• Company رتوناک shaya

    Industrial Group generation ( cabin Technopark) from year ۸۳ space ۵۰۰۰ square meters was established. This collection with the years of specialized experience in the industry, the fiberglass and with new approach in advancing your goals as a leading company in the field of design and construction of the cabin, a hundred percent aerodynamic, perfectly lightweight and resistant to all kinds of Cars, Vans activity your looking for. لازم to mention the ... products and samples, presented in high quality and also the standards of your witness over the years, specialized and experiential, effective and valuable this collection is. Also, such approach, Industrial Group, century, etc. according to the research, production, supply, and support, in line with the long-term objectives and also satisfaction is significant for the customers. تامین a commodity in the electricity industry include measuring instruments وقیچی cable Barry - tools insulation-hours command, season, and...

    Company textile industries پودینه tissue., Ltd

    Company textile industries پودینه tissue, with more than half a century of experience manufacturer and exporter of knitted fabrics of superior quality.

    Company salt.

    The central group of factories and salt mines, - Co-dependent salt subsisting .(House of salt ) \r\nمجموعه salt, subsisting for the first time in the country is proud to inform you buyers and customers finish that salt, subsisting in a short explanation, i.e. \r\n1 - the power and the capacity of the molded 8واحد salt plant and salt mine, and salt and industrial units of edible salt \r\n2 - the highest production capacity, products, salt, seed variety and packaging in the country\r\n3 - the best service, and the first time in the salt services since ازفروش\r\n4-the biggest team, notification and advice to customers \r\n5-The preparation, production and delivery of a variety of products, salt, even to ask the esteemed client درهرنوع Analytics real-time and seeds and packaging \r\n6-the first specialized Laboratory of salt \r\n7 - and eventually groups-salt, - to validate the trust of your clients first and the largest aggregation center salt professional country است\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n********************************************************\r\nسخن CEO :\r\nباعرض Hi and courteous and احترا serve \r\nتمامی customers and buyers products salt set this \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nپس ten years of activity in the factory وبازنمک and in specialized the industry, and also the use of توانمدیها and capacities, the area of the city of garmsar as the greatest potential and having the largest and قنی the most salt mines mountain on your own, eventually, in 1388, collection, company, salt, - it aimed to integrate the sales and capacities, eight-unit manufacturing and mining salt in the region established, we \r\nدرزمان People's family ومجموعه company salt, subsisting about the component requirements and goals and line ومشی company have placed, and with the managers of the organization, both swear that we \r\n1 - organization and specialized, the industry's first purpose وارمان company salt subsisting قراردهیم\r\n2 - branding to conception a real brand in the salt that تاآن day happens to be employed with great success, salt, grain and salt, industrial, a market is quite traditional, being \r\n3 - run the concept and ...

    Trading Company, fellows are leading the trade

    Customs clearance of goods and commercial services to impose the export and import of goods


    Active in the field of providing business plans and marketing for export and import

    Company Android, trade safe

    Company Android business safe from 1385 with the goal of providing service and the correct advice with the use of advanced technology, and the world, in order to prevent fraud, and making goods the same activity, your Remaining order to expand and provide suitable conditions for free trade, domestic producers and export their products, etc. has started and according to the Association نتگاتنگ with manufacturers and inform of whether forgery fraud goods caused losses and massive damage to the manufacturer and also the consumer domestic..... The company attempted to obtain the exclusive representation of one of the big companies and reputable manufacturer of labels, anti-fraud laser). After awhile according to our customers ' requirements in the printing industry and packing industry, the cellulose and the sanitary import and sale of raw materials, industrial wood -health, such as a variety of cardboard types of tissue (and foreign) types of paper pulp (hard wood and soft wood), etc. all kinds of dough فلاف pulp (تریتد and آنتریتد) by using the best and top-quality raw materials from Asian countries and European, to cart, Products Add.The hope is by offering your products, we can step in the direction of profitability تولیدکندگان and the trust of more Consumers survey.

