• Aria I Industry

    Industrial manufacturing company آریامن industry manufactures wigs for aluminum and clipping machine for packing a variety of chicken, sausage, salami, fruit and a variety of similar.

    RA afferent industry elephant

    Company Knowledge Base, RA afferent industry in the beginning of its activity on the base of design, engineering and compilation of technical knowledge from years 1368با the design of the conveyer started .\r\nicon in the design process, making also the payment and after the acquisition of experience, the utility was able to design and manufacture industrial machinery, such, measures, different, and scientifically engage in the\r\nThis company, relying on experience and knowledge acquired over the years, studying the knowledge of highly qualified engineers and executive staff of strong in the field of material handling system. the possibility of consulting, design, construction and commissioning of any type of system, Material handling will have to be\r\nبسیاری of the projects undertaken by the company RA afferent for the first time in Iran designed and built .\r\nThis company based on customer data in order to transfer material to consider include the type and density of the material, angle, height, distance, point, charge ودیسشارژ material, Capacity, or Dubai, temperature, moisture, atmospheric factors and other limitations of installation, The type of conveyer corresponding to the specified Ratio and to design it with software for corresponding action .\r\nشرکت RA afferent industry, hope is able with the help of the Supreme Being, the Merciful step, in the industry of our country.

    The Company section of the beam ideals

    The sale of all devices, laser engraving and cutting for metal and non-metal

    Company car storage Rahimi

    Car storage Rahimi, designer and manufacturer of all kinds of industrial washing machine وسیلندر stand all the automatic designs and sizes with over 20 years of experience in serving the industry, expensive, dear ! The products of the company devices TL1000 and TL1100 وTL1200 single phase and three phase for washing all kinds of machinery parts riding! And devices m1800 and m2000 وm2200 for bathroom parts, kinds of truck and road-building machinery and بازسا Zi company, railway وپالایشگاه Howe petrochemical complex in the whole country for more information, photos, or videos, or کاتولک number & 09130905014 leave a message !The national production of national pride, wish him health and happiness for all time وطننان dear ( machine-building Rahimi )\r\n\r\n\r\nدستگاه piece washing machine / piece, stand / device-piece passion / device موتورشویی / device موتورشوی / device, engine passion /piece of passion / موتورشور / pieces Shui / موتورشویی / pieces stand / موتورشوی / car wash, industrial / car wash / pieces Shui industrial / engine washing, industrial /car washing machine / passion / سیلندرشوی / سیلندرشور

    Industrial group اسپادان

    Industrial group اسپادان more than two decades in the industry of production and supply compressed air tanks, compressed air . The company's activities from production and supply compressed air tanks, compressed air from the ۵۰ liter, ۸۰۰۰ liter began in the Year ۸۵ in the arena of manufacturing, pump, screw, feet, hung, and in the Year ۸۶, in order to expand the business into the realm of production, saw the fire and lift trucks, joined . The goal of the company in all production stages, quality products and customer satisfaction has been and will be.

    Company cnc24

    According to the need of increasing the country's industry to manufacturing systems, and due to existing limitations in terms of import prices, unit, commercial, CNC24اقدام to run the design of manufacturing systems industrial technology and also run projects and industrial services, training, operating and installation ونیزمشاوره in the field of choosing the best buying and selling all kinds of devices, industrial automation, to run and in your agenda .Hope in this regard, the steps concrete removed .Our advice in this field, the disadvantaged do not.

    Engineering company new car

    Engineering company new car with a box of forces, designer and qualified their activity from the year 1370 and with the Brand Name "مهرالکترونیک" in the field of design and construction boards, industrial control and automation started. The first Products Co., Ltd. drive DC motors single phase and three phase (up to be 600 kW) and the engine, gearbox, electromagnetic (to the power of 20 horses). The company, of the year 1380, making machine, semi-automatic cutting and sewing the bag to the industry bag, the weaving entity. Also, in the year 1385, with the sampling device from the same company استارلینگر Austria managed to design and build the device, all automatic this product. ... that the inside and outside of the country, welcomed by most customers was met and now a number of them are working in the countries of Algeria Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Finally, due to the dire need of the industry to print, and from hand, increased staffing costs, etc., in the year 1394, the company managed to build a machine full-automatic flexo printing, along with cutting and sewing.

