• Welding, mobile

    General and partial, with the lowest price. as soon as possible in all parts of Tehran, visit, free, repairs, reconstruction and construction types :awning, base, door, accordion, etc. dresser, wall, etc. canopy and . . .

    بارمان air wairoa

    ـارمـان having the forces of young and experienced based on the motto “the respect of the Always on Android دیگرانند and depends on the hearts to serve the people ideals” began. This motto makes up your clients understand solutions and desirable and new experiences to offer. So to the customers, which helps better life and a quiet, Terry.\\r\\n***provide all services, engineering, administration and supply of products (EPC) in all fields of mechanical and electrical building***

    Amber Chemistry

    Company amber chemical with 20 years of experience in the repairs, sales and advice devices آنالیتیکال and laboratory in Iran. More than a thousand devices by the company in the remotest parts of the country repair. we can all the parts needed devices you will procure and provide

    Services company Golden zino Atlantic

    After-sales service accessories built-in kitchen

    The pressure, temperature, flow

    Sale and repair of laboratory equipment, instrumentation, etc., analysis devices, etc. Electrochemistry (battery tester, پتانسیو acetate and کالوانو acetate)

    Company elevator Pars Pima

    Sales, installation, service and maintenance of all types of lifts and escalators

    Company outcomes Android, electronics

    Some of the repairs and reconstruction carried out in the industries of the country :\r\nDR2000 -Robot Controller - Sitop Power - the Cpu Card - ABB Cards \r\nSIEMENS Simatic Inverter OMRON - Recorder Commander 1900 - Recorder C1900 ABB Kent\r\nElektronikon ATLAS COPCO - LEROY SOMER UNIDRIVE - CPU MC3F Krauss Maffei\r\nPANEL PC670 SIEMENS - OP PANEL, SIEMENS - SIEMENS Simodrive \r\nساخت a variety of پنلkeyboard - making cards ABB - \r\nAC Servo Drive Acopos Drive - PLC Output - ABB ACS550 - Soft starter Santerno\r\nMicromaster SIEMENS - Soft Starter SIEMENS - LV200 Krauss Maffei \r\nEK200 Krauss Maffei - SE500 Krauss Maffei - IO501 Krauss Maffei\r\nSIEMENS Cards - Inverter Delta\r\n\r\nاعتبار our repairs, more than hundreds of models, cards and electronic device in more than 150کارخانه in the industries of the country are :\r\nایران tire, steel امیرکبیرکاشان cement Tehran, apadana Ceram Korean form desert tire\r\nفولاد alloy Iran cement هگمتان Chinese village Calais مهرکام barking melting Iron, pasargadae, \r\nسیمان faculty, and crystal glass, kaveh carpet memory کویریزد پلاسکوکار saipa cable Mogán\r\nکاشی masoud, Iran, research center of saipa کالبر پلاستیران saipa glass tiles Sina, \r\nآبسال kaveh float and ...\r\n\r\nتعمیر cards and electronic devices our specialty\r\nتعمیرات Soft Starter, etc. inverter. resources, power supply, drives, AC & DC, servo motor repair, all kinds of card and electronic device\r\n* provide any card and the electronic device messing with you. the delivery device healthy with us *\r\n\r\nمزایای benefit from our repairs :\r\n-dramatic reduction in the cost of buying the device and save 80 percent of the cost,\r\n-reducing stop production and prevent losses from interruption coverage\r\n - Use a maximum useful life of the device and increase the efficiency when the device\r\n - increase efficiency and yields, professionals part install\r\n - prevent the outflow of currency from the country\r\n-contribute to the employment of educated youth of Iran, prideful\r\n\r\nتعمیرات Soft Starter, etc., inverter, etc. Resources, power supply, drives, AC & DC, servo motor repair, all kinds of card and electronic device-specific

    Repairmen kor

    Repairmen korدرسال 1385تاسیس and field repairs all types of garage doors, electric \r\nشامل\r\n1-repair, electric shutters\r\n2-repair Jack, electric\r\n3-repair of electric locks\r\n4-repair control circuit \r\n5-repair sensor \r\n6-fix-range \r\n7-repair control box \r\n8-repairs parking lift\r\n9-Repairs all types of roller shutters (in traditional-.......)\r\n the best تبلغ our group ........Customer satisfaction from the work done شدهعمیرات door, electric\r\nگروه engineering repairmen kor with more than a decade, this honor is the pay for fellow citizens, dear to be\r\nگوه engineering korانواع door to door Service, Electric, including #lock electric#circuit#electric shutters #Jack parking #to how well done do appreciated