    Company Emerald shades Alborz

    Trading company, emeralds, shades of Jan. is a supplier of variety of agricultural products ( pistachio nut, walnut, honey, pollen, flowers, dates, etc. of saffron, and ... tea ), and a variety of agricultural fertilizers and organic and vermicompost and a variety of agricultural machinery, in bulk packaging.Therefore, in this regard, the trading company زمردفام Alborz readiness of supply, any order and any consumers, especially exporters, etc. بنکداران, playback suppliers. workshops can be based on the need of them to any extent. Central office : Rasht, Gilan, Iran Blvd., next to the Governorate building agricultural third floor, unit 6 tel / fax: 2245875-0131 - cell 09113476403 Email : Managing Director : Maryam, Sidi

    Broadcasting Company, chemicals, ligaments, chemistry

    Company ligaments of chemistry offer a variety of materials\r\n\r\n✔️peroxide, Pasha leave 35درصد\r\n✔️hydrogen peroxide اکیم leave 35درصد\r\n✔️phosphoric Chinese 85درصد\r\n✔️formic Chinese carved \r\n✔️tri sodium phosphate ساندیا\r\n✔️Hydro-Chinese\r\n✔️sulfate, iron,\r\n✔️copper sulfate in Iran Laghman\r\n✔️sodium sulfate Chinese\r\n✔️profit granule, Chinese\r\n✔️Sal, dry\r\n✔️boiling Chinese\r\n✔️براکس deca\r\n✔️urea, Shiraz, \r\n✔️Terry bridge reflections,\r\n✔️متابی sulphite, Chinese, and Iranian,\r\n✔️Sodium nitrate\r\n✔️nitrite sodium Chinese\r\n✔️سودپرک\r\n✔️boric acid\r\n✔️hydrodynamic elements 50 و100کیلویی\r\n✔️لورامید\r\n✔️گلوکنات\r\n✔️, sodium benzoate, \r\n✔️toluene \r\n✔️سودعرب\r\n✔️نشادر\r\n✔️sulfate people were faculty\r\n✔️potash Chinese \r\n✔️sulfate المینیوم \r\n✔️, chlorine, force,\r\n✔️methylene chloride\r\n✔️تگزاپن\r\n✔️betaine \r\n✔️glycerin\r\n✔️carbonate, Maragheh\r\n✔️هاشف\r\n✔️profits flakes elixir \r\n✔️permanganate Chinese ۵۰کیلویی\r\n✔️permanganate Iranian\r\n✔️نشادر print, yellow \r\n✔️potash France \r\n✔️potash, China\r\n✔️Terry sodium ساندیا\r\n✔️Terry sodium, Tianjin

    Nuts ebrahimnejad

    Send free nuts, dried fruit, chocolate to all over the country Door, Home. The variety and the quality is very low, such as

    Now scanning developers elixir drug

    I respect Now scanning developers elixir medication with obtaining an official permit from the General Directorate to monitor the affairs of the drug, and drug, Ministry of health (food and Drug Administration), and obtaining a license to import raw materials, work to resolve the needs of pharmaceutical started . And now, with the continuous activity as a private company in the field of import and sale of پوکه capsules, gelatinous pharmaceutical in sizes and colors for different companies, herbal medicines, and chemicals and animal products in sizes and different shades in the country engaged in services.

    Company, fuel

    The types of solvent, types of thinner, wash., the methyl acetate with the water percentage down that much in global competition Methyl acetate, etc. octane boosters and تینرهای immediate direction of the fuel and the color of ethyl acetate, normal butyl acetate

    شرکت rising steel Inc

    DSS , POLDI , MICHEL ,Energietechnik ,TOLGA , RAMATEKS . توانگران یوکسلن چلیک از مهندس مرتضی (سهامی خاص) ترکیه -

    Company, commercial, economy, kavian

    Offer a variety of business services\r\nصادرات import, customs clearance, transportation, international, etc., marketing, internal and external

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