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    The design of the site and the op advice, the starter of the op and...

    Software company Five Oceans

    Company, five oceans, one of the companies active in the industry, the production of software for financial, administrative and trading in Iran has been that of the year ۱۳۸۴ with the analysis, design and implementation of software MIS, work your آغازکرده and after ۳ years of activity non-formal, and employing technology روزنرم platform and the use of experts and the financial advisors and provide storage areas conducive to increase speed and accuracy in the production of products, has a comprehensive product and perfect to the software market in Iran to provide. This company from the start of the activity need their institutions to priority activities and put with the conduct of the custom companies has been making progress in the arena of auditing the country.\r\NICON in the present company, five oceans, with 60 employees, in the form of, office, production, support and training are engaged to provide services.\r\nمحصول the company with the brand name “five oceans” is a Software, Integrated Information Management, which is currently by different companies with different processes and field work is used and of the major advantage it has integrated being and maintenance of information and communication online, companies, branches numerous, speed, and high precision and user friendly it is.\r\nهمچنین for ease of user, etc. major changes in order to meet the needs of صنفهای specific, such as “importers of medical supplies',” the importers of cosmetics and hygienic”, he said. “importers, accessories, industrial and Agricultural”, the “companies plays”, “the companies a concrete and” manufacturers of industrial supplies”, “the producers of home appliances” and ... done.

    Sam, calculator, analysis

    Now Sam, calculator, analysis services, such as financial advice and management in the field of analysis of financial statements and tax, etc. offer the solution calculates the price of all ... the preparation and deployment of Integrated Software Enterprise to its customers offers. The Institute of accounting Sam structural analysis of the official representative of Atlas Partners system. We are employing a team of expert and experienced staff, an effective role in the organizational structure of companies in order to increase the level of productivity played can be. The goal of the institute is the transfer of experienced managers and education specialists, and young, and is of the same order proceeded to hold training courses in the areas of accounting and finance, management, sales, and Information Technology in environmental applications. Subject of activity of the Institute of accounting, Sam, calculator, analysis, perform all خـدمات accounting and consulting مـالی and tax advice, such as handle and examine the accounts, documents, edit the account, and the preparation of financial statements and reports, writing legal offices, etc., setting declaration of tax performance and tax declaration, VAT, etc. for deals, and seasonal ....

    Jiangsu Konson Chemical Co.,ltd

    Konson chemical is professional supplier and manufacturer of Rubber chemical,Rubber accelerator ,rubber antioxidant ,CBS,NOBS,DCBS,MBT,CMBT,TDEC,ZMBT,ZDEC, ZDBC,ZDMC,ZEPC, ZDTP,ZBEC,ZBPD,ZBOP,DPTT,DTDM,CTP,6PPD,TMQ,NBC,MB TMTM,TMTD,TETD,TCY,DPG, MBTS,TBBS,ETU, TBzTD,Polymer-bound Predispersed masterbatch.\r\n\r\nPVC thermal stabilizer : Zinc Stearate,Calcium Stearate,Magnesium Stearate,Barium Stearate,Lead Stearate,Lithium Stearate, Potassium Stearate,Sodium Stearate.

    The pioneers of smart simurgh Aryan

    Set simurgh Aryan, with a view of the problems and shortcomings existing in services in the airline, rail, land, and collection, services and shops, and public transport inside the urban and private and public institutions in how to provide services to the compatriots of our and market surveys and survey requirements contained in the offer and receive services in the community, managed to create new technology and modern, in this context, that we in Iran and the world unparalleled .All collection services, welfare and services and هایپرهای online, and airlines and ... transport companies, rail and road and selling tickets, Hotel, Tours, visas, transfer, advertising(video / text), and marketing, booking, buy, or preparation of the ticket and Collection, Social, sports, Arts, etc. the supply of goods can, Services your provide and create a platform online to provide services all jobs and sets vision for servicing smart created.\r\n\r\nThis type of structure and servicing exclusively and has for the first time in the country create and provide میکردد and only set the simurgh Aryan and official representatives simurgh Aryan, the presenter of this technology.\r\n\r\nاستفاده of the system in the categories and companies, the expenditure side of the user and the broker to procure or provide all the items listed, to the extent a significant decrease, and buy the appropriate new users directly .\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nچشم views, we\r\nicon technology, smart storage collection, each set independently, can be the type of service and servicing and the cost to manage both financial and promotional, and discounts special, without limitation, using the tools provided in the service portal and direct communication with the consumer, and intermediaries to completely remove the can be the creation of a Black Market in a specific time block.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nهدف we\r\nهدف this that get the services for mechanized and online planning and management services, and financial and social and create a life ...

