• آریامنش industry immortal

    Company آریامنش manufacturer of food products شوریجات and marinades such as tomato paste, pomegranate paste, etc., olives, salted, pickled cucumber, etc. a variety of marinades and ... are high-quality products without additives and preservatives can produce

    Business Covenant on the trade of the century

    Business Covenant on the trade of the century

    مهکام powder San

    Company مهکام powder, the San is the only official representative and exclusive luxury brand, fine in Iran

    Functional part

    History and properties of the product:\r\n the idea of the preparation of چیکوری enough, also is this set considered. Product چیکوری enough (Chicory coffee) , properties, health, environment and consumption dates back 300 years in Europe and the USA for the first time in Iran and the Middle East by the company knowledge of functional part manufacturing and supply. This product as having a high percentage inulin for digestive health and as having bitter compounds سزکوئی ترپنوئیدی and phenolic to the health of the liver is efficient. Chicory root, the origin of the meg دبرگ a chicory is old and since ancient times in some European countries as a coffee substitute from the late 16th century, was cultivated and has been in the time of Napoleon taking it the reputation of a strange find. Now, this product in all of continental Europe, parts of the American continent, Africa and in South East Asia used. The health benefits of this plant in traditional medicine in Iran and Islamic medicine to the worlds can be seen that in modern medicine are also given to identify compounds active inulin, etc. compounds, phenolic, etc. سزکوئی ترپنوئید and anti اکسیدانت, is approved. Some of the properties of chicory coffee contains the following items: \r\n\r\n 1. Upgrade the immune system\r\n\r\n 2. Reduce fat liver\r\n\r\n 3. Relief from arthritis pain\r\n\r\n 4. Effectively reduce cholesterol مضره\r\n\r\n 5. Weight management the body\r\n\r\n 6. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases\r\n\r\n 7. Fix constipation, reflux and burning, stomach\r\n\r\n 8. Help to digestion of food\r\n\r\n 9. Beneficial in reducing anxiety and stress\r\n\r\n 10. Prevention of breast cancer and colon

    Arman trade good

    Aspirations, business clean with limited liability (registered: 519025)\r\n\r\nicon in the year 1396 motivated the production of products related to food began and we are hopeful in the world of business is full of competition and change, prosperity and adherence to their beliefs is based on three main axis is long way in the side of Dear customers ahead of us.\r\n\r\n1) has always been beyond expectation customer, we act\r\n\r\n2) for the brand, your credibility and the value of permanent create\r\n\r\n3) a share, though slight, in employment we have \r\n\r\nشرکت good company that the goods and services supply good but excellent company is a company which in addition to the supply of goods and services. tries world a better build. (Philip Cutler)

    Food products Razavi

    Food Products Co., Iran (pjs) is one of the most experienced and most advanced collection, manufacturing, food industry, in an area of over 13 hectares in the year 1351 in producing all kinds of canned, غیرگوشتی start its activity. In the year 1374, with arrangements done in the lines of advanced juice concentrate with production capacity of 5 tons per hour under the title of the unit, the extract was launched to the company, including the companies raised in the production of a variety of natural fruit juice in the country. Food Products Co., Razavi, in possession of technical knowledge, the incidence of on the side of managers with experience of the industry, always try to improve the quality and diversity of products and have in this field, succeeded in obtaining standards and certification, national, and international (HACCP , ISO9001:2008 , HALAL ) is available . This approach thereby has been, in different years won the title of exemplary exporter of the country. We are very proud that their products, whether in the arena of national and what at the international level, countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and African countries ... export our to representative reliable to Iran, our beloved.


    Manufacturer of pickles, salinity, etc. pickles and olives in Mashhad

    Iran seasoned

    Company, Iran, stuffing the first manufacturer of the bodies and industrial health in 1362 and established with crop production, fruit strips started its activities. The company is in the course of production, twenty-four-year-old has managed a variety of textiles, jam, pickles, canned tomato paste, with a standard and quality satisfactory production and supply.\r\nThis company of the year 1382, planning and management targeted to the industrial part rubber is continuous. Management company, Iran detonator in recent years, with the transformation that had taken place in the quality management system and the health of the product and pay particular attention to health and safety, industrial, customer-oriented and with an attitude of deep and specific to human resources along with education, this valuable resource, success, dramatic, cooperation, and intimacy, managers and employees of the company created.\r\nشرکت Iran detonator according to the records and experiences of specialized and high-quality products, health products and vitamin prepared from fresh fruit in the process of production put that it's based on in the Curia one of the best food industries of Iran taken place.Iran seasoned in addition to get the stamp of national standard of Iran managed to obtain the certification of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Germany.

    Sour afrooz clean

    Company sour afrooz, clean your products with the brand name “forest” under the supervision of highly qualified professionals, food industries and experts of the Ministry of health by modern devices, all automatic and all stainless steel production, and in a completely sanitary packaging to the market offers. Tolerance in scientific research, food, etc., employing the latest production technology and use of raw materials natural and healthy, the token hillbilly in the quality of output of its products has been. The company is in the second stage of the Working Life Of Your from the year 1393 with the promotion of the systems approach, so organize early and set up new systems guarantee quality, quality control, warehouse, purchase, sales, human resources, research and development, and the planning and implementation of the principles of quality management and food safety by obtaining the International Certificates of ISO9001, and ISO22000 and HACCP is trying with strategic planning, short-term and long-term quality of products and performance of the organization will improve.The company has been successful in addition to the distribution of products across Iran to the markets of some foreign countries are also Way finds your products in the countries of America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Pakistan, and Oman and Qatar, supply them.\r\n\r\nشعار we\r\n\r\nجنگلی competition, not competition raises the

    Cooperative manufacturing world, saffron

    Cooperative manufacturing world, saffron, is the first producer and exporter of saffron organic, in Iran, in the year 1380 was registered. The company in the field of production, processing and ... packaging and export of saffron and related products such as candy, etc. شکرپنیر., the tea and spice activities.

    Company alchemists of pistachio, Kerman, Iran

    Company alchemists pistachio of the year 78 a history of the activity.Cholera, stores, welfare, and citizen also has partnerships

    Company products, fishery, Bandar Abbas

    First-welcome name most factories produce canned fish in Iran with a history of 60 years of activity in the production of canned fish and processed fish

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