italy, Iran \r\nتولیدکننده a variety of building paints, acrylics and plastic interior ونما and a variety of آسترها and primers cladding and the transparent interior and the facade with the technology of Europe.\r\nرنگ acrylics: silicone washable, dry glossy, semi gloss, semi matte, etc. full opaque \r\nرنگ plastic: Grade 1 and Grade 2\r\nرنگ facade: facade paints silicone and paint the facade, flexible silicone\r\nآستر subtasks: cladding, interior and facade (پرایمین) \r\n primer under the work transparent (oil subtasks)\r\nبرند sample export to more than 60کشور the world. \r\nدارای certification and standard quality product from Europe and Turkey.\r\nصادرات to over 60کشور the World\r\n10 year warranty, the quality of the product WWW.SAIFBOYA.IR\r\nدراینستاگرام to the following address with us:SAIF.BOYA, \r\nمجهز to the system color combination computer a variety of colors, acrylics , interior, tranny , ودکوراتیو with over 87000 formula and color range.\r\nجهت get a catalogue of products to address the following site visit.\r\nWWW.SAIFBOYA.IR\r\nSAIF COLOUR CO.\r\nITALIAN CLASSIC

    Company gypsum faithful Abad, Semnan

    Mines gypsum in Semnan City, Iran from the last component of the richest and purest mines of gypsum country. Therefore, the demand for the production of gypsum of high quality always has been on the rise.Now, the company is to produce white plaster, industrial, and micro-spear, has come to be, and gypsum production for domestic consumption and export to countries in the region, and, in your agenda, put\r\nor to a now Company to produce white plaster, industrial, and micro-spear, has come to be, and gypsum production for domestic consumption and export to countries in the region, and, in your agenda, put

    The company does east گستردلیجان-521

    Company introduction East Gostar delijan \r\nThis company with the aim of producing and making all kinds of insulation, moisture and derivatives at the level of the standard national and international top in 1382 has been established and launched and the quality of the high quality and high customer satisfaction drew that in the same راسـتا successful was able نشـان Standard National Iranian business and get 2نشان standard ISO 9001_2015 and CE of the company TUVآلمان has been, and now having the facilities and high technology, engineers, certified, and strategy question was asked serve you, dear customers and dear.

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