• Company textile industries پودینه tissue., Ltd

    Company textile industries پودینه tissue, with more than half a century of experience manufacturer and exporter of knitted fabrics of superior quality.

    Crown Gostar Kiyan

    Company commercial and commercial, crown Gostar Kiyan, in cooperation with the Russian company itself (SHENO LTD) the use of Science in Business Administration and an experienced staff widely in the field of import boards, wood, Russian, cereal, etc. and also export all kinds of dates, etc. raisins, dried fruit, etc. tea, pistachio nut paste, tomato, and ... activities. Also, the company's ability to perform all affairs related to customs clearance of goods and the marketing of export products authorized business owners of goods for sale in the country of Russia, Kazakhstan and... as well as doing purchase orders, products and goods needed from the markets of these countries is capable.

    Georgian modern commerce Corp

    Business services, customs clearance, etc. Export, Import

    Inspection آسکو

    Has approval from the central bank for issuing bank certificate in less than 2 hours \r\nدارای butterfly سوریانس in all areas, food, pharmaceutical, medical products, agriculture, chemicals, minerals, cellulose, etc., textile, etc. metals, mechanical engineering, vehicle and machinery, oil and petrochemical for inspection and the issuance of a bank certificate in origin and destination and the possibility of activity in all customs in Iran

    Trading Company, fellows are leading the trade

    Customs clearance of goods and commercial services to impose the export and import of goods

    The only Diamond of the Middle East

    Customs clearance of goods, customs clearance of all ports in south of Iran. customs clearance of goods Punjabi customs, Tehran, Iran. customs formalities, commercial one, the diamond of the Middle East\r\nترخیص of goods - Import - Export- License commercial-A commercial one, the diamond of the Middle East\r\nمشاوره specialized customs affairs وبازرگانی Clearance\r\nترخیص of goods and customs formalities, along with one Diamond of the Middle East\r\nمشاوره specialized customs affairs وبازرگانی Clearance\r\nواردات the goods of the registration and order up Clearance\r\nثبت and order and obtaining the goods\r\nترخیص the goods from the customs in Tehran in the shortest time with the lowest cost\r\nاخذ all licenses required to import and export\r\nترخیص Clearance\r\nحق recipe, official Customs: Department of Commerce, the one, the diamond of the Middle East\r\nترخیص, customs, officially licensed and with experience in customs and export and import\r\nترخیص instant variety of goods and products and supplies, electrical and electronic, and electric, such as:\r\nترخیص accessories, audio and video\r\nترخیص laptop and tablet\r\nترخیص drive, flash memory, and mobile Accessories ( Mobile Phone)\r\nترخیص computer components\r\nترخیص CCTV Camera\r\nترخیص appliances such as fridge, car Refrigerator, juicer, etc., vacuum cleaner, Electric, microwave oven, etc. microwave, stove-electric\r\nترخیص cosmetic licensed, or obtain license\r\nترخیص chemicals\r\nترخیص machine production line\r\nترخیص supplies and equipment, industrial\r\NAND....\r\nترخیص from customs tax official in Iran, particularly customs airport of Imam Khomeini ,customs, shahriar (Tehran, Iran )and customs\r\nشهید) Bandar Abbas with the lowest cost and in the shortest time.\r\proxy to use for this from other services of the company, the one, the diamond of the Middle East in the field of customs clearance of goods and the affairs of the\r\nگمرکی:\r\nاخذ performa and the conduct of the standard-\r\nمشاوره and the introduction of companies, foreign countries, and desired to buy goods from the outside(خریدخارجی)\r\nگشایش L / C (LC)\r\nصادرات goods\r\nواردات goods using Currency exchange and trading cards-order ...


    Department of foreign trade اوجال and at the helm of that company اوجال Azerbaijan the Aras in order to increase the power of business communication with different countries and achieve long-term goals of their action to the opening of the Office of business services in China for cooperation in the zero to hundred Affairs, business with China has to be able, with the help of team-working, committed and empowered their to efficiently meet the basic needs of friends and dear colleagues in order to perform the import from China and export to that country in different fields of work that all the services offered by companies in the sector of our services is described. But why does China have chosen and why China is the first option to perform the import has become, and what apps to pre-empt the economy of the world?! With look much deeper into China as the largest country in the world with a population of nearly a billion and four hundred million people, we can see that the consumer market is very large at its disposal, which is about ۱۸.۵ percent of the total people of the world, including the, and so also manpower enough to produce and also the customer well for the sale of its products, there are nine million and six hundred thousand population breadth as the broadest Asian country and the third country, the vast world to the West, is that it would also have good potential in terms of mineral resources, and forests and meadows and seas, and arable land, and the tourist centers to the ابرکشور the world forgiven, in every land that He pleases, with the power all enter. But to the domestic market, the massive his words, not for the whole market of the world, planning has

    Technology company, effects makers, the leading (.FJP Co)

    Technology company, effects makers, the leading (.FJP Co) with over a decade of experience in ... \r\nتامین and the importing of goods from, the builders raised the American, European and Japanese\r\nicon scope, the following:\r\n۱ of equipment and parts, laboratory research and آنالیتیکال\r\n۲ the equipment and components, quality control, testing and analysis\r\n۳ of parts and equipment process control and instrumentation\r\n۴ of parts and equipment, electrical and mechanical\r\n۵ the essentials and lab equipment, food industry and dairy

    فرتاک leading trade Eurasia

    Due to the increasing progress of technology and the dire need to دادوستدکالا, without limitation, the border and the development of e-commerce in a world of integrated, the company فرتاک trade of Eurasia, with the mission of the ((( trade easy without boundary))) as a presenter and consultant in commercial Affairs, Foreign and domestic, to facilitate and hasten trade in various sectors for the Department of specialized utilizes highly qualified personnel and well-educated with the goal of providing new methods and services appropriate for professional working .

    Kian trade Lotus

    Consulting foreign companies in Iran-

    International shipping China

    The company's year 1357 has been established and so far in the field of international shipping has been active.

    Civil crave Azerbaijan

    Civil engineering company seeking Azerbaijan in 1385 and the activity of Commerce with the aim of supplying raw materials and providing technical knowledge in the arena of different industries, with the backing of customers trust and rely on the specialized staff, as well as taking advantage of the best experiences of reserve group, which results from the development of commonly know the activities and efforts in this field. in the following fields started.\r\n\r\n\r\nتامین raw material required:\r\n \r\nصنایع color and resin\r\n\r\n industries, pharmaceutical-health\r\n\r\n the food industry, especially امولسیفایرها\r\n\r\n textile industries\r\n\r\n petrochemical industries\r\n\r\nشرکت civil crave Azerbaijan, the exclusive representative of Alemdar, Turkey in Iran is that of the largest manufacturers of fatty acids. Also, the company وانسته is provide high quality products, a major share of the global market to allocate.

    Echo trade samin Zafar

    Management consulting, export\r\nواردات and export\r\nبازرگانی foreign\r\nکنسرسیومهای export

    Company, commercial, economy, kavian

    Offer a variety of business services\r\nصادرات import, customs clearance, transportation, international, etc., marketing, internal and external

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