• پرتوپژوه the future

    About the display Mahan\r\n\r\nشرکت knowledge base, the beam coming, the future direction of the spread of technology and provide technology and it started its activity. Viewer Mahan, Collection, company, Beam, scholar has been forthcoming, and specialized in the field of displays, the smart-touch and nature of urban activities. Company Beam International a future member of the science and Technology Park and Chamber of Commerce, and has the operation license from the Ministry of industries.\r\nشرکت beam scholar the next year, 1380, the number 178472., Ltd is a collective of Engineers, electricity, electronics, and computer have been recorded. The position of the company design, build and implementation projects, automation, industrial, electronic, computer and information and buying and selling and consulting.

    Company fanavaran data and structures smart آیریک

    The newest and most updated systems, network and network security and setup, phone, PBX and VIOP, etc. website design

    Dadepardazan savalan

    Company Knowledge Base data theorists savalan\r\nهوش synthetic and the Internet of things\r\nبرنامه programming and design\r\nشبکه and security

    Company knowledge based engineering barbod

    Company knowledge based engineering barbod in the year ۱۳۸۳ and with the aim of implementation of the project, communication solutions by tanay a few of the members of the full-time Faculty of universities in Tehran, was established. After a few years the company has spread within the work entered the field of manufacturing hardware special-purpose) and from year ۱۳۸۶ as the first and تنهاولید the system, the turn rate for wireless in Iran became known. Company knowledge based engineering barbod, enjoying the professionals and graduates of universities in the alignment of the first country. the honor to cooperate with the banks and organs of the lot.\r\n\r\nشرکت engineering barbod, on the basis of expertise and knowledge, staff, technical-engineering, his successful was in the year 1392 as the first and only knowledge-based company producing the system, the turn rate in Iran will be recognized. \r\n\r\nجهت learn more about company knowledge based engineering barbod, you can program the documentary \"The Science of wealth\", the product group of the economy and the Knowledge Network, A see. This program, in October the year 1395 by the first network broadcasting of the Islamic Republic of Iran, prepared and played.

    Your website, first flight

    Your website, first flight of the year 1385, starting to work), and in 1391 for the official with the registration number 2943 and accreditation from the Guild organization, computer, country, activity, your, name, legal, global crossings, has started that with the management of more serious and adopt strategies of modern Internet marketing determined to offer the services distinctive and worthy of our esteemed customers, their organizations, industries, and commercial enterprises,".\r\n\r\nتمرکز the main activity of the company is based on three main axis design, website, website optimization (SEO) and eCommerce (internet marketing), which is a set plan and organize. to be able an autoresponder is a very big part of the demands of the market specialized in the design, site, website optimization and internet marketing.


    Company آمرتات Iranian provider of solutions and products, network and data centers\r\n\r\n• sales, installation, commissioning and consulting company servers HPE,\r\n• sell, install, setup and advice, device, storage mechanism, the company HPE,\r\n• sale rack, the company HPE,\r\n• sell, install, setup and advice, device, storage company, EMC\r\n• sales, installation, setup and consulting products company Cisco, including routers, etc. Switch and firewall\r\n• sell, install, set up and advice company's products, VMware, \r\n• the official reseller products storage Maker Thecus\r\n• sales representative products Linksys\r\n• provided consulting services, design, supervision and implementation of data centers\r\n• prices Server hp dl380 G9\r\nقیمت Server hp dl380 G10\r\nخرید Server hp dl380 G10\r\nفروش Server hp dl380 G10\r\n buy Server hp dl380 G9\r\nفروش Server hp dl380 G9\r\n• prices Server HP\r\n• sell HP Server

    The development of safe, Qian (تاکیان)

    The company develops safe, Qian (تاکیان) relying on the years of experience and a history of academic action to the arena of manufactured products to organizations of Iranian society. Products that تکیهبر knowledge of experts and to fit the needs of this market has been designed, and to date a suitable position in the infrastructure vital information technology country it خودکردهاند up with تکیهبر aim to secure indigenous and cut dependence on imported products, provide a large share in promoting the ever-increasing cyber-security, Iran-have.\r\nThis company has more than 9 different product security to market IT, Iran has provided, and with the implementation of over 40 projects strategic security and غیرراهبردی, etc. to a range of customers the services and products your offers.

