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    Rate single dynamic

    Engineering company, commercial, رایتک dynamic (PJs) in the year of 1385 in the Registration Office of companies, Tehran, Iran the number 287499 is registered. رایتک enjoying the experiences and records valuable managerial and executive directors over the past two decades in the public and private sectors of the country and is also interconnected with several company reputable manufacturer Universal, plans effective communication among the needs of various industries, domestic and foreign manufacturers established has and with hope to the blessings of the Lord, the Almighty, able to share, even low in growth, and the flourishing industry of Iran dear, have.

    آپامه industry

    Company آپامه the industry's first and only manufacturer of innovative protective in Iran - Barrier ( Shield ) accordion way strap\r\n\r\nمحصولات company آپامه industry brand آپامه awning produced based on the motto \" is safe,. sure \". Way strap\r\n\r\nشرکت آپامه industry provider of innovative protective mechanism and designs a new way بندیا awning, safety devised such that it can be used as a mechanism, named: Way strap\r\n\r\nراه strap, accordion, etc. awning, accordion, etc. to portable, and. Shield Portable, etc. way strap removable., The Shield Portable way strap\r\n\r\nمحصولات company آپامه industry with the advantages of quick creation of enclosure protection. increase the security and reduce the accident, performance, along with the charm apparent in the four-group Barrier ( Shield ) accordion portable ( portable ), model XGT, etc. Barrier ( Shield ) From a side fixed with quick access using the mechanism of the accordion model XGD., the shield grid ( mesh ) fixed with the feature of easy installation ( modular ) model MGD, fence and tube, portable ( portable ), model IGD are produced.

    Safe section of the oroya

    Company knowledge based engineering secure section of the aria(ایماکو fire), with a membership of official science and Technology Park of Tehran University is specialized in the field of design, production and assessment of safety systems and fire-fighting activity. The originality of the company ایماکو based on research and move in the direction of knowledge and technology days have been, and this is important based on the number of innovations and documentation of the research now evident. The principles of the activities of the company include the following. • Design and consultation, system, voyeur, etc. fire • manufacturing and supply of safety equipment and fire fighting • test and test equipment, safety and control of performance parameters • install and run and offer Service, Repair, and maintenance of safety equipment, the company having a personnel expert with the use of modern technologies in the path to self-sufficiency, Iran step on have in the direction of presence in the field of international move. With the progress of industry, the issue of safety much more nowadays the importance of the findings and safety standards, day-to-day more stringent as a result. ایماکوفایر with the continuous move of your based on the latest achievements of technology, safety equipment and fire fighting industries, oil, gas, petrochemistry, refinery, etc. power, etc., sea ports, mines, etc., factories, industrial, laboratory, educational and residential manufacturing and support engineering can supply. The company is the first manufacturer of exclusive دلوج Volvo in Iran and offer it for اسکید.

    Tiny system, green future(expressive)

    Tiny system, green future (expressive)blessed sane, the role of wisdom that ignorance indicator to the greens.\\\\r\\\\nمقوله production and manufacture equipment of semiconductor, for many years, in the country, we raised and wish professionals and policy spending in the country. Unfortunately, since this is important in our country to a place that deserves it, is not reached. ظهورفناوری MEMS in recent years, a new horizon will come on the industry, traders, and researchers of the contract. This technology, despite the similarities between most semiconductor industries, etc. in terms of the complexity of the technology much easier, but the full benefit more from technology Semiconductors. These two technology in the degree of importance of قراردارندکه in a comprehensive scientific map of the country, in priority, the elves have undergone. On this basis, the co-founders of the company, expressive of your efforts in line with the ahe and the development of the industry in the country have concentrated. The company”expressive”سال۱۳۸۴ activity in the template group micro-mechanisms دردانشکده mechanical engineering, amirkabir University of technology started.Then in the year ۱۳۸۷ name“, group, technology“, in Institute of technologies, new amirkabir University of technology to work continued . The focus of collection activity at this time on manufacturing equipment, MEMS, establish a laboratory, technology. In this years collection within the University with the name of ” Research Center for MEMS ” was known.In the year ۱۳۹۰ ” company, system, equip knowledge ” from this separate collection was established, and its activities, with a focus on the construction of laboratory equipment, MEMS, continued. With the absorption of one of the masters of sex highlight this area in کشورآمریکا وتاسیس tiny lab technology in the year ۱۳۹۱ set its name to ” the center, technology centers ” changed and is focused on ۵ areas of activity as :the development of chemicals, Advanced; the design and construction of سنسورهایMEMSتوسعه and manufacturing processes, MEMS and ... three-dimensional printing materials, non-conventional; can provide service, the construction of MEMS and micro فلوئیدیک to the applicant; the center, technology in February, ۱۳۹۴, change the name to ” company, system of the green future (expressive), with the participation of Don ...

