• Trading company set up

    Import the kit assay endotoxin LAL Endosafe, USA, and the device PTS big اندیکاتوربیولوژیک bar, and the vial microbe autoclave, gas, ethylene oxide and dry heat from the company MESALABS tits Aspen 60, etc. impurities and ورکینگ the reference standard, USP-BP-EP preparation of reference standards Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical standards reference of medicinal\r\nReference Standard USP\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nفارماکوپه\r\nحرارت dry\r\nاندیکاتور biological\r\nکیت multi-test\r\nکیت کروموژنیک\r\nکیت sensing\r\nویال microbial\r\nPTS device\r\nاندوتوکسین\r\nاندیکاتور\r\n\r\n\r\nامید permalinks\r\n\r\nشماره contact:09109801035 - 09128305015\r\n\r\

    Company, pyramids technology, Lightning

    Company, pyramids technology Levin in the field of design and اخداث and supply and construction of power plants, solar and small-scale has the experience of many industry. Also in the reception and obtaining the authorization of the power plants, and solar DG, such as licenses, land, etc., license environment, the license confirmation connect to the network and confirmation of the characteristics of the power plant no, and permits the connection of ساتبا and .... Have businessmen abundant is. Also, the company can be all documentation, engineering, power plants, such as design drawings, electricity, and vexation, accurate, boards, LV and MV, etc. sensors, etc. engines., the compressors and توربینها and structures equipment and solar panels, etc. اینورترها., the charger, controller, etc., diesel generators and gas engines to prepare and produce.\r\n.\r\n.\r\nبا we call 02144221118--09126717215

    Idea makers inventive

    Manufacturer, cans, cardboard, for packaging food products in dimensions and diverse models along with layer health and cases, industrial and pharmaceutical

    Company دماتجهیز

    In the group, gas coolers and split site reference دماتجهیز that the first (from 1383) and most viewed web store devices, heating and cooling in the Middle East is (according to the data website world can slightly bored to study, descirption, summary and a comprehensive ... item with your best price (guaranteed best prices) and confidence from the Get Service and warranty original and authentic bought easily please.

    Engineering Tasnim medicine computer

    Engineering company Tasnim medicine computer established 1378, manufacturer, equipment, electronics, building industry.The company in the field of systems conversation expertise .From جملمه NCS (نرسکال)-system meets کابینی prison-system, the emergency phone poles, - phone systems, anti-water, \r\nThis company the ability to order the construction of any product, there are

    گلپخش morning

    Cooperative گلپخش morning productive and distributive flowers and plants and related products \r\nدارای membership and رنبه of engineering organization, agriculture and resources, natural \r\nبا a history of over 20 years in the field of green space and تولیدمحصولات decorative green space with برتد maroon, etc. \r\n has the most hours of training in sound and vision \r\nتولید products, green space, commercial complexes, luxurious, banks and halls of luxury \r\nطراحی and run روف garden and terrace garden and green wall, domestic, commercial and municipal \r\nطراحی and implementation of the commercial complexes, set, lobby, luxury buildings\r\nطراحی and run, and maintenance of green spaces standard\r\nمحوطه storage and run of retaining wall, concrete direction of the tilt around the freeway, the flower box, the slope\r\nانواع elements of urban and .....\r\nساخت a variety of flower box drainage and water in. alcove and bench products, park and urban furniture\r\n22461855 and 22462003 Tehran, Telegram and WhatsApp, the company : 09191373473

    Extruder plus

    Import and sale of all kinds of extruder and production line products, PVC\\r\\n

    Corporate card processor software

    Card processor\r\nچاپ personal cards\r\nپرینتر print card\r\nریبون card printer\r\nچاپ ID card\r\nچاپگر personal cards\r\nریبون printer Ulysses\r\nطراحی personal cards\r\nریبون Fargo fargo\r\nریبون printer, Tahitian Tiare hiti cs200\r\nریبون printer nisca\r\nریبون, HP, fargo, hid,\r\nمواد consumer printer card\r\nکارت identify the\r\nشرکت card processor