    Arvin Tajhiz Pasargad (ATP)

    Arvin Tajhiz Pasargad (ATP) is a well-known industrial partner in Iran with reliable and sustainable solutions for key applications. Since its founding in Tehran-Iran, ATP has become a reliable supplier of Electrical & Automation Systems, Process and Control Instrumentation, Hydraulics and Pneumatic Equipment. We focus on supplying high performance machines. Also, we offer maintenance services and supply original spare parts. We look for opportunities to supply replacement parts that will enhance performance. Equipment and Spare Parts provided by ATP are at the heart of innovative electrical and mechanical design that extends equipment lifetime as well as reducing maintenance costs. Main services and products offered by ATP are in the following fields:

    Company Sapphire gas

    Sell liquid oxygen\r\nفروش liquid nitrogen\r\nفروش oxygen gas\r\nفروش nitrogen gas\r\nفروش argon and carbon dioxide liquid and gas\r\nحمل shipping and delivery all above products to all parts of Iran\r\nشارژ, natural gas, oxygen, and ... nitrogen, gas, carbonic, etc. power in the customer premises anywhere in the country by tanks, mobile storage, liquid, and iOS, the mobile production of gas\r\nبالاترین quality we want

    Now ramen industry in Arak

    Now ramen industry, Arak production of بیلر and agricultural implements set.

    Sika industry

    Engineering company, cranes, Sika industry, derived from the technical knowledge up to date and sufficient experience in the industry, material handling equipment, etc. ready to provide a variety of services in the field of overhead cranes, etc., gantry and jib includes (a free consultation, design, preparation of manuals technical calculations, make, car, light and heavy, Foundry, repairs, and maintenance, training, supply of spare parts and steel wire rope the different kinds of brands دماگ, etc. اشتهال, etc. perhaps...).

    پرگاس Pharmed Iranian

    Manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery and food

    Company inventors jeweled Sahand

    Contact this company\r\nبا technology and with the production of fully automatic, most of the line, energy consumption with the capacity of 6000 PCs / hour, brushes, hydraulic, 8 و6قالبه bring back the form of photoluminescent Si, along with all the accessories including dryer, tank, 900 liter variable and سایرمتعلقات with 2 years thick and 10 years parts supply and after-sales service to the price of 200 million USD.

    DI diesel

    The company, Diba, diesel, with a decade of continuous experience in the field of Service, Repair, Support, setup, plant, scale, maintenance and parts supply all kinds of diesel generator and gas burner ready to serve customers . We, we, preserving the principles because honesty with the customer, perform the service in the shortest time and provide affordable prices, cooperation همیشگیمان to stabilize them. What فراموشمان will not. need our to the client and is not need him, to us. Hope this principle in any situation, even market turmoil let us remember.

    Be engine, Aria

    Dealers, gearbox, sew, etc., representing the products of psychoanalysis with poetic irony:. Company be موتورآریا with several years of experience and activity fecund in the field of supplying and providing of industrial equipment and the refinery as a member of a family of large industrial country busy doing the task. This set with the knowledge of modern-day technology and technical knowledge, and also benefit from highly qualified individuals., the young and motivated with the supplier, and provide industrial equipment such as الکتروگیربکس, electric motors, etc. الکتروپمپها, etc. اینورترها and all industrial equipment related to petrochemical and refinery industries, cement industries, ceramic tiles industries, food and other industries, workbook, shining from his patented. Company, can engine Aria has always been proud of IS in the realm of industrial cooperation, committed and responsibly in the provision and supply of industrial equipment of the highest quality and the most reasonable prices, artisans, dear to assist. Priority and the main goal is the satisfaction of industrialists and confirm the quality and the price of all equipment providing a given the collection by the technical managers and owners of industries.

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