• Anderesm Alborz CO

    The company collaborate with the elite and several manufacturers across the country and also the company is continuous in conferences, exhibitions and specialized experience and is a hardworking, etc. to upgrade and improve the performance and efficiency of equipment manufacturing handled in the same token, by doing scientific research and experimental relative to do this important action. the result of this effort, the production equipment with maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.In the warmer seasons of the year may be the air temperature inside the greenhouse, the optimal temperature for the plants exceed نمایدبنابراین based on the climate zone appropriate for the system, appropriate to reduce the temperature, and\r\nداخل the greenhouse and the discharge temperature, design and implementation. Generally, depending on the type of plant and the maximum temperature of the environment\r\nسیستمهای cooling a wide variety of greenhouses used.The selection of equipment Heating depends on the size, type, performance, building, and how to access fuel, and the cost of implementation of the system.\r\nیکی of the most important topics in agricultural production, production out of the season. Of the main reasons Vogue, more and more greenhouses in the world, and also the ability to control the climatic conditions in different seasons of the year. In the greenhouse, can be temperature, moisture, amount of radiation, light, sun, values of oxygen and gases effective, such as co2, to favorably control the species that can be found in the best time possible in terms of product demand and its price in the consumer market, production did. Heating systems in the greenhouses of the greatest influences in this matter are entitled.

    Eskandari Industrial Group

    Industrial Eskandari EIG of the year ۱۳۷۲ with the aim of producing machines and devices, incubation, and industrial and equipment livestock and poultry industry of the country began to its activities and during more than twenty years past, to the machine manufacturer, incubation in the Middle East was transformed. In the meantime, feel the need to machine production, incubation, quality and accurate, the direction of the bird, expensive, etc., in accordance with world\'s knowledge and use of technical knowledge and scientific to-day, however, there is the coming of the industrial group, Eskandari was.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nما claim we have the only factory in the true sense of the word in the context of the production of incubator in Iran, and only are the same that are specialized in this product produces. We all your efforts to upgrade the value of your branding inside and outside the country has done and try to provide the best product type and the best kind of after-sales service to you we have. Will surely buy from producing dubstep which is workshop quality, very low action to produce low-quality products appreciated the interest you have to be threw.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nمدیریت., the engineering team and the personnel of the industrial groups Eskandari are committed to your good memories from your purchase of this factory remember, and this is important to later generations of your transfer. Because we, unlike your competitors, not from yesterday but from ۲۵ years ago, we are with you, and due to the heavy investment that we\'ve done building, we have over dozens of years, the future will also with you to be sure this, make sure not, unless to satisfy a hundred per cent your customers that it\'s important to turn the most important factor in our progress during the past years.

    Azar, organic

    Organic\r\nکود organic\r\nکود organic\r\nسالم اکین privileged\r\nگروه agriculture, December, organic,\r\nآذر organic\r\nآذرارگانیک\r\nکود

    Private company

    For the future, ready to deliver with the license of cows and the facility ready to pay

    Trading Company, Iran

    More information on the official site

    Iran's Poison

    Internet-shop of Iran poison the largest and most specialized shop in the field of free consultation and the sale of poisons, insect repellent and animals, the insidious household activities. Shop Iran poison in the year, ۱۳۹۲, with the aim of importing and playing pesticides, insects with reputable world-wide brands, in the province of Western Azerbaijan, was established. This company, all their products before import by experts in their review, test and guarantee the quality. In the end, we hope the use of these products to be able to plays an important role in the health of the environment for you, your fellow played our. In collaboration with specialists in medical entomology, graduated from prestigious universities in the country, particularly pesticides, health and the urban, including vermin and rodents urban services. The goal set, the Nile to the health conscious at the community level. Apply the practices of non-scientific by non-expert in the sprayed in addition to the lack of favorable impact in the fight against insect-caused pollution, environment, life, people, and the way to the incidence of types of cancer and various diseases. Also, the company, Iran, Poison benefiting from their knowledge, especially in biology, Toxicology, and biology of insects and how to effect pest health on the health of people with the first call to fix the problem, you lay back, they will be.