    Sanaa processor Naryn

    Company Sanaa processor Naryn, brand ساپرن designer and developer, software, فزارهای shop online. the best control service provider of installation, setup and Support, network design, website portal, etc. ready to do any service to our esteemed customers.

    The Institute of accounting Amin

    Do all of the financial services and management

    Knowledge-based company, Shiva process

    Group of companies, specialized in software, Shiva process from the year 1377 is special and exclusive in the field of providing products and methods of administrative management, financial, Commerce and Industry and services, its activities in the country started. Beginning with the attitude of entering the list of top in the country. after the acquisition of world knowledge and experiences, favorable and the presence of the full color in the field of scientific University, raised the country, relying on the experiences of the past and enjoying the professionals and skills supplement, the company of the year 1388 is the base of export products, the new generation Shiva to neighboring countries, according.\r\nستونهای the doctrinal managers of the company on the basis of initiative and innovation., the future, and agility processes is based. The results of these approaches create products Phra smart, mental, etc. رفتارگرا and flexible. The factors that avoid them also stay away from philosophy, and the essence of the real knowledge of IT. Proof of thinking the "magic hardware with miracle software manifest will be" merely utilizes modern techniques and ... knowledge of the software and in the framework of the comprehensive management, etc., it is possible. The family of Shiva, the claimant to the benefits of these features.

    IPhone or ریسرچرز

    Only fellow Microsoft official in Iran and a supplier of software products, the original

    نوپرداز technology, Fars province, Iran, Fars

    Engineering company نوپرداز technology, Fars province, Iran, Iran(pjs) with the participation of the collective of specialists is a pioneer in the industry, Informatics, etc. with the aim of enhancement of their scientific, technical, ... management, and strategic companies and organizations registered with number 1162 in the Department of Registrar of companies has been established and with the beginning of growth, the increasing application of technology in our beloved country, to be specialized its activities focused made it\r\nThis company has, relying on several years of experience and also the experiences of scientific and practical specialists own started. Activities general the company in the field of software, web, hardware, network and also the Executive service includes ( services, goods, industrial projects and services piping) focused.Support correct, and continuing one of the issues is that our personnel have always been considered and have been able to answer timely problems and needs of service recipients. The experience of this lesson we learned is that the initial inquiry is to determine the goal, the correct and timely services, you can be the best result.\r\n\r\nThis company, its readiness to do the cases stated below, there are\r\n1 - carry out all activities piping\r\n2 - reception, etc., maintenance and distribution of the goods\r\n3 - do all customs affairs, including Transit time. customs clearance and ...\r\n4 - do activities, transportation of goods in and out of the country\r\n5 - provisioning items, piping, refinery,

    Es system

    The activities of the company شایگانسیستم of the year 1370, software development, comprehensive and integrated calculator, includes parts, stock, purchase and sales, checks, and ... the beginning, and has been continually discovering, upgrade, and update.\r\nشرکت شایگانسیستم over the years, activity, software specialized in the fields of Finance, etc., warehousing, etc. production, etc. salaries and wages, accounting, property, Affairs and ... to your products, added.\r\nکاربران software company شایگانسیستم across Iran and neighboring countries, it is spread out in varied fields of export and import, industry, manufacturing, and packaging, playback, educational, cultural, commercial, etc. services and ... are working. \r\nشرکت es system. features particular to the software for your player added that with the installation on the smart phone, especially in a major player and capillary-possibility to insert a direct order and issuing the invoice in the place of the customer for the sales team provide. \r\nشرکت شایگانسیستم from the beginning of the activity. the production of first generation products under Dos, the second generation of apps under Windows, and in recent years, third-generation software Web based (Cloud based or cloud) and services تحتوب (Web Service) provided.\r\nبسته, software company شایگانسیستم, hardware lock, etc. the CD automatic installation, and educational books are set up, it is very simple and users of the company services after the sale will benefit the.


