• Trading season

    We are in the business breeze East Commerce, etc. with the aim of economic interaction with neighboring countries and the Far East, in the program short-term and medium-term. the export to the countries of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq and China in your agenda we have. We aim to expand activities with other countries in the region and the broader region has been in achieving this goal, industrious we are.

    Tahir paid the associate Alborz

    Manufacturer of all kinds of gases for medical and industrial \r\nسازنده tanks کرایوژنیک \r\nتست and charge all kinds of cylinder, fire extinguisher \r\nتست hydrostatic cylinder, seamless steel


    TehranExpos, is an online exhibition platform with additional services for marketing and advertising. TehranExpos offers supply chain marketing in industry sector, which can give you effective engagement, strengthening your brand and reputation in Iran. TehranExpos is supported by Iran Mine House (IMH), Iranian Stone association, and Iranian National Committee World Mining Congress (INCWMC).\r\nOur services are as follow\r\n1-B2B Marketing (Equipment, Services and Machinery)\r\n2-Investment \r\n3-Mineral and Metal Trading\r\nWhat we do is introducing you to Iranian companies and helping you to find best opportunities in Iran.

    Dana consultants drop

    Providing business services, particularly oil; gas and petrochemical; or investment advice; or sell specialized types of copper cathode and ingots from the countries of Congo and Chile exclusively, CIF, words parts of the world

    December metal پایون

    پایون (Payon or Payoun) in the dictionary to the meaning of ornament, etc. ornaments and make-up has come, and what industries metal پایون for it has been the embodiment of the same ornament and beauty in طرحهایش.\r\nصنایع metal پایون (Payoun Metal Industries), the manufacturer of a new generation of doors, railings, metal window awning and designs of decorative facades, building, ceiling, wall and floor.\r\nThis collection utilizes the technology of the world and experienced staff, consisting of designers, architects and technical engineers has managed elegance beautiful designs with the hardness of ferrous remix) and modern products and unique in the field of view of building production.\r\nThis set is in the sphere of production, door, fence designs decorative metal services unique to clients that can be pointed to the following:\r\n* plan, very versatile, runs on door furniture, plastic fence, fence. facade, ceiling, wall and floor building\r\n* designs in terms of strength on a metal door or fence, and administrative functionality many cases, the characteristics of the installation and running has been investigated and after the experiment, and quality control to the production stage to arrive.\r\n* In addition to having the best mature women on ۵۰۰ different designs that daily on the number it will be added to this collection the capability of producing designs dedicated custom client will also have to be.\r\n* terms of the size of the door and fence, our products have a series of standard size have been in addition to its capability to produce any size to order, the customer will also have to be.\r\n* offering products with very reasonable price due to mass production and the use of technology to the world,\r\n* produce a variety of designs, from thick ۲ mm to ۴۰ mm on the sheet-ferrous, stainless steel, aluminum,\r\nقابلیت view selected product, customer, on building for the real picture before you run out and produce a final\r\nامکان do paint the grill to the customer's order\r\nلازم to mention making products by this set, from stage zero to a hundred within the collection.\r\nThis collection ...

    Consulting Engineers, Heating, industry, Alborz

    Company, Consulting Engineers, Heating, industry, Alborz\r\n\r\nicon path of realization of policy of sustainable development surgical the country through outsourcing, the process of performing the projects to the private sector, with the nature of consulting, engineering and design, specialized in the steel industry, and with the goal of contributing effectively in the implementation of industrial projects internal and external to منظورارائه services, business services management, etc. consulting, engineering, supervision, supply of equipment, design, build, install, setup, exploitation, repair and maintenance, the implementation of the activities of the civil وساختمانی, etc. Design وساخت furnace, preheated in the year ۱۳۸۱ has been established .

    Surgical the great

    Surgical the great Paradise after years of experience in the field sale, steel and iron, construction machinery and industrial, decided to register a company with this name. Our technical team took on the Lord and rely on honesty in the matter. upon it is in the approach to serve customers and the industry. share in the success and Industry excellence the National. Surgical Kabir, Paradise, providing different levels of steel and iron, including the ... sheet, plastic, rebar, etc. pipe, beam,...), try to ease meet the demands of our customers and dear colleagues, and in this way, all your ability to work can be asked and the needs they will satisfy. Supplier of all kinds of bended steel

    The morning goes live

    Company history\r\nشرکت morning زندهرود in the year 1367, was established . This company from the beginning of the activities in the field of facility urban start its activities and the projects construction phase, mobarakeh steel complex activity .\r\nاز year 1375 in the project Construction and installation of halls, rolling steel complex خراسانبه paid activity, and in salon and rolling complex ( to a weight of 3000 tons) after construction and installation to the company دانیلی Italy Company International Engineering ( ایریتک ) Delivery.\r\n from the year 1378 to the year 1386, the company morning زندهرود, as contractor, construction, projects, several participation . These projects are mainly in the field of construction, steel structure and equipment of Saba steel company ( ZOB ahan ), for plans of expansion of mobarakeh steel complex ( ranging from structure, equipment, industrial and manufacturing systems غبارگیر steel making unit ), and metal structures, petrochemical, khuzestan). Required development plans of mobarakeh steel complex and Isfahan steel and petrochemical industry of khuzestan, respectively .\r\nicon in the year 1386, also with setting up your workshop in the place of the current company ( Industrial Zone, east of Isfahan ), mainly in the field of manufacturing and installation of structures, metal, petrochemical industries company ( summit rock), steel,...) activities .\r\n\r\n\r\nاستانداردهای build and install :\r\nمتخصصان and the experts of the company; with codes and international standards are common in Iran, such as ASME, etc., ASTM, etc., AISC, etc., AWS, and DIN, introduction to have the ability to carry out the orders matching the standards of the aforementioned .\r\n\r\nظرفیت the production of the annual\r\nشرکت morning زندهرود now due to the completion of the development plan in the year 94, with capacity of manufacturing annually 10 ' 000 tons steel structure to be able to activity . Operation of the halls of the new development plan. this capacity will increase