    Company کشتارگاهی Zagros بهمئی

    With over 7 years of experience serving, establishment license from the Agriculture of the province-and with the plan and Engineering Day

    Cheerful company playing behshahr

    Hi, raspberry, cherry and strawberry direction مدبا storage and marmalade is available

    Company mental Plast shabestar

    Significant butterfly national standard of Iran and approval of soil and water agriculture for government projects

    Company Qaboos heater

    Manufacturer of all beekeeping equipment - silo transferor - air - mill-mixer - Lift - feeding - دانخوریاتوماتیک sprocket - is cannikin nipple -

    The cultivation of flexo rain

    This group is working in the fields related to the agricultural year ۱۳۷۳ began, and in the passing of time, its activities in the field of food industry and improve the provider, agriculture has expanded, so that now the unit, many such units, the greenhouse, unit agronomic and horticultural, etc. unit, manufacturing fertilizers, agriculture, division, distributive, and business will take. Company culture and industry, the rain unit agriculture, this group has been that the responsibility for the operation of the lands in various is responsible for, and in addition to the manufacturing sector, in commerce also will have many activities from which indicators of most of these items contract a long-term partnership with the company اگروخم germanwings crash Russia. The company is the largest manufacturer of fertilizer, sugar, Poison, and healing grow in Russia and is one of five manufacturer in the world in the industry of agricultural chemicals . AgroKhimProm Now, rain collection, providing services in various sectors of production and commerce, is trying with the expansion of the activity. in addition to the employment of over ago, a step in the direction of the development and the prosperity of the homeland عزیمان removed. And now, after decades of activity with the backing of the team characteristics of the native can be proud of the quality of the product basket the company the rain, on a par with the largest and the most prominent producers in the world, outlined that in this way there are farms, and greenhouse research in several areas of the country, the importance has always been the way of development without dependence for this group of economic smoothly, and will on the other hand, manufacturing unit collections is proud to use the elite these lands, the greater part of the operation to achieve the final product within the country do . Social responsibility holding economic, agriculture, rain ”promote the cultivation of healthy, high-performance“ and has the same purpose in the policy set, ”education and promotion“ the higher the sale, the same issue leads to awareness, the experts of the company of the need, feeding the plant the remotest parts of Iran and that despite the wide network of Representatives and experts-residents, the provincial can be hoped to God this company soon, at a high level of influence on agricultural production in Iran's economy . We, together, industrial, stable, based on agriculture, erected competitors

    Trading company, sole trade, Asia

    Mr. Majid شوریابی its activities in the field of sale and distribution of pipes and accessories, sanitary building, from the year 1367 . Then, with the backing of 20 years of experience in 1387 with the founding of the trading company, sole trade, Asian to the arena of exports and imports of goods entry.\r\nپس over a two-year with regard to devise and future and with a view to the need of the country for direct inputs, livestock and poultry, began to distribute these products.\r\nحال as an effective member of the community, distributors, inputs, livestock and poultry our dear homeland are proud that we have managed to provide goods with superior quality in accordance with the top world standards and the lowest prices compared to other distributors, etc. part of the needs of the market in Iran and neighboring countries to supply . In addition to all the products within the company - sales, invoice, official (on request )and the certificate of registration in the VAT.

    Now the promise of the seed of the Iranians

    Managing Director of the factory specialized production feed livestock, poultry and aquatic promising seeds Iranian engineer Seyed Alireza ضیائیان that of the founders of the system platform, in khuzestan province. after 20 years from the founding of the factory first and use the past experiences and on the sides of all the shortcomings and bugs in the field, production line, feed now to set up new factory with daily production of 600 tons of feed for the pellet trap in. mesh, rich., extruded, etc. platform, aquatic, etc. کرامبلر, etc. platform, poultry, carousel, etc. Feed nutty and platform, and shrimp with the most advanced machines in the world, etc., equipped with silo mechanized cylindrical with a capacity of 3000 tons of raw materials processed, and 500 tons of product processed that all the machinery and systems the factory is quite intelligent, and under automation, and LCD can have the lowest error possible. Plant promising seeds Iranians, having 6 production line at the same time, as one of the largest and most modern manufacturer of animal feed, poultry and aquatic in the country. Plant promising seeds Iranians in a land area of 6200 square meters, and with the personnel specialist in the year 95 the beginning), and according to the experience of the top of the Managing Director, Mr. Seyed Alireza ضیائیان and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Seyed Reza God cream Zadeh in the field of production of animal feed, poultry, aquatic and honey bee also all inputs, livestock, and sales systems suitable bestow peace of mind, clients in the field of quality and price request.