    Company takta, in order to introduce and implement systems to automatically identify this honor is the ratio to create the perfect and sure in the field of development and promotion of the increasing use of barcode technology and RFID action, and in this way, the use of the latest technology, and the technology available with experienced experts, from no effort which will not be. Due to the increasing need categories in order to prepare, supply and supply the best type of products, Ribbon, and Label ( tag ) from reputable companies, and company, Grade A, action to procure and supply these products). Supplying and manufacturing software, warehouse software,property control software, tracking goods,based,barcode, speciality ribbons,mature speciality ribbons vacoas Asian speciality ribbons wax,resin, speciality ribbons,resins, speciality ribbons, Super resin,speciality ribbons Washable,the best type of products Ribbon speciality ribbons and Label,label,label printer,barcode scanner

    The company opens the account, wairoa

    The company opens the account, wairoa : With رویکر advice to companies, small, medium, and very large experienced and specialized personnel at its disposal is Our task, we believe that the new services and with the quality as best as possible to provide you give The company's sales representative company, associates, the system and the second system, and one of the companies specialized and the region that the task of the supply of products, and provide the work and services to customers across the country.

    Company روژینا wide spring

    Supplier of cultural products, and types of paper writing

    Group آراشیوان

    Group company آراشیوان late in the year 1387 by the decision of the Board of the company alfaafzar that close to half a century of experience in the field of mechanization and electronic archives, documents, organizations and companies have is based on the separation section, software it Co., Ltd. by the number of members and the Director of the unit, software, IT company, established and from the date of 4/12/1387, officially started its activities. Also, the ownership of all software آرشیوان contracts, and its affiliates during a contract to a group company آراشیوان was transferred. So far, many projects by the Group company آراشیوان to do it. some of these records, and the project is supposed to: -Mechanization documents library characteristics of the company's pipelines, and telecom, oil, Iran, 1393 -Mechanization documents, research and Technology Company, pipelines, and telecom, oil, Iran, 1392 -Mechanization documents, legal affairs and contracts, company pipelines, and telecom, oil, Iran, 1392 -Mechanization maps Affairs, engineering and design companies, pipelines, and telecom, oil, Iran, 1391-92 -Best characteristics of the Department of architecture and urban municipal faculty 1392 -Best characteristics of the company's fertilizer, chemical, urea, lordegan (LLP) 1392 -Archiving the documents, subsidies, households, documents, property, financial and administrative Foundation, 15 khordad 1392 -Archiving documents and the Encyclopaedia of the Islamic Revolution, the foundation date of research, and the Encyclopedia of the Islamic Revolution, 1391 -Archiving documents and records of subscribers, water and wastewater, chaharmahal and bakhtiari 1390 -Archives, documents, projects, company development, industries, and rail transportation expansion (RTI) 1390 -Office automation company وابل drink زیار 1390 -Automation of administrative and technical companies, engineers consulting, safe way 1389 -Archiving documents and maps, company, Consulting Engineers تدبیرساحل barking 1389

    Company SANA system Pars

    Company SANA system Pars, the official representative of selling online products, Kaspersky in Iran, provider of the most comprehensive support services for products Kaspersky

    Now explore the circuit

    - Phone recognition, professional\r\n - integrated help system automatic\r\n - RFID systems and Access Control\r\n - The UPS and batteries\r\n - design of software and hardware\r\n - a software and hardware smart parking\r\n - tag car\r\n - tag long-range\r\n - barrier\r\n - ITS intelligent traffic\r\n - the app Secretariat\r\n- GPS Vehicle Tracker\r\nسیستمهای wireless RFID\r\n - digital boards, LED\r\n - CCTV cameras\r\n - کیوسکهای notification\r\n - system, SMS, SMS\r\n - the device according Goo\r\n - office automation\r\n - stalker\r\n - Electric forklifts\r\n - experienced team with a history of brilliant\r\n\r\nبه website visit

    Company Software Engineering پایاپارس

    Company Software Engineering پایاپارس in the year 1384 was established . Provide specialized services, digital marketing, design web. hosting. custom software and specialized business, including the services of the company. With a native Storage Technology world, Oracle ADF, and .. sought to provide certain services and the implementation and commercialization of the ideas of our clients. \r\nما ready to remove the next step, we are

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