    Manufacturer of all kinds of filing cabinets, rail | rail archive | library shelves rail | shelf, fixed stock | shelves, library | supplies and administrative | Tehran, and dealers in the province, the country's main

    Engineering راساکو

    Engineering company راساکو with possession of experienced personnel and trained and have the equipment needed to build a variety of structures, metal in any shape and size, etc. design, build lockers, cutting, stretching, and progressive design and build a variety of elements and urban furniture, urban modern, cutting services, CNC, etc. bark, bend, sheet metal etc. sheet, metal forming, manufacturing a variety of channels, heat and refrigeration in every size and form, design and manufacturing of fixtures required for automobile industries, building and construction pieces, etc. Design and build fixtures, cheaking the parts, the manufacturing of the device, Roll Forming with any cross-section desired, the construction devices, custom design and سلخت a variety of billboards, conceptual and modern, making

    Pars Industrial Group butyl Yazd

    Pars Industrial Group butyl Yazd as one of the leading private steelmaker Yazd province, annually, 100 thousand tons of billets and sections of steel production. The company's range of steels for construction, etc. plain carbon and low alloy, in dimensions and in different levels and in accordance with the required industry standards and known, production and supply.

    Refining company, fertilizer

    The production of iron fertilizer biological RNA

    Group Pat rŭshon نیکتا

    Knowledge-based company group پاترون manufacturer of consumables for the steel industry of the country, including casting powders, foundry, powder ایزوترم, etc. sand Conduit, crime, drink, etc. mortar, green, and supplier of equipment for steel making including arc furnace, Electric induction furnace, etc., machine,, continuous casting, etc., cranes, systems, and غبارگیر, etc. magnet., the cauldron, etc. transformers, etc. گروه پاترون on the first date, December, ۱۳۹۲ started its activities. The company in the year ۱۳۹۴ in the company of the Knowledge Base being investigated. فعالیت group پاترون in the steel industry, the country, in the four areas summarized below: یک – production of consumables factories in steelmaking, including crime, drink, insulation, powder mold, casting, powder ایزوترم, etc. sand Conduit, and mortar کرومیتی and also supplies consumables, factories, steel building, including نسوزهای system, slide gate, etc. ferro-alloys, sintered tube, the Lance, etc. tube tube, copper, etc. دو – supply of spare parts factories, steel storage, including spare parts, arc furnace, electric furnace, induction machine, continuous casting سه – equipment factories, steel building, including arc furnace, Electric induction furnace, etc. machine, continuous casting (CCM)The ... cranes, filtration systems, fire, smoke, شردر and object, some press the direction of the processed scrap., the cauldron, systems, slide gate, etc. چهار – advice for setup and operation of factories, steel, design, plant, choosing equipment, basic engineering, advising and monitoring, and also managing the factory, steelmaking, planning, management, melting, and casting, etc., refractory, etc. of work processes in factories, steelmaking, etc. تجربه and knowledge of the personnel group پاترون, etc. Backing the offered services and products, at the highest level possible. Group پاترون consists of a group of experts, the steel industry is the years of experience of working executive in various fields of steelmaking. Team, sales, after-sales service, production, quality control, research and development, and even accounting team, group پاترو ...

    Companies pipes and tubes, Isfahan, Iran

    Company tubes and cans of Isfahan with an area of over 10000 square meters. from the year 1372, so far as one of the first manufacturer, profiles, construction, steel is active and able to supply the need of the markets of the region. Companies pipes and tubes, Isfahan, Iran in two decades in the past your goals in the steel industry, with perseverance, has followed, and now the productive capacity 100.000 ton sections of steel in general and in porn in the year have to be

    Company US West

    Engineering company US West with the purpose of providing, furnishing, etc. set up equipment needed key industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater, minerals, construction and heavy industries as well as in the field of consultation regarding the import of all commercial goods and industrial permitted and raw materials on the basis of international standards, relying on the technical knowledge of the occurrence of the start activity). \r\nThis company, relying on highly qualified professionals and according to the orientation of material properties and standards related to equipment used in sensitive industries, have been built and are ready to offer advice for the most appropriate choice of equip, used to suit the type of needs of employers . \r\nعمده activities of the company in the field of providing engineering services and consulting in the field of supplying industrial equipments, such as various kinds of steel plates etc. fittings a variety of Volvo (valves), but tubes industrial types of equipment used in pipelines, tanks, oil rigs and ... used in the projects to the companies project-based .

    Company fire فولادریزان

    Ahvaz - 200 km left to circle, The Way خرمشر front of the intersection of the freeway قدس\\r\\

    Now crank makers

    Has a full line for the production of all kinds of crank rides

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