• Company Corp way بالنده

    Sale preparation, importer, parts, and repairs, maintenance of construction machinery

    Introduction mining of the Gulf

    Import and distribution of components: the loader, etc., bulldozers, etc. excavator, etc. دامپتراک and... In the field of brands, Komatsu, etc., CATERPILLAR, Hyundai, نیوهلند, etc., Doosan, etc.. and machinery, diesel engines and generators, electrical and ... Repairs, specialized machinery, road construction and mining

    Now sangan niroo Iranian

    Designer and manufacturer of a variety of وینچهای alluring, electromechanical, according to the customer's order. Designer and manufacturer of a variety of جرثقیلهای roof. gates, jib and ... a variety of engine گیربکسهای special Lift crane, mixer machine drawing oil, and two-speed construction company PGR under the license of the company ABM, Germany

    Company Ambassador the role of the morning

    ششرکت Ambassador the role of the morning, with experienced staff and equipped machinery ready to cooperate with construction companies in the areas of project, nailing, construction and rental of construction machinery, including wagon drill and compressors باشد

    Company گازار loader, Tabriz, Iran

    Company گازار loader Tabriz in order to design and build machinery, and construction and agricultural requirements of the country in the year ١٣٨٥ gotten professionals and managers with a history of Azerbaijanis has been established . The purpose of the creation of this company reply one seems to need the country and cut dependence on foreign products and the development of industrial and civil sector and in this regard, the first product of the company called بکهو loader ٤٥٠ TBL with features unique to all the users and craftsmen, esteemed introduced.

    Crane part

    Crane, part of the corporate knowledge base that is young elites operated and can be used to approach reverse engineering, etc. of the goods required industries to restructure and repair the track .

    Trading worth and Mahan

    To the site engineering Free Tower Iran welcome Iran is a country beautiful, immortal, etc. lovely and mine is in all the world and all over the planet, Iran, life, and my love is Iran Abad, and development and progress we all yearn for IS for the security of our children and for a better tomorrow. Management Group Industrial and commercial worth of the year 1368 in the industry of construction machinery and road construction and tower crane, can be previously with a history of longtime under the titles of the workshops, guides, etc., pars, coat, and industry group movers, concrete, and finally, in 1372, under the title, production company, Industrial and commercial worth are services to clients in various construction, road building, etc., dam building, etc., bridge building, agriculture, refineries, and industrial, etc. have been and can be. This company initially with the production of light construction machinery includes a variety of بتونیر, etc., dampers, etc., lift., the power generator, etc. gearbox and parts, تاورکرین includes belts, leather pieces, height etc. Jack, pump, etc. Pine, pin, basket and awning, etc., and also مانوریل, etc. earrings, a sword, and repair gearbox تاورهای different from 3 tons up to 12 tons of the beginning, and after years of study and successful presence in classes and training courses and the countries of Germany, France, etc.Spain and Stockholm, Sweden, and the acquisition of experience and obtaining certifications valid in the field of installation and purchase of tower crane and the main parts of tower crane and consulting with the gentlemen آدلف یوآخیم and Kessler شوزن also work with هولف Mitterrand in Paris and launched the site reference the sale of tower crane and lift workshop action to marketing on a national level and cross-border in accordance with the latest technology Tower in the world has.