    Company خشکبارومیوه green Paradise

    The center of the supply and selling products, vol.The sale of the first grape صادراتى Iran, the sale of the first raisin, green courier, vol, sales اناروفروش waste raisin, etc., saffron, and...directly باکیفیت required you well ازکشاورز

    Company, greenhouse construction, flower, green, Covenant

    Company, greenhouse construction, flower, green, Covenant activity, in addition, in the year 1372 in the field of construction of greenhouses and the implementation of the project, greenhouse, storage, and mechanization of Agriculture started the year 1379 as the top manufacturer of greenhouses is proud to receive the confirmation of the construction of the greenhouse of the International Organization FAO conference. Company flower green Covenant during the last years 643800 km greenhouse at 30 city, the country and the city ابوذبی implemented.This is a company with experts and experienced expert in anticipation of the mission was to serve Iranian users.\r\nگلخانه the phrase is from the local area where the environmental conditions include temperature, light and humidity control is the goal ازاحداث it is also nurturing products in the Off-season, save on water consumption, the use of seed and soil quality بالابه in order to achieve maximum profitability.\r\nمزایایی greenhouse cultivation\r\n1-increase production per unit area\r\n2-the production of more than one product in a year\r\n3-increase the quality of the product\r\n4-saving water (with the method of irrigation under pressure)\r\n5 - use lands, non-arable with سبستم hydroponics\r\nسازمان eater of the global burden of fao in order to increase the amount of productivity and quality of products and reduce the cost of the current governor, in most parts of the world used .Including this standard, can be to the standard of the buildings and structures, greenhouses and استارداری culture methods and fighting pests and diseases noted.\r\nدرطراحی that the Organization for the greenhouse has introduced all the skeletons greenhouse, galvanized and portable مونتاژبوده . The height and width of span according to the type of cultivation varies, and these structures in terms of Engineering لزومآ should be against the wind باسرعت 120 kilometers per hour and the weight of the snow up to a height of 20 cm water-resistant.In these structures, the direction of the ventilated window, a sidebar to a height of 1/5 km on both sides of the وسیستم pad couple in the beginning وانتهای گخانه وپنجره ceiling mounting exactly on the 1/5متر the top of the studs(آبروها)embedding .Cover the structures of the plastic anti-VU(at least 3% effective article )& sweat in places, cold, satiety, and low light use of cover, polycarbonate, double glazed 6 میلمترپیشنهاد .The direction of the temperature tens of meters, the structure for interlocking . That the advantages of this standard are as follows .\r\n– reduce the cost of current production,\r\n– better control environmental conditions,\r\n– increase the length of the growing period the plants ومخصوصا vegetables fruity\r\n– the highest use of substances toxic وشمیایی to control pests وبیماریها\r\nاستاندارد, ومحاسبات\r\nسازه new مجوعه flower green میثاقGSM that piece on the knowledge interior design material like as is .The fusion of technology روزاروپا وتولیدات interior, which is based on program structural design cosmos1.65 Weber based on the standards UNE76-208\r\nگلخانه واستاندارد NFU57-063طراحی .The resistance of structures in the برابرباد\r\n\r\nمیزان bearing باربرف big بارمحصول other calculations نیزباECMC(Treaty structures\r\nفلزی Europe)matching.\r\nباتوجه to the standard mentioned resistance structures, the above is a descirption of the following\r\n– time برف20 kg / sq. m., equivalent to 16سانتیمترضخامت snow\r\n– wind load 120کیلومتر in hours(if that window closed.)\r\n– parts structural greenhouse all of sex, hot galvanized, preparation of the meeting.

    Company saffron jeweled Khorasan

    High quality saffron \r\nتحویل through the post \r\nارسال examples with coordination to the whole country

    Company staffing, Nazareth,

    Haulm,,,,,, Nazareth, The production of straw and dry wood, with the use of industrial devices for all مرغداریها during the day, with the best quality Phone:09144551674 04516640956 Fax:04516641576

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