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    Manufacturer of inflatable structures and trampoline and all home equipment, baby and nursery, and a mini park and play house\r\n\r\nفروشگاه Internet Vijay goods with the aim to supply the best equipment of the game and the development of recreational spaces and entertainment activities with your production, importing, supplying and distribution of products from the best known brands in domestic and foreign has started. All the structures of the free tarps, Korean yarn, leaving that has a ۲ year guarantee and the ۵ years of service since ازفروش along with the registration system and the standard are . Time build and delivery of inflatable structures a maximum of ten working days . You can plan, customize with your color scheme desired to ماسفارش .

    The company design, engineering, Ivy Snoopy structures

    Production structures, amusement parks and inflatable \r\nتجهیز recreations of structures wind\r\nجهیز recreations of structures wind\r\nتولید a variety of inflatable structures and recreations پبچک Snoopy \r\nهمه size\r\nاستخر ball in all size, along with the ball\r\nجامپینگ in all size \r\nاستند air in all size\r\nترامپولین in all dimensions\r\nتمامی fixtures with the best quality and the price and quality \r\nسایر fixtures, kitchen appliances and park, also with the standard is the standard design is provided.\r\nکشتی Saba - مریگراند - stirring, and..\r\nخرید, selling, swapping, a variety of devices recreations of new and second-hand \r\nطراحی - production and the construction of the newest devices, recreations include the devices of the Child -, Youth -, Family, and inflatable structures, types of devices, the lane in the capacity of the different ship Saba - rollercoaster-Ferris wheel-Mary Grande- - basketball - helicopter - train - Caterpillar-گوگارد-sled-car-electric - Salto-Ranger-ship we -Laptop زنچیری and games گیمی \r\nدستگاه amusement parks, etc. structures, inflatable, etc. recreations, etc., inflatable castle, amusement parks, etc. amusement parks design, amusement parks, Buy skating rink, inflatable, etc. home child daycare, etc. استخرتوپ amusement parks, etc., buy Intex recreations, etc. trampoline, etc. moving on. مریگراند., The Rocking, the train\r\nسکه, the | shocking | amusement parks | amusement parks in Tehran | equipment children | device children | accessories, kitchen | appliances, recreations | recreations, Tehran | amusement parks, indoor | Wonderland Tehran | Play Coin | Play Store |special sale shocking مریگراند | shocking مریگراند | shocking | مریگراند | amusement parks | train | rocking | tops |cottage play baby | Cottage play daycare | cottage game amusement parks | kindergarten | Park | game, equipment, and supplies polyethylene | cottages | child accessories, a daycare | play tent | child's wooden cottage child | tent wooden baby |\\r\\n\\r\\nتوضیحات\\r\\nشهربازی design, public plan and layout, public consultation, public construction of amusement parks, entertainment centers, system, card recreations, recreations and raw, and the indoor complex, commercial, recreational, ...

    The company inflatable products

    The production and manufacture of the newest inflatable structures in the world .Along with the standard full-featured standard during the construction .Book computational وشناسنامه device.\r\nکه includes all accessories, inflatable city games and equipment, Inflatable Sports includes a variety of دوشکهای sports وترامپلین, bouncy Castle, inflatable and Intex, and a variety of niches, large inflatable for نمایشگاها, etc. and a variety of roller coasters, inflatable in hundreds of designs to different sizes with 2 years warranty and after-sale service, and sex, Korean and Belgian and German in any design and size with Lowest price and شرایت special sale, manufacture, delivery orders in the shortest time possible, the company has a warranty for 2 years مخصولات manufacturing and production مخصولات quality And after-sales services that include repair and replacement of products if any defect characteristics of the managed to the satisfaction of your customers always having been and produced all the designs, subjective and proposed, you will practical and in the least possible time deliver the buyers. \r\nسازههای this company, all their products along باپمپ, the appropriate size device to حریدار Delivery.\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the linoleum Thickness =24 oncمقاومت tensile=195 (based on استانداردfs 5102 resistance, adhesion =(based on استانداردfs 5970 tear strength =40 (based on استانداردfs 5143 اظافه length =25/9درصدتا 41/2 percentage

    Manufacturing Group, Business, beach

    Manufacturing Group, Business beach, in the year 1345 its activities with the aim of producing a variety of play equipment for Park and urban furniture in Tehran, and today, relying on innovation and attract forces managed to the satisfaction of their customers at any point of the homeland of our beloved division. Also, the beach is always in the update, and the design and implementation of new ideas and creative vanguard.\r\nicon now, due to the need of the day the market Best Price and quality in accordance with the standards of the ISIR6436/1-7 and EN1176/1-7 provide the after-sale service, answer phones their customers with diverse backgrounds varied in the remotest parts of the country.\r\nساحل can of morphing the basic idea to reach the product according to the type of space that you have and the variety of climate and weather, and cultures of indigenous and local place, happy, social, tourist etc. quiet and safe with standards-compliance to your managers and customers offer.\r\nتنوع products:\r\n1 - production and supply of play equipment, Park and nursery \r\n2– the manufacturer of the newest play equipment پلیاتیلن \r\n3 - the import of the newest equipment play Park and daycare\r\n4 - equip and set up the park and the nursery\r\n5 - design and implementation of the "space Soldier for the villas," restaurants and hotels, and .... \r\n6 - benches and trash cans \r\n7 - equipment, body building\r\n8 - set, blue\r\n9


    Manufacturer of piggy banks, patterned, plastic, metal Muffin \r\nصندوق charities charities to collect donations, with carved embossed logo and desired text, you\r\nشماره call 0919466306

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