    Handcrafted wooden mammoth mammoth

    Handcrafted wooden mammoth, nothing like natural wood, with emotions and a sense of We cannot communicate. Due to the warmth, etc., durability, and lasting it and also the versatility of it, with their surroundings – the wood a natural choice, and the correct industry for any environment and decorative, such as furniture, wooden furniture, wooden etc and the shutters of the wooden last and highest stage of doing the decor, and the guise of an environment by the wood. Wood crafts mammoth manufacturer with the most modern venetian blinds, wooden doors, accordion curtain, woven of wooden and vertical blinds, wooden. With the variety of colors and designs and the new generation venetian blinds of wood that shutters with natural wood and textured as it is to their products, has added (like the tree that the Shell and the nodes of the tree, and the wood veins can be seen, in this new product is provided) can be said this collection is a goal given to your final choice. Wood crafts mammoth new generation blinds, wooden shutters, that with strength and durability, and yet elegance, beauty, and washable this product has provided and in a variety of designs unlimited and presentable to the fans of this product.This product of your surroundings to comfort and warmth are inviting and this feel to come there for all the time warranty and the warranty can کندهیچ instead to talk to the model and the shape and size of the window you there is no window, there is no doubt that if you choose the capability to run this product on it is not and this implies that you can Beauty and the new generation of blinds to the perimeter of your private invite.What are the things these products compared to similar items it special and different?With strength, style and natural beauty of the high variation in color that the ability to coordinate with the environment you have.No problems washing and cleaning it, the plan being it is about the same, simple,, it make a tangible difference is the durability of it because of the technique of production, the ability to adjust the light environment compared to the mood and taste you at the time of any specific demand ...

    Company safe plays ناصری09128629299

    09128629299 player, cloth cleaning and no\r\n\r\nفروش of a variety of fabric cleaning., the cleaning Rowley and flat polyester, all cotton, multifilament and ...\r\n\r\n(( secure playback of Nazareth ))\r\n\r\nپخش types of cleaning in the following types are general and partial :\r\n\r\nتنظیف Rowley and flat all cotton, multifilament, polyester\r\n\r\nپارچه cleaning painted without causing sensitivity, and Perez\r\n\r\nتنظیف width ۷۰ ، ۹۰ ، ۱۴۰\r\n\r\nتنظیف fine-textured and coarse textured\r\n\r\nتنظیف, custom, perfume, etc. yards,\r\n\r\nتنظیف ۷۰ heavy\r\n\r\nتنظیف Rowley order for\r\n\r\nتنظیف Iran car\r\n\r\nبا the lowest price without rival in price and delivery in the factory location or store you\r\n\r\nپخش fabric cleaning and no in Tehran and Karaj\r\n\r\nتنها just cleaning your desired to our order.\r\n\r\nمجموعه we is able to all types of orders, the companies and factories in the country in the least possible time supply.\r\n\r\nهمانطور you know :\r\n\r\n۱ - cloth, cleaning all cotton because of the high density, oil uptake and moisture. suitable for all kinds of cleaning in restaurants, fast food, consumption, health, industrial and ....\r\n\r\n۲ – cloth cleaning paint is suitable for use in the production of napkin, uses, health and medical centers, services, cleaning and health.\r\n\r\nاز other products, our collection can be referred to the following :\r\n\r\nتولید mask the valves, roll the linens in each type for different parts of the treatment. gowns یکبارمصرف hospital, تترون, etc. Flament, views of the patient. pads waxed, garments, trade, etc., Security., etc. robes, etc. robes یکبارمصرف., the gun, the patient and the surgeon, masks washable The اذرپاد.،،،،،Preparation of the purse of the patient, shampoo, Cup, clothes, thermometers, etc., slippers, etc. toothpaste, toothbrush, and\r\n\r\n\r\nکمترین cost + highest quality\r\n\r\nThis makes the honor and pride of our biggest industries of the country .\r\n\r\nشایان mention that تولیداتمجموعه us to the biggest industrial centers and health countries around Iran ...

