• Mahab Arian Koupal (Baarinco)

    Manufacturer of welding machine and equipment and cutting PE from 32 to 1600 mm

    آریافناوران آرتابینش

    Knowledge-based company Aria Technology Arta insight by a number of specialists in the fields of engineering and in the wake of doing several successful projects, industrial and also participate in a lot of competitions of the high level of national and international, with the aim of serving the country's industry base was founded. This group activity your commercial with the founding of the company in August 1396 begun with the establishment in the center of the growth of Science and Technology Park in central province in November, 1396, began to build technological products in the field of robotics and automation. Aria company in Iran Arta insights, despite the short duration of the activity, managed services, valuable in the fields of the construction equipment visual inspection includes ویدئوسکوپ industrial robot, tube inspection wells and to industry, country to provide. Also, the company received confirmation of the knowledge base of the committee evaluate and recognize the competence of companies and institutions, knowledge base, for product for robot navigation and overview the pipe and the robot, the assessment and monitoring of wells in September 1397 was.

    Shamim Sharif

    Manufacturer of ozone generator

    Cascade polymer فرااندیش

    Industrial company آبشـــار بسپــار فـــرا اندیــش with a focus on Android, and managers that experience, a decade of service to\r\n\r\n this industry in the field of design, production costs, control کیفـی, commercial and تدریـس workshop of training in companies, water and sewer.\r\n\r\n feet to the arena of manufacturing and supplying a kit, tributary water, tributary, wastewater, and equipment, municipal wastewater, is laid.\r\n\r\n\r\n indeed, the goal set, the realization of increased growth, quality products and education, the implementation of the correct installation of the ramifications. The directors of this company\r\n\r\n " to اطـلاعـات جامعـی that during workshops آموزشـی theory and practical in the company of water and wastewater treatment, urban and rural total\r\n\r\n country بدسـت. مبنـای oscillation and production costs محصـولات. in this کاهـش خسـارات and اتفاقـات, etc. استـاندارد سـازی and کیفـیــت\r\n\r\n splits, reducing the time وسهولت in install have laid.

    Radan research

    Company رادپایا with 21 years of experience consulting, supply and after sales service of products hereunder will be responsible for:\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n equipment measure and control quality \r\n equipment automation \r\n laboratory equipment (measurement ) \r\n\r\n equipment, metallurgical and calibration \r\n\r\n calibration services

    Company aspiration fluid auxin

    Aspiration of the fluid, and auxin


    Company الکتروماشین of Shiraz in 1386, and in order to provide engineering services, supply of goods, installation and implementation of equipment الکترومکانیکال, electricity, instrumentation and industrial automation is established .\r\n\r\nلیست products offered the company includes a variety of electric motors, etc. pumps, Soft Starter, etc. drive a remote control, motor, Trans distribution, types of keys, automatic, systems, solar, etc. a variety of cable and instrument....\r\n\r\nThis company has been in various projects and various industries of the country, including the oil and gas industries, petrochemical, mineral industries وسیمان the ... thermal power station and water-treatment industry etc. wastewater treatment and pumping stations, water and wastewater projects accomplished with the use of experienced experts and high technical knowledge implemented and ready to cooperate in the fields above with the employers.\r\n\r\nکالاهای financed by the company from reputable world-wide brands, etc., Western Europe and of brands confirmed been in wendover's list about تاییدوزارت oil and power, such as wendover list of companies of the National Oil and gas Iran and the world.

    Engineering sadao resources, water, and soil of the Middle East

    Transmission lines water, gas, construction, industrial machinery, and construction of buildings

    Company manufacturing and trading prosper industry

    Manufacturing industries and commerce to prosper, the industry \r\nمرکز production tools, industrial, machine, welding and cutting, PE, (all hydraulic, semi-hydraulic ودستی), etc., press pipe, five layer manually وبرقی, etc., pipe straighteners, green, blue, red, scissors, green pipe, etc., test pumps, leak Finder, tools, tube, five-layer, fit the use of inventors and realized ونیروی, an expert in this field and with the use of top technology and standard, the world has been able to your products with top quality to offer.\r\n\r\nتاریخچه set رستگارصنعت:\r\n\r\nرشد and the flourishing economy of any country. the industry depends on it. Industrial that with creativity, initiative and innovation entrepreneurs and inventors of every border and canvas, the lack of dependence and independence of the national production provides.\r\n\r\nمجموعه massive, successful industry 25 years ago with the goal of wanting the world and with the world. perseverance and determination, a veteran injured by chemical war, and also the servant, the leader, and the opening and began to work. This collection, gathering a group of specialists, realized and greats of the industry attempted to produce the device, industrial machine, welding & cutting, PE, etc. machine, welding and cutting, polypropylene, etc.) that support the industry, agriculture, irrigation, and construction stages of the progress of work for the workers, painstaking our easy build and have as the first manufacturer of the industry's business. Management set to prosper the industry with creativity and employing a child, the mighty and the inventor of his interest berry of inventions and innovations in the field, and with the increasing progress in the industry has been able to proceed to the construction of the device presses the tube, five-Layer and its equipment) and this caused the consternation of many activists of the manufacturing and economic state, and has claimed a great in this field and have the flag of our country among the countries of the Concessionaire to the ground .Earn five award of Honor Golden Patent Organization, patent, Iran, and received certificates of ISO 9001 and CE from EU ...

    CORP civil diligence

    Supplier and manufacturer of chemicals, design and construction of water and wastewater, and. systems, water treatment, R. O

    Alchemy polymers the غوان

    Company کیمیاپلیمرارغوان مفتخراست in the field of design, consulting, setup وبهره operation system, water and wastewater nicknames وهمکار you.Can the function of the device pond sludge at the site or channel telegram( kimyapolymerarghavan) visit.

    خردکیا Dana

    Company خردکیا Donna, relying on years of experience, having grid engineering and contracting in the field of "oil and gas" and "facilities and equipment" of the organization of the program and the budget of the country, benefiting from the knowledge of experienced experts, their and also interconnected scientific and technical company, the owner of an international name, in the following fields of activity such as: • Planning, management and implementation of industrial projects, services, engineering and contracting • Consulting services and project implementation, automation, systems, metering, instrumentation and telemetry • Supply and repair of measuring equipment, laboratory research, etc., chemicals, consumer, laboratory and industrial sensors, etc. آنالایزرها and all آنلایزرها and instrumentation • Implementation of projects systems monitoring of the moment of environmental, water and wastewater, ambient air and emissions of the chimneys of industries • Import and supply, installation, commissioning and calibration of metering systems, process lines, production and quality control industries and the different factories

    The company pioneered the filtration industry East

    Production of air filters manufacturer and designer of all kinds of devices, home Water Purifiers, industrial filters, polypropylene, yarn combed, etc., carbon., the capsular, and the specific

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