    Arvand engine Iranians

    Company development engine to the target, expanding the product portfolio, the Group today to talk cars, and commercial (Commercial Vehicles) and heavy machinery (Heavy Machinery) in the year 1395 was established. Matching document, development prospects Group today., the mission of the company arvand engine indeed, creating the required infrastructures in the country, to the intention of obtaining a representation of the external and attract partners valid International in the specialized field of Commercial Vehicles, trucks and buses, and also heavy machinery, mining and construction projects has been this important, policy-making, done in a talk import, assembly and production, sales and after-sales services matching the standards of the day, and sync with Program Development, Group of advisers to the field of joins. In the beginning activity, company, development, engine, managed to obtain the official representative of the company IVECO-ASTRA Italy from the collection of the Group's companies and the massive CNH was now the center sales and service products ASTRA in Tehran. karaj special road, and in the vicinity of the automotive industry of the country are making. Industrial Group CNH affiliated automotive FIAT the enjoyment of the most modern technologies of production in the field of Commercial Vehicles and machinery, heavy and light, and set the force driving and also established the research centers extensive and well-equipped in Europe and America, a demonstrated record in the production of products in world class business) and the group in accordance documentation of the international as one of the leaders in the arena of the production of capital goods is considered. Each of the products, the ASTRA fits the working conditions and needs of the characteristics of the each project, designed and built. so with having ... features and technical advantages relative reduction of cost, the discussion of Economic of many mining projects, or development operations can be at other times. The platform and chassis, solid truck and alluring, HD9/HHD9 utilizes diesel engines, powerful, FPT, with a power of 380 to 560 HP and torque of 1800 to 2500 newton-meters, and the standard pollution Euro 3, and Euro 5 and Euro 6 and the possibility of installing گیربگس, manual and automatic, ZF and Alison by combining the axes of FPT and is also the axis of a high capacity KESSLER, fit with the combined axes of 4x2 and 4x4, 8x8, and many other mechanisms, and technical features embedded in the cars, etc. Makes up to achieve a loading capacity Gross (GVW) up ton63 and the capacity of lethality (GCW) تاton 400 possible has been the machines to the mission of work in difficult conditions غیرجاده, Full Off-Road to efficiently do. Company arvand engine plans also offer a complete range of vehicles, heavy machinery and high quality to our customers love. the role effective in building our beloved country, has also played a new chapter in the promotion of efficiency and economy of projects open. Also fits with the progress of the projects in the company development, motor development plan, the products, along with the construction of factories, assembly and production in the hands of the action. Also, the company arvand engine Iranians, the official representative of the sale and after-sale service machines for concrete CIFA, Italy, includes a variety of concrete pumps, mast, ground, etc. batching plant, etc., mixer and ... with the power and capacity are different .

    Rod industry روشاک

    Planting the armature -mounting انکربولت mechanical وشیمیایی-drilling and cutting of reinforced concrete

    Equipment, structures Iranians

    Manufacturer of moulds and equipment, concreting and scaffolding\r\nتجهیزات structures of the Iranians\r\n metal mould manufacturer وپلای woody (the new generation)and concrete equipment وسازه metal construction and industrial وپالایشگاهی and a variety of tanks LPGوCNG\r\nانواع trellis triangular Bridge, hammer, etc. کاپلاگ and \r\nقالب specific لاینینگ tunnel ونیوجرسی and کانالت and wall, prefabricated وتونل form and lockers, the new generation of the world, with the shell پلای wood for export and....\r\n stairs workshop combines with the trellis at different heights to the new style\r\n\r\nوسازنده a variety of templates, sleepers (railway and Metro )\r\nقالب rubber to create different designs to the concrete,\r\n\r\nووارد of پلای wood and H20. \r\nicon in the meantime, the collection representative companies Feiyawood and Tehnoدر supply پلای wood وH20 وقالبهای imported.\r\n \r\n09121866639 \r\n\r\n \r\\r\

    The development of civil داتام

    Development company, civil داتام in the field of setting up production line, block style, production, types of machines, foam concrete production, foam chemical, foam concrete, foam concrete implementation and launch کلایمر, electrical and mechanical construction projects .

    Saina company

    Importer, machinery, construction, road construction, mining and marine with over thirty years of experience.

    Company ایسترو car

    Set ایسترو machine with over 10 years of brilliant history, in the field of engineering, supply and provide engineering and Technical Services Construction Machinery and road construction activities.In recent years, following the arrival of massive amounts of all kinds of cranes and animated تاورکرین, used to the country and the occurrence of events, very unfortunate result of the lack of safety equipment and standards in these devices, a collection ایسترو car was on its up with reviews, and careful study, and by relying on knowledge of technical and commercial team, highly qualified. in the year 1394 and for the first time in Iran, attempted to obtain representation from several famous brand in the sale and supply of accessories and safety equipment types of cranes include : Cranes, oil platform, etc., cranes, docks, etc. تاورکرین, etc. crane, movable, gantry crane, etc. overhead crane and ....ایسترو. now as the first and most respected name in Iran in the field of safety equipment, cranes, known to be.\r\nراهبری safe, all kinds of cranes with safety equipment ایسترو car

    Industrial production تاویران

    The field of activity of the Group is industrial manufacturing, buying, selling, renting, importing, and also manufacturing a variety of parts تاورکرین as well as in the field of selling all kinds of elevator and batching also activity.

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