• The development of trade, a stable economy, Kavian

    The development of trade, a stable economy, Kavian

    Potty plays

    شزکت easy plays

    Amir season and partners

    Exchange, etc. offering all the services of a currency with official authorization from the Central Bank of Iran

    Commercial, Ariana, and Mino

    Department of Commerce, Ariana, and Mino its readiness to provide the following services declares:\r\nخرید from China, obtaining performa, and Invoice from the companies and factories in the Chinese\r\n price inquiries from companies and factories and buying from China with the prices of all the proper\r\nترخیص accurate and fast import all kinds of imported goods from the customs of the country, including Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, mahshahr, khorramshahr, Tehran, Iran, and other customs ......\r\nثبت order goods (doing services, from zero to hundred includes obtaining پرفرما and ....)\r\nانجام formalities, export goods \r\nمشاوره in customs affairs and customs clearance \r\nکارسازی shipped to destinations desired

    Commercial customs clearance trade deficit

    Company, customs clearance trade deficit \r\nبا over a decade of experience, is proud to announce during this year, in addition to the export, import and customs clearance \r\nکالای prestigious companies and individuals chart. \", Show no mercy, the official of the customs\", we are specializing in the field of :customs clearance of goods, \r\nمتنوع ranging from machinery, industrial goods, equipment goods, intermediate and raw materials, factories, experience with the value in the field \r\nترخیص brings us. Today quite specialized, relying on the experience and knowledge spend the lowest cost \r\nسریعترین possible time, goods, customers clearance and in stock they are delivered.We also have customers from the moment of start \r\nمراحل customs clearance for transparent in the affairs, put. By the way, our understanding and experience of the shipping industry, we have been able to. \r\n.Carry goods customers with the lowest cost and most complete service to do: \r\nآدرس :\r\nبندر Abbas, four-way, 22بهمن, building, magic, etc., Block A, Class 2, Unit 6\r\nتلفن call \r\n076-33446321\r\n076-33446322\r\nهمراه :\r\n09121592710\r\n09171580025 \r\nتلگرام :\r\ntarkhiskasra1@\r\n email :\r\

    The company hopes commodity Cosmos

    Efforts to extend its presence in the market through quality products and after-sales services to our customers and their satisfaction are the main objectives of the company.\r\nعمده our activities are as follows:\r\n• perform all امورمربوط to trading and the import and export of goods\r\n• import of industrial machinery and production line, and provide services such as Assembly, set up devices and after-sales services\r\n• importing tools and equipment, cutting and processing stone, construction\r\n• import a ferrite core with a variety of size and material\r\nجلب customers ' satisfaction has always been the first target and one of the key points in the activities of our trade.\r\n\r\nتسلط to the latest regulations and trading rules, and customs, honesty, trusteeship, and maintain trade secrets, customers, accuracy in calculations, the speed of the part of customers, success, hope, goods, cosmos, and the satisfaction of clients during the past years. Our mission, advising providing appropriate commercial services with speed, accuracy, and honesty, more and more customers.

    Company aflak ترابر Sharan

    We are the best we are\r\nفراتر of logistics to go, درتجارت revolution, the.\r\nشرکت Shipping International Planetarium ترابر has a registration number 447676 in the year 1392 BY license فورواردری And کریری was founded” the company in order to transport dry products, and fuel is enabled and has reputable dealers in the countries of “China,Japan,Korea,United Arab Emirates,Iraq,Turkey,Azerbaijan,Afghanistan,” and the cities of Iran's Bandar Abbas,Mashhad, (دوغارون, Herat, ransom-makers, the desire 78), the Astara,باشماق,trader,Ardabil,Kermanshah,western Azerbaijan Azerbaijan and be able to provide services in the field of sea freight,export,import,transit and internal transit,external کارنه, shooting games, and rail transport, especially products heavy the weight is. At the end of the... the company, its readiness to provide all appropriate services and high-speed in this field to customers announcing the picks. Active in the field of cargo transportation export dried, such as edible products such as rice, tea, wheat and also clothing, rugs, audio & video accessories, machinery and... active in the field of cargo transportation petroleum derivatives such as کاندنست, etc. mazut, etc. of naphtha, etc., diesel and gasoline from all the cities of Iran to the destination of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, Iraq and vice versa has expertise in the affairs of the road transport of containerized - cargo and assets - combined shipping - heavy weight and traffic. Active in the field carrying whatever priority the tenth, such as glass, paper, appliance, and... by Ben guarantee a high value perform affairs related to export imports and exports, etc. transit, etc. land, sea, and rail to the remotest parts of the world. Active in the field of cargo transportation of petrochemical products like polyethylene - polypropylene... and has representative offices accredited in many countries including: China, Japan, Korea, etc., United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the cities of Ardabil, Kermanshah, West Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan East. Iran. Gilan and... accept and carry out the orders of the transit of foreign - sea - land - rail - کارنه July, EXW, etc. FCA ...

    Company clear water savalan Azerbaijan

    تنهاآب mineral without nitrites -nitrites باایجاداخلال system اکسیزن update to سلولهاباعث death آنهامیشود -nitrite operating a variety of سرطانهاوباعث low IQ children.\r\nبه فکرسلامتی خودباشیم\r\nالند گواراودلپسند\r\nن

    Company Tower IndiGo

    Company, designers of the tower, Indigo, with the motto of modern life, the feet, into the world of interior decoration institution, the company, its activities in the area of sale and implementation of products related to interior decoration started during the last six years, recent, addition, acquisition, experience, valuable, training, master craftsmen, etc. attract executive staff of highly qualified and ... familiar with the manufacturers and importers of various products, etc. decided to develop the scope of your place. now this company with the name commercial tower Indigo in the arena of., the interior decoration and sales متریالهای modern addition, providing counseling, products such as laminate, pvc, etc. Parquet, laminate, etc. wall paper and... will supply appreciated

    The brokerage economy, wake up

    Broker official stock exchange

    Single company trading taban

    All matters related to the import and export of goods and commercial services Clearance of the goods Customs clearance specialized in automotive Sea Shipping a variety of goods

    Store saffron privileged قائنات principle

    The sale of saffron in Iran and export to Europe, America, Africa, China, Russia, and the Gulf, فارس\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

    Business Pakzad

    Business Pakzad with over 15 years of activity in the area of Aras (jolfa) specialized in the field of import of apparel and clearance of goods, activities, and due to having several activities, and the team experienced the best service to our dear customers providing and having offices active in Iran and Turkey , the possibility of the purchase of all of the producers leave with the taste of your customer and with the possibility of the presence of the customer during the purchase provides a fall is and also transportation and customs clearance all the loads you dear customers for terrestrial Air and sea to Iran, provided is باافتخار announce signings our distinguished clientele with the least price and shortest time possible at the destination of delivery, we

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