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    Packaging and sale

    Green company fanavaran ' the north

    Green company fanavaran ' north, with the slogan \"healthy life, healthy drink, along with the support of the domestic product\" in the year 1390, in the province of Gilan to work. The company now in order to remove intermediation in the best tea dry spring, Gilan with a reasonable price as a partial or total possession of all the Persians.\r\nبسیار glad that you are together, we're \r\n09364146800-01333471913

    The company Rana-Plast CORP

    The company Rana-Plast Corp in the industrial town of eshtehard in the Alborz province, is located in a land area of 7000 square meters, which made 4000 km space, operational, and manufacturing . Raw materials 100در 100's and products of final consumption, the domestic is the horrifying foreign

    Company شهدایران

    Nectar, Iran manufacturer and exporter of juicer, etc. concentrates, etc., puree, etc. آروما., the nectar fruit, fruit drink and energy drink in Iran is that the products with your brand گلدیس, etc. haney and بنیس to the market supply.

    Company بارزگانی Tara CORP

    Trading company Tara CORP green has a history of several years in the production, procurement, and supply a variety of food products.Products different types, ranging from juicing, آلوورا, and also compote آلوورا.The company has کادرمجرب in the affairs of the export of food products to کشورعراق including a variety of comfortable chocolate, and juice.Please send feedback, suggestions through the email address or with the number 09173000696در to write.

    Company ژینو Vera

    Company introduction : Company Gino Vera Limited under the number 8369848 in the UK and in Iran with the name of the cooperative ژینو Kara آوه with national ID No. 14003132001 to produce a variety of drinks-carbonated and without gas from the aloe vera plant have been recorded. Company ژینو Kara آوه in fact, a complex culture and industry that in the year 1389, in order to cultivate the aloe vera plant and produced a variety of drinks and health products derived from it, enjoying the experience and technical knowledge of the professors and experts, called the inside and outside of the country, has been established. The company utilizes modern equipment, for the first time in Iran failed to produce a gel, and a variety of drinks, from the aloe vera plant. Introduction and properties of the plant aloe vera Aloe vera (Aloe Vera), that the names of the صبـر yellow, صبـر bitter., the horn بـزی., the Tulip craze, the plant of immortality and the plant Queen, also known of the medicinal plants valued in the world. Combination found. in the gel of the plant from the" poly ساکاریدها" that are able to reduce and ترمیـم التهـاب and has anti-bacterial and anti-germs. antioxidants in the form of vitamin A, B, C, D, etc., amino acids, etc., essential fatty acids, calcium and آلویین of the substances contained in the aloe plant, one that it to the healer of many diseases become made. From ۲۴۰ species of aloe, beyond the world, four species have food value . In the meantime the What this herb as medicinal herb مطـرح has a ” gel ” موجـود in the leaves آبـدار of us died. when the leaf is cut ژلـی it comes out that the effect of the medicinal extraordinary . ۹۶% of the gel into the water to form a four percent residual-containing material abundance that ۷۵ its type so far known . Combination found. in the gel of the plant from the ” poly ساکاریدها ” that are able to reduce and ترمیـم التهـاب and features ” antibacterials and ضدمیکروب”. antioxidants in the form of vitamin A, B, C, D, etc., amino acids, etc., essential fatty acids, calcium and آلویین of the substances contained in the aloe plant, one that it is to be a healer of many diseases, become made . Aloe vera, etc. مسهـل, etc. ضـد inflation. ضـد germs., the healer, etc. Purifier, blood, suppressants, hair loss, etc. cleansing the bowels and useful in treatment of indigestion, asthma and epilepsy. Natural conditions, cultivation, aloe vera Aloe vera plants is that in the zero-degree die, and the growing environment, it usually should be higher than two degrees is بههمین دلیلمناطق south of the country that the temperature in the regions to zero درجهنمیرسد of the areas prone to the production of this plant is considered. Leaves, plants, plant, medicinal aloe, or aloe vera, usually after two years from the time of planting and when the plants grow enough, they harvest. This plant is among the plants that a year it is sown and up to six months used and ... condition of the plant relative to other plants is very low and the water is very meager consumption. The processing and extraction of gel from aloe vera plant and produced a variety of drinks Due to the properties of very many that the aloe vera plant. many countries of the gel and powder, aloe vera, in the production of all kinds of beverages, etc. sanitary ware, pharmaceutical products and food use efficiency. Recently in Iran the technology and extraction of gel and powder, aloe vera, completely mechanized and sanitary in the city of saveh and in the integrated cultivation ...

    Fruity tea ویتاسیب

    Fruity tea ویتاسیب a herbal tea is useful, rich in salts and vitamins of Group B, A and C, magnesium, iron, potassium and antioxidants is. This herbal tea of fruit, apples, and pears, processed as dried herbs and spices, aromatic and also leaves, flowers, red and orange combined with the formula's unique and according to the research done based on the taste properties and the traditional culture and native to this ancient land was prepared. Booster, the heart, liver, and stomach, anti-bloat, and the winner of migraine-induced depression, the positive effects on the mind and thought and in bringing down cholesterol and blood pressure, and relieve thirst and fatigue effective.

    Ali Safari

    Import and export coffee in bulk packing - selling espresso machines in different brands

    Pars kimia drink

    Manufacturer of all kinds of beverage, 100 % organic and natural

    Company شیریران

    Now expand the dairy industry, Iran (شیریران) In the year 1383 with the aim of optimal use of the potential of Agriculture and animal husbandry area, hot and welcome, weather, Western Azerbaijan, and the city of mahabad, in a land area of sixty thousand square meters, and underpin 9000 square meters, started that in the first phase, to consider the necessity of providing a part of the cost of dairy country and the region. get daily 300 tons شیرخام and produce a variety of dairy products sterile, including valves, low-fat and high-fat sterile, a variety of flavored milk sterilized and other pasteurized products, including all kinds of yogurt, high-fat and low-fat, etc., buttermilk, etc. Cream; And so on in the agenda and with conviction to this entry that the health and wellbeing of the members of any society depends on the health of consumer products is in the dairy products plays an important role in the health of the community members and especially the young, and played a ... has tried to select the most modern and most advanced machinery for processing and packaging. The healthiest product to the hands of consumers reach that with the end of the installation process machines, there is hope in collaboration with experts, internal and external, and a subset of Expert and committed in the autumn of 1389, the company entered the stage of production and supply of dairy products sterilized and pasteurized, along with a variety of juice with characteristics and new features, and unique.

    Company Berna کامبوچا

    Brenna کامبوچا with the aim of improving the level of community health and offer alternative products what harmful industrial research in the areas of drinks herbal تخمیری from the year 1387 to the efforts of a collective of professionals and Industry and University start and in collaboration with the research and Development Unit of the company, Knowledge Base, plant medication, گستر آریا ( آگیدا ), etc. managed to design and produce the drink تخمیری کامبوچا based on traditional medicine was. This manufacturing unit under the supervision of the food and Drug Administration and has been a member of the Global Association of producers کامبوچا. As you know, any product can quality, different production, and کامبوچا also no exception to this rule. Brenna کامبوچا from a kind of tea and special raw materials, organic and high quality preparation is the same issue causing the distinction of our product with other products. We go to a special method by adding herbs to these drinks taste different, more properties will generate for you, and the pride that the drink is completely natural and organic without the use of any additives and preservatives, chemical to supply you we will .

    The company soon Mako

    The company, in the year 1380 in the area, unattached, commercial, industrial, Mako recorded in the year 1393, get the Distribution Type of Health establishment and operation of the first plant into operation has completed.

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