• The Fund refractory Arka

    Production and sale of all kinds of safes, fireproof and anti-theft\r\nگروه industrial safe trip brand Arka, with over two decades of experience and a brilliant History., The is one of the oldest and to name the most brands of this branch of industry in Iran. The manufacturing group that field of activity. the production of fire proof safe, etc. doors and safety systems, armored is having the forces experienced and expert in this field and the use of technology, and the technology has always been a pioneer in this arena, whether in domestic markets, and how regional markets. in this regard, managers decided to change the name of the brand area, the first trip to the brand, country and international Arka were\r\nاهداف and ideals of the enterprise:\r\n\r\nباتوجه to the nature and type of product manufactured, etc., some goals such as the promotion of security and peace of the community, reducing the coefficient of vulnerability, documents, and objects precious and also time-saving and cost can be one of the main goals named. Next to this, the ideals of higher, including rights of citizenship and maintain the position of the customers is also in agreement of this company are defined. Other organizational goals should be to produce the brand. entrepreneurship and employment, and the presence in the cycle of the national economy, and also expand the export world, the International noted.\r\nعرصه activity safe Arka\r\n\r\nزمینه activities Arka, design, production, fire proof safe, including safes, fireproof home and office in a different dimension, گاوصندوقهای, showcase and lift طلافروشی, etc., Fund, deposit box, Bank, Fund, trust, etc. Inbox, archive, etc. doors, Safety vaults, etc. doors, protective, and escape the Treasury and the implementation of the project of building the vaults, and compartments for Safety With the lowest coefficient of security, and the standards of the day. In addition to making standard templates for these goods, production in the form of custom, and the dimensions of the geometric special and unique, and wholly according to the opinion of the buyers and customers and also using Technologies of parallel-like systems, electronic and ...

    Company Berna innovators, dynamic

    Now Brenna, backed by 4 years of research and development in the field of construction and upgrades, printers, three-dimensional, is proud to produce printers of three-dimensional with the ability to compete with the technology up to date and support its products with a team of highly qualified and trained.

    Company Lord the industry sepahan

    The preparation and distribution of hardware, computer, machinery, administrative, and office furniture .\r\nدرضمن the company in the preparation and distribution of iron and free of industrial machinery and construction as well infrastructure works .

    Company barbod

    The first and only company, the manufacturer of the device, the turn rate wireless call and kiosks inform in Iran

    Conference wide کیوار

    Manufacturer of all kinds of chairs, Amphitheater, etc., furniture, cinematic\r\n\r\nمشاوره in furnishing and interior design of conference halls and conference


    Manufacturer of digital display and supply the parts menu price digital.

    Diamond karaj

    Diamond, karaj, official representative (ایراکام ), HP SAMSUNG (Sam service) \r\NAND فوژان aksum, with a record of 17-year-old in the field: \r\n-repair all types of printers,\r\nCanon وHP وSAMSUN \r\n-repair all types of scanners\r\nkodak and hpو avision \r\NAND all kinds of photocopiers, sharp, and فکسهای Panasonic \r\n - charging all kinds of cartridges with warranty \r\n - sell a variety of printer, scanner, etc. types of laptop and tablet, and computer hardware, etc. all kinds of consumables for printers and office machines include photocopiers, fax and.... \r\n - a history of collaboration with public and private organizations (municipalities, universities, organizations of social security, post offices, and....)\r\nآماده cooperation and the provision of services with special conditions.\r\n(at the bottom of the AD)-(at the bottom of the AD)-(at the bottom of the AD)\r\nچهارراه taleghani - بعدازهلال red - building, gazelle\r\nساعات visit:Monday to Friday from 9 to 17\r\nپنج Saturday, from 9 to 13


    Sell a kidney, accessories, communications, in all the goods Panasonic : Telephone, PBX, Fax, voip


    Sales and تعمیرپرینتررنگی and laser in the place with the best price and highest quality Sale of original cartridges and original with Best Price

    The company's Information Technology outreach

    The company's Information Technology outreach\r\n\r\nفعالیت of the year 1383با it is the intention that the full set of software applications is an important and essential includes software, Financial, administrative ,information the preparation does Venice need the above mentioned supplies) and also optimal use of the IT industry in all day, industrial, commercial, etc. services and administrative the use of the expert started. Also, the R&D company with the use of the research team experienced and using advanced knowledge. the results of valuable research at your disposal experts of your put, and has diverse food products to produce and market supply.\r\nشرکت outreach, with a focus on customer-orientation, etc. the main purpose of your business, customer satisfaction, etc. to provide services and support the more everyday channel, etc. continuous quality improvement and provide innovation in their products is placed.\r\nاساسا SQL tools work well at the disposal of the users and remove the bottleneck of the main items that the company in line with its activities has been and افتخارمان that is to say, soft, comfortable, and efficient to the users, provide. \r\n\r\nشرکت Information Technology outreach(pjs) in 1383 the number 15582 registered.

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