    Company median safe medicine

    Engineering services company, safety, health and environment

    The company, Isfahan, bright shades

    The company, Isfahan, shades, etc., its activities since 1978 with the production of lace began during this period managed to design and produce all kinds of rope and tape, the direction of various industries .\r\nبا setup unit lace remain Industrial in the year 1991, the company managed to weave a lace, industrial thickness 5/0 mm to 50 mm .\r\nThis products in different category industrial – sports – transportation and apparel used .\r\NICON in the year 1995 in collaboration with companies, the complete line, and equipped to weave a variety of straps launches, and has successfully managed to weave many of the bands about the need of industries, including automotive – shipping – air craft, and military .\r\nشرکت Isfahan bright shades with careful planning and the use of advanced machines and quality raw materials has high-quality products manufacture and provide .\r\nشایان mention all products are manufactured in well-equipped laboratories, the company tested and after the match the usual standard desired offered to the client.\r\NICON in the year 2004, according to the needs of the market, to the diverse products and quality the newest line, dyeing products polyester and nylon bought and within a year was put into operation .\r\nبا the use of line, completed dyeing all textiles manufactured according to the latest method of in the world complete and offered .

    Company پلمپین industry

    Company پلمپین industry in the year 1380 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and exporting a variety of seals, industrial activity with your experienced personnel started and now the company's largest unit, The design and production of seals in the Middle East that can compete with all manufacturers of this product in terms of quality and price. and now busy with the production of the product to parts of the state, the private exports to neighboring countries can be engaged is a summary of them are: \r\n - customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran\r\n - company, national oil products distribution in Iran\r\n - Department of energy\r\n - organization of water and wastewater, country,\r\n - shipping of the Islamic Republic of Iran\r\n - the National gas company \r\n - posts of the Islamic Republic of Iran \r\n - the General Directorate of registration of documents and Country Estate,\r\n - the relief Committee of Imam Khomeini(RA)\r\n - the airlines of the Islamic Republic of Iran\r\n - organization of standard and industrial research of Iran

    Group barking safe

    Pars is safe, its activities in the field of automation, garage doors, domestic and industrial, in the year ١٣٨٠ began. From the beginning of the سال١٣٨٧ according to the world of today's modern and rapid changes in technology and need ever-increasing and essential to the technology, with the aim of promoting quality, after-sales services fast and achieve maximum customer satisfaction, by having previous experiences in the respective domains and policy in the arena of international trade, as the official representative of the company Kama (CAME) Italy, in Iran and in the form of group barking the safe, Proceed to the execution of some massive projects in the field of automation, all kinds of automatic garage doors glass, doors, rail, etc., jack, jib, etc. barrier, shutters, roll-up and traffic control systems, and continued their activity is given with passion and knowledge at your service Dear colleagues in the building industry of the country and has managed the consent of organizations, municipalities and the companies of their contract rights.\r\nicon in the present group, the Pars is safe, the official representative of the company Kama (CAME), Italy in Iran. with over 15 years of brilliant history, etc. is proud to announce the enjoying of personnel expert in the matter of sale and also experienced technicians in after-sales service is prepared for any cooperation, consultation, design, installation and supply of parts and products provide up to date and in accordance with the international standards. in the context of this type of doors are announced.\r\n\r\nنماینده official automatic doors CAME in Iran

    Group safe Arka

    Company safes fireproof Arka\r\n\r\nبا follow the technology world in the production of safes and gates, including having a certified quality management ایزو9001-2000, in some cases, inventive special designs, such as insurance, theft, fire, or system alert, the Scout, the production of a variety of safes, fireproof and anti-theft in the holy city of Mashhad وارسال it around the country, and the country adjacent.\r\nگاوصندوق produced in the industrial group Arka in both the quality of the production, which is a production quality, loaded, anti-theft system, mechanical, embedded in the door, is this, that if someone has the intent to abuse and disable Performance tab, and engine password to the door, door, safes, hit Enter, does the system become active and the tabs engaged with the system, he, door, safes, re-lock, and according to the characteristics of super quality, this series is far high than in other productions, and in any model of your choice the ability to install this System there


