• Broadcasting Company روژینا

    Supplier of cultural products, and types of paper writing

    رلما RealMa

    Doorways and accelerator commercial رلما as store leading in the field of providing special products at the country level, activities and their official of the year ١٣۹۶ begun.\\r\\n\\r\\nراه, commercial رلما to all people active in different areas of production, supply, and entrepreneurship, this will allow increasing the level of market development. to be able to personal goals and professional resources. رلما provide sessions اینتراکتیو that the interaction of the individual in creating and optimizing the sales process, your. The use of the infrastructure, unique forces specialist in the preparation of the content and employing professional managers, etc. the concept of eCommerce to a whole new level upgrade.\\r\\n\\r\\nفروشگاه Internet رلما, after a long analysis and review of the needs of the users and the buyers dear friend, November month of the year ١٣٩۶ in the public access was put. You can refer to the menu “shopping guide”, how to buy from the store familiar.\\r\\n\\r\\nبه in order to learn more about our products and services, special trade رلما can contact us through the URL correspondence.

    Spread DP هیرکان

    Sales and after sales services of computer and network equipment sales and Internet ADSL and WIRELESS, and to represent the company asiatech under the name frvshkah good system

    Now throne free

    The company throne, Ryan, with registration number 347004 and national ID 76331010390 presenter, the design of the site.Over 2000 sample sites, industrial, educational, institutional, news, etc., government and academic our resume .Be sure to sample see.\\r\\nطراحی website +a GB hosting+domain+training in the company and one year free support +system SMS+internet shop\\r\\nto see a sample, and a list of features to the company website please visit.\\r\\n\\r\\nطراحی the site, design, websites, SEO, design website, design websites, design web pages, optimize web pages\\r\\nمشتریان respectable, you can order the design of the site and design your website with reasonable prices and good support, which includes web designing +hosting+domain can be associated with the training(and a meeting fixed a bug person) and one year of support unto the company the throne, Ryan) (throne file) .

    Company آلماهاست

    o آلماهاست the only representative of the Platinum رداستیشن paramount.\r\n\r\no from year 84 to operate.\r\no a registered brand آلمافناوران global village in Iran, and brand Global Cloud LTD in the UK.\r\no server hosting website guide news.\r\no hosting more than 1000 sites.\r\no the first exporter license C panel automatically.\r\no, the official representative of security company Global Sign .

    Software company Five Oceans

    Company, five oceans, one of the companies active in the industry, the production of software for financial, administrative and trading in Iran has been that of the year ۱۳۸۴ with the analysis, design and implementation of software MIS, work your آغازکرده and after ۳ years of activity non-formal, and employing technology روزنرم platform and the use of experts and the financial advisors and provide storage areas conducive to increase speed and accuracy in the production of products, has a comprehensive product and perfect to the software market in Iran to provide. This company from the start of the activity need their institutions to priority activities and put with the conduct of the custom companies has been making progress in the arena of auditing the country.\r\NICON in the present company, five oceans, with 60 employees, in the form of, office, production, support and training are engaged to provide services.\r\nمحصول the company with the brand name “five oceans” is a Software, Integrated Information Management, which is currently by different companies with different processes and field work is used and of the major advantage it has integrated being and maintenance of information and communication online, companies, branches numerous, speed, and high precision and user friendly it is.\r\nهمچنین for ease of user, etc. major changes in order to meet the needs of صنفهای specific, such as “importers of medical supplies',” the importers of cosmetics and hygienic”, he said. “importers, accessories, industrial and Agricultural”, the “companies plays”, “the companies a concrete and” manufacturers of industrial supplies”, “the producers of home appliances” and ... done.

    Company کدایران

    Company کدایران the first specialized company in the field of identification systems, barcode, of the year 1371, the active . \r\nاز other company's products : \r\nانواع barcode reader \r\nانواع label ( paper / plastic / metal / شبرنگ and . . . )\r\nانواع label printed to the product \r\nانواع speciality ribbons print for label printers

    Company scholar network!

    If you are the administrator of a board religious you are, or you're going to a the virtual world vast Internet in mind, we suggest a religious site for you .\r\n\r\nامکانات and benefits considered for the design of the website religious:\r\n1. The possibility of registering a variety of more: the possibility to record daily events - the possibility of registering the contents of a religious book classified - possibility of sending the news of the day (religious - educational-sporting-news and happenings of the province or city you and...) - ability to send image to the number of دلخوا - ability to send infinite more..\r\n2. Possible content categories and embed any content in a separate set\r\n3. Ability to create a collection and downline (infinity downline)\r\n4. The ability to display a video desired in your site\r\n5. The ability to display images,\r\n6. The possibility of recorded comments by visitors to the content\r\n7. Create a dedicated email with the name of the website you\r\n8. Possibility of searching the content and the content of the site\r\n9. The possibility of creating a management system to download the file. The possibility to manage audio files - compression of video and... the possibility of a direct link file dynamically from within the content, or the breakdown of gallery, download from the website.\r\n10. The installation security package to add a level of security to prevent getting hacked\r\n11. Optimization for search engines\r\n12. Online support via Instant Messenger\r\n13. The possibility of creating a system survey\r\n14. The ability to display the statistics content contained in the site and number of hits\r\n15. The ability to display the latest content added to the site\r\n16. The ability to display a list of the most popular (popular) content, site,\r\n17. Providing the Contacts section to send email to you through the site\r\n18. The possibility of obtaining recruits, and the registration section on the site\r\n19. Registration link of the website, friends or websites interest you, as classified\r\n20. Design, banner,\r\n21. The ability to display content from other websites (inbound rss)\r\n22. The possibility of supplying the output rss\r\n23. Displays the number of members and guests online\r\n24. Displays the latest registered users\r\n25. Send email to Member\r\n26. Time and date display SSI\r\n27. Display the daily verse a Persian – Arabic – English\r\n28. View hadith of the day\r\n29 we. Display ephemeris\r\n30. The use of lockers, and,\r\n31. Registration of your website in the search engines,\r\NAND...

    Company Yu آلکسا

    System Yu آلکسا increase hits and improve the professionalism, alexa rank a website increased hits with the best methods available is such that in improving the rank of the site you have a very strong impact will be, and also earn points for visiting the site are such that in exchange for the loading of the site, according to the defined time, you can for 24 hours, earn points, try and visit your day-to-day increase give.


    Company نونگار the largest and oldest web design company in Iran

    Company gamer system

    The vibe System Provider of the proprietary software and all the equipment and hardware, restaurants, cafes and fast فودو ...

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