Sell Offers Province Esfahan

  • Family counseling online

    Consulting in the field of family, child, relationships, emotional

  • Table fantasy .The floor carpet . In Isfahan

    Sell all kinds of tables fancy for the garden and Villa in different designs with bicolor Gray واخرایی and floor carpets for the pavement with different designs to the price of the workshop of yours in the meantime...

  • Glass wool( Isfahan)

    Dealers sell all kinds of glass wool in the known different\r\nپشم glass, some kind of thermal insulation and audio.\r\nپشم glass with the absorption of sonic energy improves process performance, voice, wall,floor, ceiling, and the transfer of any pollution, the audio can be.\r\nپشم glass, with the balance of heating and cooling Moore need the environment to prevent the waste of energy can be.

  • Car storage rahimi

    Car storage rahimi, designer and manufacturer of a variety of devices, motor Shui piece, washing, industrial, cylinder washer, full-automatic car storage rahimi, with over 20 years of experience in the production of time served وطننان dear can be! Machine specifications piece stand up box TL1200 has a water tank 330 liter الکتر motor 5/5 horse water pump 2 inch, with about 80 The number of nozzles wash with the power شویندگی extremely high thickness sheet machine 2 mm, the engine gearbox to rotate the axis of the loading cart, loading 110 × 110 cm loading capacity 400 kg, electrical switchgear ...

  • Powder insulation level of the melt - powder ایزوترم - رادکس

    پودرایزوترم\r\NICON factories, steel building, from the cauldron, and تاندیش in order to transport melt from the furnace تاموقعیت modal can be used. Due to the conditions. type of hull design and نسوزپاتیل And تاندیش as well as ambient conditions temperature drop can vary this between the maximum temperature drop from the surface of the melt can occur, which can be the backdrop دمارا using پودرایزوترم zones of the melt, as well as recapping the cauldron control.\r\nدرپوش cauldron due to the use of crime آلومینایی and spend time, direction, repair and install refractory materials, it has cost a ...

  • Mortar green کرومیتی

    Now common sense industry sepahan manufacturer of mortar, the valve slider(mortar green ) as a powder with high quality .

  • Tank pump blowing

    Tanks, compressed air plays a very important role in the functioning of air compressors.If the tank pump blowing properly be selected not only save energy and maintain balance of air pressure will create ...

  • Machinery, machine building rahimi

    Car storage rahimi, designer and manufacturer of a variety of devices, motor Shui piece, washing, industrial, cylinder washer, full-automatic car storage rahimi, with over 20 years experience in the foo...

  • Page slide gate 1QC

    Now common sense industry sepahan ready to supply all kinds of refractory materials used in the system of the slide gate. Of items can be offered by the company 1-page vents, sliding 1QC size 28 2-nozzle...

  • Machine, piece washing and engine washing, industrial

    Car storage Rahimi, designer and manufacturer of all kinds of industrial washing machine وسیلندر stand all the automatic designs and sizes with over 20 years of experience in serving both وطننان dear وصنعتگران dear!!!!!

  • Nozzle تاندیش 75% of the zirconia in sizes 12-12.5-13-13.5-14-14.5-15-15.5-16

    Now common sense industry sepahan supplier of all kinds of nozzle, تاندیش with excellent quality. That in size and quality, ranging from 60 to 95% zirconia to be provided. ...

  • Tatami

    Special sale all kinds of tatami, ورزشیxpeو تاتامیهای cradle کودکeva

  • Sepehr foam Isfahan

    The official representative of the Sepehr foam advanced foam Isfahan and center for the sale of a variety of فومهای epe.xpe.eva.xps the form of Rolls, foam mattress ۲۰۰*۱۶۰ ۲۰۰*۱۸۰ فومهای boards in sizes and thicknesses desired\r\n for less cost from the dealership you purchase.\r\nانواع foam polyethylene کراسلینگ foam tube, foam mattress, foam Rowley.\r\nفوم the best isolation and the best heat insulation, moisture and sound. Foam polyethylene lightweight and soft and has portability and easy installation have. Polyethylene foam of the composition of tiny bubbles of air with the polyethylene ...