    Supply hats, masks, automatic welding systems and Respiratory protection in Iran

    Safety services Phoenix

    Consulting sales وشارژ Fire Extinguisher and safety equipment

    Now part of safe flood

    Now part of safe flood with the production of a variety of plumbed plumbed,security seal,plastic seal,cable labels,security labels,security seal, container label,plumbed plumbed label vintage sealed meter outdoor sealed container big machining services, mature close up, door, barrel ,plumbed wired,sealed barrel,sealed lid barrels,sealed, car,carrying, plumbed fridge,sealed container,sealed tanker,oil, close up, بونکرسیمان vintage sealed, customs, with, exclusive, and machinery پیشرفه as the largest manufacturer of plumbed in the Middle East.

    Company safe plays ناصری09128629299

    09128629299 player, cloth cleaning and no\r\n\r\nفروش of a variety of fabric cleaning., the cleaning Rowley and flat polyester, all cotton, multifilament and ...\r\n\r\n(( secure playback of Nazareth ))\r\n\r\nپخش types of cleaning in the following types are general and partial :\r\n\r\nتنظیف Rowley and flat all cotton, multifilament, polyester\r\n\r\nپارچه cleaning painted without causing sensitivity, and Perez\r\n\r\nتنظیف width ۷۰ ، ۹۰ ، ۱۴۰\r\n\r\nتنظیف fine-textured and coarse textured\r\n\r\nتنظیف, custom, perfume, etc. yards,\r\n\r\nتنظیف ۷۰ heavy\r\n\r\nتنظیف Rowley order for\r\n\r\nتنظیف Iran car\r\n\r\nبا the lowest price without rival in price and delivery in the factory location or store you\r\n\r\nپخش fabric cleaning and no in Tehran and Karaj\r\n\r\nتنها just cleaning your desired to our order.\r\n\r\nمجموعه we is able to all types of orders, the companies and factories in the country in the least possible time supply.\r\n\r\nهمانطور you know :\r\n\r\n۱ - cloth, cleaning all cotton because of the high density, oil uptake and moisture. suitable for all kinds of cleaning in restaurants, fast food, consumption, health, industrial and ....\r\n\r\n۲ – cloth cleaning paint is suitable for use in the production of napkin, uses, health and medical centers, services, cleaning and health.\r\n\r\nاز other products, our collection can be referred to the following :\r\n\r\nتولید mask the valves, roll the linens in each type for different parts of the treatment. gowns یکبارمصرف hospital, تترون, etc. Flament, views of the patient. pads waxed, garments, trade, etc., Security., etc. robes, etc. robes یکبارمصرف., the gun, the patient and the surgeon, masks washable The اذرپاد.،،،،،Preparation of the purse of the patient, shampoo, Cup, clothes, thermometers, etc., slippers, etc. toothpaste, toothbrush, and\r\n\r\n\r\nکمترین cost + highest quality\r\n\r\nThis makes the honor and pride of our biggest industries of the country .\r\n\r\nشایان mention that تولیداتمجموعه us to the biggest industrial centers and health countries around Iran ...

    Company furnishing air alchemy

    Now equip the air alchemy, with over years experience in the industry, air filtration manufactures filter devices, air handling include : -filter اولپا, etc. with a HEPA filter, etc. filter bag. filter پلیتد. فلیتر metal and ... -Sell all kinds of lamps UV radiation . Device, Controller, lamp, UV, UV with the newest facilities - Manufacturer of box filtration air handling \r\n-a free consultation in the field of air conditioning systems ( industry, filtration and disinfection of air ) Please for more information with the experts of the company contact, please :r\n46888628-46839776-46899005 Fax : 46853160-46804975 ( 021 09127651927-09193377767

    Company EPS

    The initiative by the industry's largest manufacturer فلاشرهای lightning (Xenon) (LED) at the country level. From other productions of this unit. the production of lights LED and LED lights, the direction of the building facade and lighting for the hall and the hall. The production of Flasher LED (behind the glass familiar with) the direction of the police vehicles from دیگرمحصولات . The initiative by the industry, with the production of best products, best service to our customers.

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