• Precision-engineered tool years

    Enter the main measuring instruments میتوتویو(میتوتیو)(Mitutoyo) Japan includes the caliper (normal) hourly and digital), in micrometers(conventional and digital), three jaw, etc. بورگیج, etc. راپورتر(Gage block) Test, blocks, hour indicators, hour شیطونکی., the base Clock, roughness gauges, hardness gauges, filler, etc., depth gauges, angle gauges, step gauges, alignment, etc. micrometer. micrometer heads, etc. master, height gauge, etc. page, stone, granite, marble probe, etc. the caliper of the base. the thickness of the gauge and ...\r\nوارد a cutting tool and lathe includes, drill and screwdriver and milling, brand goering, Germany\r\nوارد a diamond,, includes brand سندویک, etc.. iskŭr., the Walter and ...\r\nنماینده exclusive اگا Mastercard Spain in the field of hand tools such as a wrench\r\nارائه tools, and special building industrial for imported

    Karina, Nick shade (shop Nick tick)

    Reference, Online Sales tools, etc. Safety Essentials

    Company Nasr navid Tehran

    Company Nasr navid Tehran, Iran a major player, accessories, and tools for industrial and workshop equipment

    Engineering company رهپویان فیدار ens

    Engineering company رهپویان فیدار ens, with experienced personnel and with experience above 15 years in the field of industrial automation

    BC company jam

    Provider and selling measuring equipment calibration and testing nondestructive

    Company Armor welding Saba

    Engineering, commercial, Armor, welding, Saba, Supplier, manufacturer consumables, welding (electrode, etc. wire, steel, industrial powders) of the company, the valid world with a standard and approval by international. Fields of activity Welding anti-wear and corrosion (Erosion), the coated working hard(Hard facing), coverage of this particular (Cladding &Coating), for spraying metal(Metal & Plasma Spraying), etc. thermal spraying (Thermal Spraying), the technology connection(Joining), welding and soldering working hard(Brazing)., The reconstruction and construction of parts and components, and industrial machinery, in various industries, oil, gas, petrochemistry, refinery, etc. in power plant, etc. cement, steel, marine, rail, etc. کاغذسازی, etc. processed and condensed vitamins, minerals, sand, brick, pottery, etc. سرامیک, etc., glass and... .This group utilizes information research and engineering, metallurgy and welding, and provide technology and services modern welding and cutting and also the construction of special equipment and skilled professionals in the service promote the industries of the country. • The goals of the company - Advice and provide technical solutions to Engineering, in order to save on operating costs and administration and increase productivity - Emphasis on Science, metallurgy and the basics of technical and economic - To supply the needs of engineering and trading company, based on industry planning, codified and support all aspects of customer - Provide goods and services with the quality and standards of the world, and the price very reasonable and competitive with companies domestic and foreign in the quickest time possible Capabilities of the company • Engineering services and the Executive - Technical consultation and engineering in the field of technology, welding and cutting, and heat treatment parts - The recipe preparation welding (WPS) and run the sample(PQR) - Selection and optimization of process systems, welding - Selection and replacement of the electrode and consumables, welding

    The Company supplies tools, campus

    - Represented the sale of electrodes and welding wire AMA and mica - Exclusive representative of electrodes PHILARC the Philippines that under the لیسلانس company, KOBELCO Japan, is produced(the electrodes of this brand دارایApproved ABS). - Importer of wire CO2 with brand ORANGE (one of the وندورلیست steel company, sepahan and ZOB ahan Isfahan). - Importer, tungsten, TWECO - Importer electrodes Gouging with brand, Max-22 - Importer تورچهای welding Cutweld production country Taiwan. - Prepare and supply all kinds of consumables and welding equipment

    Company florist Sepahan

    Company florist Sepahan in order to supply part of the needs of the industries of the country to the sheet, and ingot copper in May 1367, was established. The company relying on the experience of cofounder and benefiting from the knowledge of the forces of young and expert has managed effective in order to fulfill industrial objectives of the country. A major part of the company's products in the electrical and electronics industries, plating, crafts, and the production of kitchen utensils, industry, thermal, cryogenic, etc. واشرسازی and decoration to the consumption ends. This company is a course in the International Exhibition of electricity industry, Tehran, Iran 1392 now), and 3 course is also in the exhibition industry, plating, Tehran, in the years 1392، 1393 and 1394, the company was. Also during the years 1392، 1393، 1394 member of Plated, Iran has been a member of a homogeneous electrical industries of Isfahan province as well.

    Plays tool city

    Representation, distribution, products, Active, etc., Dongfeng, Chang, etc. Taiyuan, etc. آنکور-مبوت-welding and cutting Kara, Iran, a mallet, etc. بهجوش., the world brushes, etc., glue, Bell, lace, Yazd, screen cut answer. welding and cutting answer. reflections, Japan, Hans, Taiwan. Irwin electronics, etc., TG., the strong., the glue the consistency of the ... silver, etc. واستر

    Trading tool pars

    Shop tools and building materials, and industrial\r\nفروشگاه tool pars in the year 1395 the direction of supply the required items companies, petrochemical, etc., contractors, builders, residential zone, Mahshahr and Bandar Imam Khomeini launched. Products such as power tools and hand pipe and fittings, polypropylene, PVC and polyethylene, adhesive, and paint, hardware, etc. valves and ... in this shop, offered.

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