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    Presenter all projects network\r\nوایرلس\r\nدوربین circuit package\r\nالکترونیک\r\nدکل Telecom

    Company industry innovators abtin

    Company engineering abtin provider of innovative technology direction of the continuity of the high capacity of the production installations, oil refining, gas and petrochemical complexes, and at the same time maintaining the safety of these units. Our main aim is to provide services and support infrastructure, and rusty and assistance to the owners of industries to increase profitability with the use of the consulting and production of software tools to manage those risks and control the costs of inspection and maintenance in سیکل service life of this equipment. Company engineering abtin since the founding of the vanguard of the localization of technical knowledge, technology, management یکپارچگی installations, process ) (AIMو ابزارهایآن such as inspections based on those risks ) (RBIدر Iran and two main goals: to follow him: Provide support services for the implementation of correct and efficient technologies AIMو RBIدر industries, oil, gas, petrochemical and thermal power station in accordance with the Standards and best procedures of the yield is used in forums and the company reputable oil world Provide these services with the approach to education applicable during the Run, and the cooperation of mutual benefit with the personnel of the industrial units in order to transfer technical knowledge The process of implementation of technology RBIتوسط we will ensure to the owners of the industry gives that no compromise on safety, reliability, equipment under pressure etc. the advantages and profitability resulting from the implementation of RBIملموس.

    Exact instrument Co amber

    ” Outlines some of the applications of a variety of shift and الکترومگنت in the mechanism of industrial “ Applications of a wide variety of سلونوئیدها, etc. الکترومگنت and valves Electric in various industries on someone, is not. To learn more applications our products in various industries, examples of these applications in a variety of mechanisms, the industrial has been noted. "To view the performance click on the images" Generally, any equip, and process that target the automation and utilization of control systems (local or remote) is the use of a variety of the shift, and الکترومگنت as the operator on the side of other equipment is inevitable. Now, for example, to some of them we can point out: Industry Automation: types, operators, Electric limiters, motor, machinery, printing and ... Industries, automotive, light and heavy: automatic Starter cars., The fuel pump system, injectors and ... Industries medical: a variety of equipment, shooting, equipment room, surgery, unit of dentistry and ... Oil, gas and petrochemical: ولوها and valves, Electric compressors, equipment automation, process and ... Industries, hydraulic and پنماتیک: a variety of lions and transformations الکترومکانیکال, switches, steering, electrical, ... All kinds of Cars automatic: ATM banking, ATM, machines, Coffee, Maker, machine, washing machine and .. Products “شهرسلونوئید” a wide range of industries are included, that in the meantime the position of your industry is very non-existent. ” We are proud that we can utilizes our specialists and engineers innovative mobile and sync with you تولیدماشین machinery and equipment for you role.

    Company itak system

    Management Software Car Wash with the capability to send SMS\r\nپر most Sales Management Software Car Wash across the country

    Company era dialect

    Sale software typing spoken nevisa instant price 1000/000 USD

    Company RG

    Send the product to the high number of 250 pieces.

    Ryan companies, the network dynamic

    Provide a variety of network services :\r\nراه launch of the ... advice and run\r\nپشتیبانی network servers and Computers\r\nراه systems, surveillance\r\nراه launch of the website

    Company روژین Ryan Qian

    Nowadays, a website is the easiest and ... fastest, and sometimes most effective way to introduce themselves to the client. If until yesterday the only way of introducing their use of advertising, television, Billboard and broadcast تراکت you know, now world, admitted to the new direction of the targeted marketing and wide, for you have created. The most important feature in the design of the website is also having a good appearance could be the largest audience to attract .Design team website روژین Ryan, kian loves next to design the site for you. the market good also to compete on the internet for you to provide.Our specialists also understand the needs, programs and goals, you, fits your budget, your approach, expand your business, Proceed to design and develop your website, your site can be and then improve the ranking of sites, increase hits and get to the place desired, etc. according to the program, your business, etc. your site will develop.

    Communications network لوناپارس

    Providing services of modern Internet and communication across Iran

    Now the world of tablet

    Sale, tablet Lenovo, and ASUS with the prices excellent for partners

    The company started

    -Support SIM card 3G\r\n-two SIM cards, simultaneously active,\r\n-fantastic design زیباونازک\r\n-very high speed ( quick response to touch)\r\n-transparency .High angle viewer\r\n-اندروید4.2\r\n-internal memory 4 GB and supports up to 32 GB through memory, Micro SD\r\n-a 5 megapixel camera\r\n-video playback various audio and video formats\r\n-ability to view and edit Microsoft Office files and PDF\r\n-very reasonable price\r\n-one year warranty\r\nبه mobile keyboard free \r\nآدرس: Tehran, valiasr Square., the administrative complex, Tehran. طبقه10 the unit 17\r\nتلفن: 88929755 88851789

    Company الکتروتصویرافزارپویش

    Company الکتروتصویرافزارپویش provider displays Full HD industrial system, video wall Controller, American company, Cinemassive big Barco Outdoor MediaLogix big Christiedigital with the lowest distance between the displays is about 1 mm, the actual quality of the LED and a resolution of Full HD with the input, different video with during the useful life of 100 thousand hours and function on a 24-hour, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

    Company algorithm dynamic

    The prospects that the company's algorithm is dynamic based on its goals and plans, their formulation. earn the highest rating in answer to the needs of the software market in the field of financial, administrative, industrial and commercial businesses to various. In its wake, reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction with the approach of ordering the product and support continuous and effective base of the main objectives of the company the algorithm of dynamic. Creative production software with a focus on the need of the market and sync with it, the establishment of a system of services, support, steadily, and applications, along with customization of the product based on the specific need of the customer, the smart move is keep the interests of the mutual company, the algorithm is dynamic and ensures our customers. Spread of geographic markets, products, and services of the other company goals the algorithm dynamic. To be accountable to the needs of whatever the broader fields of business, from small to very large, another purpose is that now the algorithm dynamic. Research in the field of software applications and provide its results and operational of its products, one of the goals fundamental company algorithm dynamic is that of the passer-by the company contribution worthy of his expansion and progress of Industry, computer, country, pays. Education as the most basic step of development has always been given special attention, company, algorithm, dynamic. in this regard, has always been a part of capacities of the company in the field of education to be handled. For summary purposes, and the company's vision algorithms, dynamic include the following : -Design and production of ready-made software packages, such as "soft افزارحسابداری" - Providing software solutions library and various business - Implementation of project specific software at the national level and regional - Education , استقرارو software support - Research in the field of software solutions

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