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    Counseling, preparation of documents and admission from prestigious universities in usa, canada, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, all levels - all disciplines

    Saman Petro

    The company is a supplier of products and derivatives of petroleum, petrochemical, building materials and scrap Iron.

    The Institute for education and research in the SAM calculator

    • Introduction of the Institute of Education and research in the SAM calculator \r\nگروه companies Sam in the year 1391 began to work. Part of this group, the Institute for education and research in the SAM calculator,. that with the development of qualitative وکمی their activities, library, education, and research. a role manufacturer in order to increase the productivity of manpower in the sectors of accounting, tax, commercial software and financial has also played in holding training courses, functional, and specialized in the environment workshop). \r\n• goals\r\nThis institution with the motto of \"effective education the key to transformation\"in the business of the country, an attempt coherent in order to improve the knowledge, insight and skills, students and employees of the business scope of the country is.\r\n• activity field\r\nموسسه in the framework of the philosophy of existence and its mission, educational services, etc. specialized, to the descirption of the offer the following is appreciated:\r\nبرگزاری short-term training courses and long-term related to the sphere of accounting, financial, business services, tax and management\r\nطراحی and implementation of training courses, skill, and applications\r\nبرگزاری training courses for employees of organizations and companies, and also students and graduates of the University\r\nبرگزاری workshops and training seminars in the field of financial and ... software, commercial ومالیاتی\r\nطراحی educational products required\r\nانجام projects, needs assessments training in the field of financial, commercial and management\r\nبرگزاری courses education administrators in the areas of accounting and finance

    Company data theorists ویراپارسیان

    Company data theorists ویراپارسیان\r\nتولید software training Mischa and industrious.\r\nاز base preschool, the ninth high school for all courses \r\nنرم software English for ages 4 to 14 years \r\nنرم software preschool for ages 3 to 6 years \r\nجهت contact us for buy Single and major way of communication, be in touch: \r\n02126318940-02126318941\r\n09018079642\r\nکانال telegram :\r\nاینستاگرام :


    Center for consulting and training specialized in the perception of green method of relationship therapy

    Atiyeh, mahan

    Registration and certification of management systems, quality, evaluation systems, quality management, environmental, safety and occupational health, security, information, energy and safety, food industry, services, audit and certification of management systems and education service representative of the company ACM

    Chess Club of Iran

    Background and activities, Chess Club, Iran, to the year 1388. Chess Club of Iran have been in the field of Education, chess as their first and best in this arena ... now the institution is ready in the field of sports championship and Universal ( the direction of increasing precision, focus, and IQ )to compatriots, dear, in the city of Mashhad serves.

    The Institute of language, knowledge about

    Tutoring Language-English Tutoring-Tutoring German language-Tutoring, French language-Tutoring Russian language-Tutoring Arabic language-Tutoring Italian language-Tutoring the Spanish language

    The Institute for Memory superior

    Language school, cultural, Arts and educational Memory superior in the field of training foreign languages, classes, skills, computer, and architecture .. held.

    Company سرمد message javed

    With over ۲۰۰۰ employee across the country Leading entrepreneurship

    Cooperative heralds the computer

    Cooperative heralds the computer registration number 395, bass, street, Shahid sadoughi

    Technology Co., afrooz, Tabriz, Iran

    Technology Co., justice in the history of 1382 number 15283 registered from that date in the park, science and technology استانآشرقی to technology واشتغالزایی well achieved, delusion, now patents دیگیر اشتغالزای as well

    Company برازه

    The company expanded industry Foundation برازه, etc. as in the Statute, it is also demanded in. the task of communication between industry and the University, and hence as a language school fellow Iranian national standards organization, education, their academic and work career in the field of Industry and management provide.

    Now Arasi Consultancy SDN.BHD

    Counseling and admission to education free from private universities Malaysia is the official representative and direct University

    Logistics company industry sewing Iranians

    The company in the year 1388تحت title company, Snoopy, industry, abtin in the field of repair and maintenance of industrial sewing machines and training to start activities in the year 1392 its name to the logistics industry, sewing of the Persians was changed and now in the field of designing and manufacturing all kinds of sewing machines, design and equipping of production lines, garments, bags, shoes, tents, transit, etc. filters industrial wick kerosene lamp, hats, gloves, etc. چطرهای rescue, etc., paragliding, water balloons, etc. lining machine, disposable garments, etc. services, Kitchen, Sofa, etc. خوشخواب and dozens of artifacts دوختنی other training wheel repairs, tailoring to our partners and is based in the factories. \r\n\r\n\r\NAND now warmly میفشاریم the hands that assistant.

    The company shaya knowledge seal

    Technical training, engineering and consulting in the field of management systems and carry out all matters relating to the Bureau of technical projects

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