  • Device, pieces, stand, motor stand

    Car storage rahimi, designer and manufacturer of a variety of devices, motor Shui piece, washing, industrial, cylinder washer, full-automatic car storage rahimi, with over 20 years of experience in the production of time served وطننان dear can be !Sample device m1800 with the crane arm left round right round, with a capacity of 800 kg with a thickness of ورق3 mm and الکتر engine 10 horse وپمپ water 3اینچ to the number of 180 nozzles, wash that on each nozzle 4 / 5 times pressing Enter gets! Electrical switchgear totally safe, with timer, temperature gauge and timer, and automatic view measurem ...

  • Powder mould casting

    From the supply by the company of common sense, industry, sepahan powder mould casting . Powder casting that name, powder form, etc., powder, oil, curry known to facilitate the passage melted in the midst of casting mold used. Powder casting plays an important role in continuous casting of steel plays one of the factor, important for continuous casting, smooth melt. Powder casting to the level of the top of the melt to be poured manually or automatic Powder casting, the melting point is low can be in تیجه very quick-to-liquid conversion, and the layer of liquid composed of the ...

  • The device production field فالوده

    The best and most complete machine, the production string فالوده brand فالا Machine dimension: 115 in a 70 cm Square and a height of 180 cm Type of system – two types: - Electric hydraulic automatic - Electric hydraulic غیراتوماتیک Rate of production: - 10 kilos in minutes starch noodle made - 17 kilos in minutes starch noodle made - 25 kg in minutes starch noodle made (According to the customer's order ready and delivered) Power requirements(optional): single phase Type transmission power system(optional): hydraulic Type of template: a template made of a stai ...

  • The device production field فالوده manual

    - The dimensions of the device cm50 × cm80 to ارتفاعcm 110\r\n - type of system: manual command\r\n - production rate: 60 kilos on the clock, starch, the string has\r\n - - type transmission system power: the power of a trapezoidal stainless steel\r\n - the type of the template(optional): in two capacities, 5 and 10 kg of dough, starch, stainless steel, waterproof and washable \r\n - size hole template فالوده: string small (acupuncture) or threaded coarse (match)\r\n - all parts machine washable \r\n - the color of the chassis: furnace static, etc. resistant to moisture, Vakhsh \r\nفالوده Make ...

  • Baking machine & dough hook (hot)

    This is a device used to bake and prepare a variety of dough, pastry, including the pulp starch, in order to provide threaded فالوده used. Specifications Function: change the round device with the mechanism of manual to be continuous between the minimum and maximum speed, your device, change the direction of rotation rowing (Cw - CCW) to the device keys, power the machine and with the ability to adjust the height of the Rowing from the floor of the cauldron Capacity of machine: 50 to. 90., The 130 and 150 liter sizes big 250 and 350 liter Working speed of machine: at least 20 rounds on ...

  • Device, hot, round, variable capacity high داغزن

    Technical specifications\r\nعملکرد: change the distance and adjust the speed of the device with the mechanism of change of gear, gearbox, \r\nتغییر position, the height of the paddle mixer from the floor of the cauldron\r\nظرفیت device: 500 liters., the 700 liters and 1000 liters., the 1500 liter and 2000 liter\r\nبرق required: single phase 220 volts-three phase, 380 volt\r\nسوخت device: natural gas (urban) NG or propane gas (capsular contracture), LPG,\r\nجنس cauldron: 304 stainless steel (head)\r\nپوشش the body machine: vibrating screen, stainless steel (stainless steel and fully washable)- ...

  • Fertilizer, macro, etc. fertilizers, micro, etc. fertilizers, foliar spray, etc. spraying, seeding, etc. visit free

    Farmers Dear Sir :\r\nما to help you, we to harvest more reach the distribution of the types :\r\n• fertilizer macro\r\n• fertilizers, micro \r\n• fertilizers, foliar\r\n• sulfur\r\n• spraying\r\n• seed\r\nمشاوره and visit the free

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