    اتوکلینیک Rezaei

    اتوکلینیک Rezaei (set of super-specialty services, auto body)\r\nبا management, Kamal Rezaei, and B. tropical with the professional and expert with over thirty years of experience\r\nمجهز to the most advanced modern equipment, including : tools for صافکاری and صافکاری no color(Super-Specialty)\r\nدستگاه professional plasma cutting \r\nCUTTER INVERTER\r\nجهت cutting fast and accurate body parts, without damage to the hull .\r\nدستگاه professional welding \r\nCO2\r\nجهت welding, fixed parts and the main body without damage to the hull .\r\nدستگاه professional spot welding\r\nSPOT WELDING\r\nجهت welding body parts include columns, ceiling, pedal and... in accordance with standard company builder .\r\nدستگاه chassis wiring الکتروهیدرولیک with the functionality and precision. the direction of the chassis wiring, all types of vehicle .\r\nدستگاه dryer color topical preparation and quick drying,, auto with all European standards .\r\nاتاق paint oven: In our collection, etc. of the car after preparation, undercoat, etc. to the inside of the room, paint the grill, guided and primer and painting in the environment, completely isolated done and also when spraying paint air purification with the method of living room area. after the paint spraying and finishing, painting, and more. The Grill Room a bright color and fresh paint with standard temperature and cooked, durability, quality, color, like the color of the company is\r\nخدمات scraper camera-color, polishing and wax a car, etc. ceramic body and the shield's regeneration in اتوکلینیک Rezaei,\r\nآدرس: Tehran street سیدجمال din اسدآبادی (yousefabad), the is 18, No. 23 \r\n☎️contact phone:88714011 -021 \r\n the address of our site :

    Relief system

    Relief System \r\nتخصصی the most center of recovery information \r\nتعمیر disk\r\nریکاوری server\r\nریکاوری cameras

    Processing vehicle

    انژکتورشور balance, balance, in-situ balancing, truck buy انژکتورشور buy the balancer, in-situ buy balance monitor purchase balance money purchase دیاگ buy دیاگ wireless buy دیاگ portable, buy shower injector, buy diagnostic scanner auto دیاگ دیاگ WIFI دیاگ wireless دیاگ along دیاگ portable wash injector diagnostic scanner auto diagnostic scanner selling cell انژکتورشور sale, balance in situ the sale of the balancer digital sales balance, monitor the sale of the balancer, truck sale, jack two-column sales دیاگ sale دیاگ wireless sales دیاگ portable sale, bathroom, injector, sale, diagnostic scanner, auto sales, tires, after the price انژکتورشور price balance, situ, price, balance, monitor, price, balance, Truck, price, Jack Two-column price دیاگ price دیاگ wireless price دیاگ portable, price, bathroom, injector, price, diagnostic scanner, car prices tires after truck nitrogen maker

    Tact, industry, Datis (branch )

    Repair drive - repair inverter - repair drive Siemens in Tabriz -the repair to a friend! iPhone - repair, hmi repair - plc -repair تچهیزات industrial Siemens in Tabriz - repair power supply - repair power inverter in Tabriz - repair panel, Siemens - repair زینومریک - repair sinumerik - repair سینومریک - repair, milling fanvk - fix-controller - repair fanuc


    Repairs a specialized appliance, gas burner Includes : Stove Heater Water heater ابگرمکن stand Package Radiator, wall mounted Evaporative cooler and gas All appliances, gas... Repairs all brands: Iran west. برفاب the. sample. is., the value, etc. experiments, etc., Mashhad, durability, etc., Bhutan, Iran, radiator, etc. ایساتیس, etc. آردل, etc., techno, etc. سینجر and.... Repairs and implementation of plumbing, hot and cold water Plumbing repairs, gas Electrical Services, Building

    Furniture repair ideas (PDF)

    Provide services related to artifacts, wooden includes : design, build, and repairs باشرایط special with over 30 years of experience 09122782379

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