• شهابسنگ

    This site, in order to inform and educate in conjunction with شهابسنگ and methods to search them, identify and collect them and also a notification in relation to the stone, collectible, and training related to مینرالها and the crystals and sample sales, collectible .

    Home the art of Karaj

    Home the art of Karaj, the founder of the exam, art, Karaj, \r\nبا accreditation from the Ministry of Islamic Guidance,\r\n\r\nبنیانگذار entrance art in the cemetary\r\n\r\nمشاوره free and planning\r\n\r\nبرگزاری classes, specialized arts and crafts\r\n\r\nطراحی _ painting _ creativity _ Chromatics _ styles of painting _ illustration _ line written _ calligraphy _ نقاشیخط _ music _ pottery _ photography and black pen and ...\r\n\r\nبا box university professors, and in all ages\r\n\r\nکلاسهای test, practical, exam, art,\r\n\r\nبرگزاری workshop and specialized workshops art day\r\n\r\nبرگزاری meeting of the specialized art\r\n\r\nنقد film\r\n\r\nنمایشنامه reading\r\n\r\nکلاسهای computer graphics\r\n\r\nپذیرش orders artistic

    Group effects processor

    Group effects processor its activities in cooperation with qualified professionals, of the year 1391 began and have always try it is offering its services with the most high-quality in the framework of the international standard, and quite scientific, the satisfaction of referring their catches . Nowadays, with the increasing traffic jams, busy work, and ... time, care special in the life of our risen and this has caused activity to the remote service (online), ago go . Also find professional, compassionate, and ... highly qualified and committed is very difficult and specialized services for online, a special privilege is considered . In addition to the above, the creation of the Office for a visit in person definitely has the ancillary expenses such as cost of office work, etc., and ... is that companies and offices are forced that indirectly increase their prices of the referrers receive, and we provide services for the remote trying to reduce these costs we have . For these reasons we have to their services for online and remote to the audience of your provide, which dramatically makes a saving in time, cost, Energy, and .... We are here to serve you !

    Jeweled and rough قیاسیان

    Offer a variety of gems and semi-precious stones, etc., rough, collectible and customizable, with the best quality and most nozzles price

    Company مرمتکده art

    Set مرمتکده art, having more than ۱۵ years of history, the useful action to the pricing , purchase and restoration of books, manuscirpts , documents, and deed , deed, marriage, envelopes, تمبردار, photo, and painting, the painting is quite specialized.

    Company knowledge

    Banknote of 1000 rials number, trace \r\n\r\nقیمت Bank in the year 93, approximately 5.5 million USD and in the year 94 with a value of 20 - 30%.\r\n\r\nکیفیت matching image\r\n\r\nتلفن contact : 09375612003

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