    Shadow makers, polymer

    Shadow Company-makers of polymer\r\n\r\nبا on the other hand, useful information of the location , project size , land, location, climate, water, air, earth, after the initial visit, to calculate and meet the cost of deals, and also calculate factor of primary by experienced designers and highly qualified to design two-dimensional structures, style deals, and after detailed calculations of the final design, along with مدلاسیون three-dimensional 3D verification can be and is a presenter skilled and professional start to work.\r\n\r\n\r\nشرکت shadow makers, polymer performer canopies, modern, no base annoying with poly cover یوپان upvc\r\nمشاهده designs on the Website\r\n\r\nWWW.SAYEHSAZANCO.COM\r\n09126960132 \r\n02166879630

    Company رتوناک shaya

    Industrial Group generation ( cabin Technopark) from year ۸۳ space ۵۰۰۰ square meters was established. This collection with the years of specialized experience in the industry, the fiberglass and with new approach in advancing your goals as a leading company in the field of design and construction of the cabin, a hundred percent aerodynamic, perfectly lightweight and resistant to all kinds of Cars, Vans activity your looking for. لازم to mention the ... products and samples, presented in high quality and also the standards of your witness over the years, specialized and experiential, effective and valuable this collection is. Also, such approach, Industrial Group, century, etc. according to the research, production, supply, and support, in line with the long-term objectives and also satisfaction is significant for the customers. تامین a commodity in the electricity industry include measuring instruments وقیچی cable Barry - tools insulation-hours command, season, and...

    Tiny system, green future(expressive)

    Tiny system, green future (expressive)blessed sane, the role of wisdom that ignorance indicator to the greens.\\\\r\\\\nمقوله production and manufacture equipment of semiconductor, for many years, in the country, we raised and wish professionals and policy spending in the country. Unfortunately, since this is important in our country to a place that deserves it, is not reached. ظهورفناوری MEMS in recent years, a new horizon will come on the industry, traders, and researchers of the contract. This technology, despite the similarities between most semiconductor industries, etc. in terms of the complexity of the technology much easier, but the full benefit more from technology Semiconductors. These two technology in the degree of importance of قراردارندکه in a comprehensive scientific map of the country, in priority, the elves have undergone. On this basis, the co-founders of the company, expressive of your efforts in line with the ahe and the development of the industry in the country have concentrated. The company”expressive”سال۱۳۸۴ activity in the template group micro-mechanisms دردانشکده mechanical engineering, amirkabir University of technology started.Then in the year ۱۳۸۷ name“, group, technology“, in Institute of technologies, new amirkabir University of technology to work continued . The focus of collection activity at this time on manufacturing equipment, MEMS, establish a laboratory, technology. In this years collection within the University with the name of ” Research Center for MEMS ” was known.In the year ۱۳۹۰ ” company, system, equip knowledge ” from this separate collection was established, and its activities, with a focus on the construction of laboratory equipment, MEMS, continued. With the absorption of one of the masters of sex highlight this area in کشورآمریکا وتاسیس tiny lab technology in the year ۱۳۹۱ set its name to ” the center, technology centers ” changed and is focused on ۵ areas of activity as :the development of chemicals, Advanced; the design and construction of سنسورهایMEMSتوسعه and manufacturing processes, MEMS and ... three-dimensional printing materials, non-conventional; can provide service, the construction of MEMS and micro فلوئیدیک to the applicant; the center, technology in February, ۱۳۹۴, change the name to ” company, system of the green future (expressive), with the participation of Don ...

    Company industry silicone echoes

    The purpose of creating handcrafted silicone echoes the design and production of a variety of profiles and parts of silicon - rubber, for industrial use, etc., domestic, laboratory, etc. lighting, automotive, and ... can be used as a variety of درزبند., the quake-catcher, etc. آبند and flood, and also consulting and implementation of production lines, items, silicone and rubber.

    Company TAC foam wide

    Company TAC foam wide its activities in the year 1385 officially started in manufacturing all kinds of adhesive tape and adhesives for aluminum and back-adhesive pieces of foam and also making the molds, vacuum forming and its production to different industries, provide served.\r\n\r\nخدمات us:\r\nتولید a variety of adhesive tapes, PE and aluminum and the back-adhesive foam and two-faced glue\r\nتولید variety of pieces, vacuum forming and packing equipment ... \r\nتولید a variety of pieces of foamed یکرو and two-faced glue

    Trading company چپریان

    Trade Center types of raw materials, industrial chemicals and food

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