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    Company آمارپژوهان dynamic with more than 10 year work history ready to cooperate with you, the researcher, dear. Analysis by senior experts and PhD in statistics from ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, with years of history, useful work is done. Company registration number : 23509

    Company industry آموزشیE.E.I

    Design, preparation and production of educational equipment, laboratory and کارگاهی for all the training centers and all levels

    The company, Isfahan Plast

    Reseller products and toys, plastic and polyethylene, etc., broadcast, direct, toys, kindergarten, child play centers children. From our site to address see, please .Or bashmarh the 09138022012 please contact us.

    Company lacquered box

    Lacquered box vary depending on the provider, the chance lacquered box

    The company inflatable products

    The production and manufacture of the newest inflatable structures in the world .Along with the standard full-featured standard during the construction .Book computational وشناسنامه device.\r\nکه includes all accessories, inflatable city games and equipment, Inflatable Sports includes a variety of دوشکهای sports وترامپلین, bouncy Castle, inflatable and Intex, and a variety of niches, large inflatable for نمایشگاها, etc. and a variety of roller coasters, inflatable in hundreds of designs to different sizes with 2 years warranty and after-sale service, and sex, Korean and Belgian and German in any design and size with Lowest price and شرایت special sale, manufacture, delivery orders in the shortest time possible, the company has a warranty for 2 years مخصولات manufacturing and production مخصولات quality And after-sales services that include repair and replacement of products if any defect characteristics of the managed to the satisfaction of your customers always having been and produced all the designs, subjective and proposed, you will practical and in the least possible time deliver the buyers. \r\nسازههای this company, all their products along باپمپ, the appropriate size device to حریدار Delivery.\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the linoleum Thickness =24 oncمقاومت tensile=195 (based on استانداردfs 5102 resistance, adhesion =(based on استانداردfs 5970 tear strength =40 (based on استانداردfs 5143 اظافه length =25/9درصدتا 41/2 percentage

    Company, Research Center, industries, Informatics

    Research Center industries of Informatics, in the year 1370, advise the Minister of industry to enhance and develop the level of technology national infrastructure., the technical knowledge and the quality of processes, services and manufactured products imported, etc. export in the field of Information Technology and communications, electricity, and e and related industries has been established . All 53 shareholder of the company holds the operation license and production of the Ministry of industry or licensing, Supreme Council of Informatics . The companies software and hardware has the operation license can be shareholder of this company . Company records : * Arm A B. A. in the Department of electrical and e The Ministry of industries and mines, in industry, Informatics * Check پروفورم, enter the participants and evaluate it in terms of compliance with relevant standards and with table CKD approved by the Ministry of industries and mines, the direction of the entry permit in the seventies * Dispatch officers to Ports of entry of goods, matching items imported with goods contained in پروفورم, approved, and issuance of report of inspection of goods * Inspection of production line factories manufacturing manufacturer products CKD and note the items of the forms and provide comments on the Advisory to fix the defects of the production line * Send reports, and import and inspection carried out to the Ministry of industries and mines * Create کارگروههای specialized regarding tariff customs IT equipment * Participate in the NGO, academic and the Guild * Formulate national standards, and organizational, especially ICT Equipments * Creation of laboratories specialized in the field of safety and EMC, TCO * Project monitoring, IT * Consulting in the field of project, IT * Obtaining confirmation, international * Provide a show quality to IT equipment * Holding training courses, specialized in the field of it * Develop and promote the technology, applications new * Taken security in IT * Software testing

    Now bama

    This product for card, duplex has one side English and the other side, that in terms of cost, cost-effective\r\n\r\nبه effective. although it can be safely said package, separate, technique, and performance themselves, and are very\r\n\r\nتاثیر plugged in . In any case, bama Double, to advise the family of The has been prepared and is now available\r\n\r\nicon in this training package ۴۰۰ word Persian and English, along with ۲ CD pronunciation and brochure, family guide\r\n\r\n is given.

    Company call, indicates the Iranians

    Some of the features, hardware, SMART Board\r\n\r\n\r\n* range 82-inch\r\n* resistant to impact and scratches\r\n* technology Infrared\r\n* no need to power separate\r\n* consumes very low energy\r\n\r\n\r\proxy to use for this of features software SMART Board\r\n\r\n* the possibility of the design of the table\r\n* Outlining the smart shapes as two-dimensional and three-dimensional\r\n* ability to record and playback all operations taught\r\n8 take advantage of بینهات page and space\r\n* create virtual space laboratory \r\n* the capability of turning the pages software to formats pdf and doc\r\n* the ability to convert the document manually to the letters typo\r\n\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the SMART Board:\r\n\r\n* technology infrared\r\n* capability of writing with finger or pen,\r\n* ability to document, with markers\r\n* has both a output port USB\r\n* resolution image 8192X8192\r\n* the speed of the cursor dot 120 / second \r\n* streaming power consumption less than 85 mAh

    Department of rhetoric and narration

    Training courses Technology Express, narration, lectures, Oratory and answering the telephone Training course for personnel of Public Relations Education courses meet the users تلفنخانه Provide package training video rhetoric for the use of employees and family, he Dispatch professional presenter ladies and gentleman to run the event and the seminars and conferences The celebration and conference, set it up, and coordination of artistic groups Preparation and sound professional documented activities for the following: Playing in exhibitions Plays in conferences and seminars Plays in the hall, waiting, and the rest of the organization Broadcast in visual media, in order to advertising Use as catalog electronic products and services of the organization Use in order to provide a report on the performance of the organization Broadcast monitors advertising level cities Use in hotels and Bluehost Use in training videos Sound system meets the phone صدابرداری Studio

    Company, Samad zare

    One of the problems of students when participating in the direct different, especially \r\nازمون تیزهوشان of the lack of knowledge with sample questions such quizzes is \r\nتجربه has shown that students who pre-test sample questions \r\nسالهای the past related to both the work and the period of their percentage of acceptance \r\nبالاتری compared to the rest of the students will have to reason why we \r\nThis training package, a collection unparalleled of the sample questions تیزهوشان \r\nششم to th elementary to muster have this collection consists of \r\nبیش of ۵۰۰۰ test from different courses course sixth elementary, that in the years \r\nقبل in direct تیزهوشان is projective .\r\nمحتوای set training, the sixth to the seventh تیزهوشان\r\n۵ stage comprehensive exam dealt with the response anatomical\r\n۱۰ stage tests تیزهوشان different parts of the country with answers anatomy\r\n۱۸ stage tests engineer bigdeli reply with anatomical\r\n۱۴ stage tests تیزهوشان and schools sample state different provinces \r\nایران with response essay to each separate province\r\nفارس, Tehran – Iran,, sabzevar, Kerman, Iran –Gilan –central – Iran –chaharmahal –\r\nالبرز-Isfahan, Iran\r\n۵ stage tests, the progress of the academic institution the warriors with a reply \r\nتشریحی\r\n۱۱ stage tests, the epicenter of the cultural education with answers, descirptive and Ruth \r\nنکات key every-test\r\nحجم This Set ۹۰ MB is that better for download \r\nمجموعه divided into two parts is\r\nto download address below in your browser window, copy the \r\site configuration://

    Now your drones at

    Importer and distributor of all types of کوادکوپتر

    Company administrative sohail

    Paper, administrative and/or form computer Quality premium + affordable + speed in free shipping = your satisfaction • Stationery, etc. wrote Software Engineering - sale

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