• Anderesm Alborz CO

    The company collaborate with the elite and several manufacturers across the country and also the company is continuous in conferences, exhibitions and specialized experience and is a hardworking, etc. to upgrade and improve the performance and efficiency of equipment manufacturing handled in the same token, by doing scientific research and experimental relative to do this important action. the result of this effort, the production equipment with maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.In the warmer seasons of the year may be the air temperature inside the greenhouse, the optimal temperature for the plants exceed نمایدبنابراین based on the climate zone appropriate for the system, appropriate to reduce the temperature, and\r\nداخل the greenhouse and the discharge temperature, design and implementation. Generally, depending on the type of plant and the maximum temperature of the environment\r\nسیستمهای cooling a wide variety of greenhouses used.The selection of equipment Heating depends on the size, type, performance, building, and how to access fuel, and the cost of implementation of the system.\r\nیکی of the most important topics in agricultural production, production out of the season. Of the main reasons Vogue, more and more greenhouses in the world, and also the ability to control the climatic conditions in different seasons of the year. In the greenhouse, can be temperature, moisture, amount of radiation, light, sun, values of oxygen and gases effective, such as co2, to favorably control the species that can be found in the best time possible in terms of product demand and its price in the consumer market, production did. Heating systems in the greenhouses of the greatest influences in this matter are entitled.

    Eskandari Industrial Group

    Industrial Eskandari EIG of the year ۱۳۷۲ with the aim of producing machines and devices, incubation, and industrial and equipment livestock and poultry industry of the country began to its activities and during more than twenty years past, to the machine manufacturer, incubation in the Middle East was transformed. In the meantime, feel the need to machine production, incubation, quality and accurate, the direction of the bird, expensive, etc., in accordance with world\'s knowledge and use of technical knowledge and scientific to-day, however, there is the coming of the industrial group, Eskandari was.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nما claim we have the only factory in the true sense of the word in the context of the production of incubator in Iran, and only are the same that are specialized in this product produces. We all your efforts to upgrade the value of your branding inside and outside the country has done and try to provide the best product type and the best kind of after-sales service to you we have. Will surely buy from producing dubstep which is workshop quality, very low action to produce low-quality products appreciated the interest you have to be threw.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nمدیریت., the engineering team and the personnel of the industrial groups Eskandari are committed to your good memories from your purchase of this factory remember, and this is important to later generations of your transfer. Because we, unlike your competitors, not from yesterday but from ۲۵ years ago, we are with you, and due to the heavy investment that we\'ve done building, we have over dozens of years, the future will also with you to be sure this, make sure not, unless to satisfy a hundred per cent your customers that it\'s important to turn the most important factor in our progress during the past years.

    Company خشکبارومیوه green Paradise

    The center of the supply and selling products, vol.The sale of the first grape صادراتى Iran, the sale of the first raisin, green courier, vol, sales اناروفروش waste raisin, etc., saffron, and...directly باکیفیت required you well ازکشاورز

    Cooperative honey rare

    Honey high mountain ranges, the Zagros and the domain of Porn, it\r\nاینجانب rare Ismaili, MSC entomology and CEO of the cooperative of honey rare I am. In order to purchase the number 09166640659 please contact. To all parts of the country, honey is sent on postage NIR on the amount of honey purchased account.\r\nبر the basis of the quality of the actual price setting has been done. Prices from 20 dollars to 150 dollars.

    Company static pics, East

    Design , execution and production of all smart devices, remote controls for use in industrial and agricultural

    Company نهالکاری

    Dear friend, Hi,\r\nto be the fruit of a good harvest, you should tree, a good plant.\r\nما to life and the time you respect and would like that after years of waiting for fruition of the trees to what to expect, if you have them.\r\nما that many of our customers after a few months we call fall, and the quality of the trees that نهالشان from the nursery, we cater to have been appreciated to make our work encouraging".\r\nما a variety of seedlings fruitful that in temperate zones and the cold cultivation are produced.\r\nدوستان azizi that in the provinces of Alborz, Tehran, qazvin, live easily can to the old road of karaj to hashtgerd., the area of Tehran plain and the village of Aran, visit the following and closely nurseries have seen, and the seedlings about their need to provide.\r\nدوستان dear cities, too, are not concerned any kind of sapling that will be available, and have quickly خدمتشان we send.\r\nمنتظر you gardeners).\r\nبا thanks Alireza mahmudi\r\n09193676264

    Company fertilizers, optimum growth of spring

    Producer of specialty fertilizers, liquid, with more than 15 years of experience

    Company farm pheasant

    Sale special, pheasant\\r\\nقرقاول productive \\r\\nتخم sperm,\\ r\\nجوجه a day.A month and...\\ r\\nگوشت pheasant\\r\\nارسال to all parts of the country

    Company کولان Sol

    Company کولان Sol., the year 1386 in the industrial town of Eshtehard, located in Alborz province was established . In March 1391 کولان Sol with the launch of the line, full-automatic. in accordance with the latest technology, the products of their own in terms of quality and quantity to acceptable level,". \r\nهمچنین کولان Sol proud of the production of cellulose pad consumer energy company of the country, amounting to an annuity of 80،000 block Dara .\r\NAND ...

    Pars blaze Zagros

    The company in the year 1387با the aim of producing fertilizers of superior quality in order to increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products was established, and with the use of the professors and experts of Science, agriculture, plant nutrition, Chemistry and fertility of the soil. in the first step the technical knowledge to produce organic fertilizer, liquid acid lesions with the Brand Name "هیومیکا"register and enter the arena of Agriculture.Due to the very high quality and the satisfaction of consumers., the supply of this fertilizer in agricultural lands and garden, the country with the US Navy was faced.Subsequently, the company in the year 1388پس from experiments conducted qualitative multiple by competent authorities managed to get the certificate of non-prohibition of the consumption of the Research Institute of soil and water and the Department of agriculture was established.Also the specialists of the company with respect to the deficiencies common elements of food in the agricultural lands of the production of fertilizers complete liquid brand "زاگرال", and chelate, iron and zinc with the brand names "Zagros iron" and "Zagros"). This chelate with the use of advanced technology, etc. درpHهای very alkaline are also able to hold micronutrients and have been absorbing it through the roots and leaves are effective.With attention to the role of the extract of seaweed, etc. a variety of poly ساکاریدها., the vitamins, p, micronutrients and organic matter fluid in the increased growth and the root and the resistance of the plant against all kinds of environmental stress, the company production of fertilizer with the Brand Name "زاگروت" also to him up, stimulate rooting in a variety of crop plants and horticultural and ... more product and superior quality to guarantee. Pars blaze Zagros has always been the meantime, guarantee the best quality and respect to consumers, products, etc. honor, integration with spawners agriculture will exceed your service is put.

    The company first themed

    خرید5000تن vermicompost with Analytics -deliver, Tehran-cash - kg 200 USD

    The company cluster of the sower

    Sale and after-sale service all kinds of machines and sequence of the paragraphs of agricultural

    Company, workshop, front pocket and pack the seed of Joseph, rashedi

    Workshop front pocket and pack the seed of Joseph, rashedi, located in ser dizaj ilkhchi in December, azarbayjan azarshahr yellow Oriental management Joseph rashedi, in the context of the purchase of seed, etc. front pocket. the packaging and sale of seed, hay and clover, and fenugreek, green activity.

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