• Smart structure spadana co.

    Smart companies structure spadana co. (SAE) in the year 1386 by engineers and highly qualified graduates, the elite of the country experienced the years of activity in the field of design of electronic systems high frequency in the industries of telecom systems and image processing, and remote control was established. Broad basket of products of this company include: devices, transmitter and receiver, fiber optical, switches, PoE, commercial and industrial, converter, video to fiber optical technology, CWDM, etc. modem, optical, automation products, video products, Posio, such as patch cords and پیگتیل can be. In addition, the company SAE proposals comprehensive for projects of different management network and networks, fiber optic, industrial, and commercial offers. \r\n\r\nor to a now the company knowledge base with the acquisition of international certification, guarantee quality, CE, RoHs., the FCC, and... and get a license technology from the institution of the presidency in Iran of producing completely indigenous products with کیفییت up and 2-year guarantee and after sales service 10-year-old has.

    Kay Kay business development | KKEPS

    یونولیت package\r\nکی Ki Trade Development | KKEPS\r\nتولید a یونولیت packaging | EPS packaging | mold, insulation lasting, concrete | ICF\r\nkkeps | Kay Kay business development company pioneering and flexible that solutions diverse with the use of یونولیت packaging | EPS packaging supply does.\r\nThis company based on innovation and creativity has been built. We are proud to announce from 1384 to successfully market in Iran to serve, we have.\r\n\r\nاکنون us to broker upgrades and updating facilities and using the latest technology available, one of the largest manufacturers یونولیت, packaging, and mold, insulation lasting concrete icf in the Middle East poses are going.\r\n\r\nمحصولات یونولیت packaging | EPS packaging | foam packaging KKEPS in various industries from building, engineering, civil and salvage taken up, insulation materials, etc., design, architecture, packaging, and agriculture are used.\r\n\r\nخواص exceptional and absorb the impact and the quality of the foam یونولیت packaging | Styrofoam, EPS, along with property کندسوزی the price down, insulation and good plasticity, excellent in the form it to an appropriate substance for packaging, the\r\n\r\nما in the company Kay Kay business development kkeps always try to have up with the production of products with quality, outstanding and competitive, and also the use of machinery, the European day of service worthy customers and dear colleagues supply them.

    فیدار Nadine Sumy

    Company فیدار Nadine Sumy its activities from the year 1392, beginning with having a box expert, experienced and educated, with a long history in the sales, development, supply and cater for the need of all safety equipment and industrial parts, is.\r\n\r\nThis company with a close relationship with European countries and reputable companies in the world, providing appropriate solutions according to the science of the world, and to industries and factories are across the country with the best quality ونازلترین price in the quickest time possible are activity.\r\n\r\nتامین equipment, and parts hydraulic and ... pneumatic, design, circuits, hydraulic

    The World phone central

    The World phone central dealers Panasonic after registering and receiving legal permits, as one of subsidiaries of Panasonic in the country, in the year 1375 with the aim of expanding communication products, Panasonic, and it started its activity. The quality of the offered services on the side of mutual trust partners and buyers, industry, products, communication, Panasonic led the World phone central year 1382بعنوان one of the names raised in the context of the import Panasonic country to the competition world, and in the context of the preparation and distribution of the products, such as desktop phone, Panasonic – DECT phone Panasonic – telephone PBX Panasonic – central unit Panasonic – fax Panasonic – card Centrale Panasonic – drum and toner, Panasonic – headset, Panasonic – batteries and other accessories central unit Panasonic Nami raised, and the cooperation accepted by the count. Now we are in the phone world are proud, after years of serving in the field of communication products, Panasonic to our esteemed customers relative to supply all the needs of our customers, including online shopping and shopping in person and Consulting in the field of installation and purchase of the action, and we are ready to answer all the calls you\'re in, and staff with specialized and experienced technical ability to launch and supply of all items, products, communication, Panasonic, we have. Desirous of establishing a relationship of business and consistent trading, we are with you.

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