    The Institute of cultural digital shamim soft افزاردانش

    The Institute of cultural digital shamim software knowledge of 1379 began to its activities and with the passage of a few years of continuing to produce software for the cultural at the level of academic and functional as the original. such as the collection, shamim, golden, and shamim, silver, and products unique other to market supply was welcomed by unique users. Due to the advancement of technology, and pay special attention to the internet businesses of the year 1388, shop your Internet setup and your software products supply. Of the year 1389 as a publisher of digital, online and برحامل with the accreditation of the center for development technology, digital media and Information Ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance, business intelligence, and now in the field of web design and application (shamim), etc., shop, Bank, software, shamim (shamim Bank), design, multimedia and packaging (shamim graphic), a comprehensive store Internet been enhanced ( been enhanced ) Reference, sweets, traditional products, obtaining permissions for publishing companies and institutions and also video clip video cultural, such as shamim love and shamim clip and content information technology and اینفوگرافیک (shamim Infiniti) active.

    Communications network لوناپارس

    Providing services of modern Internet and communication across Iran

    Future journalists (aiko)

    Company future journalists is proud to provide related products and services in the field of network and security network and CRM software for Customer Relationship Management. Therefore, the PowerPoint slides of the products and services of a company, the future journalists, the following guidance can. • Comprehensive solution anti-virus Symantec - Kaspersky • Taken virtualization-based, software Parallels – Vmware - Citrix • Comprehensive solution backup Backup solutions • System Management relationships with customers Microsoft Dynamics CRM • UTMسخت platform Cyberoam • Offer Microsoft products with License valid • Provide all software with License valid (Bandwidth splitter-GFI-MDaemon - PRTG - Solarwinds- ...) Services • Advice and provide comprehensive solutions, Security, Network • Provide a valid license, DLP, along with the installation • Installation, training, and consulting services Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Fix bugs case network and service in case of : Active Directory – ISA – DHCP – DNS – Domain – Voip - Lync ... To learn more, Please" to the site visit one and feel free, to information products with me, contact me please.

    ITL Information Technology

    Company ITL Information Technology, manufacturer of software for integrated financial, administrative, business services, human resources and ... human capital and retail-based BPMS.

    تهرانپارس computer

    تهرانپارس computer, the first manufacturer of hardware and software کیوسکبانک (CASHLESSATM), in the year 1382 started its activities, other products, تهرانپارس can be applied to a variety of kiosks and electronic advertising, kiosk card issuance, gift, and charge the purse, citizenship, systems, and turns this Wireless, System Control, monitoring, and software package notification, and the survey noted.

    Company, Tabriz, online - knowledge theorists tasnim

    The design of the site in Tabriz, programming, mobile in Tabriz, the design of the mobile application in Tabriz, mobile app on Saturday. game game the mobile in Tabriz

    Network company wide age hoda

    Company wide grid era hoda having کادری experienced, etc. mastery of the Knowledge Day in the headpiece commands working put. The company with personnel highly qualified specialist in the field of telecommunication systems and information technology in the project-ICT to working. Take advantage of Be experts in the fields of such systems, Panasonic, generation, new, VOIP, etc. MPLS, etc. INTERANET., the reviews, PON hardcore Servers, scan for computer and programming systems enable us made it related projects with the goals of your run our. These experts, with the characteristics of the مشترکی, including the ability to work. creativity and a high level of technical knowledge, in sum in three parts and technical research, commercial, sales, and administrative working, have been all under the supervision of a management unit administered

    Company, firm, computer

    The company determined the computer in the year 1389 began to its activity in the year 1394 to number ثبت11716 Department of Registrar of companies and non-commercial organizations registration and official activities with your company name, apposite your computer happily ever after in the fields of selling goods such as digital sphere, IP, T, etc. repairs specialty hardware, design, and support websites and software for the web and windows and mobile, consulting, design, run and implement projects and information and Communication Technology and security systems started. The company is relying on the expertise and knowledge of the forces young and active at the same the beginning of the way has steps effective in the way of the development of Information Technology and communications personnel. This company obtaining on behalf of prestigious companies and offering superior products, trying to expand activities and capabilities in the implementation of projects is the top priority, placing customer focus, speed and accuracy in doing things in the wake of satisfying your customers can be managed a little step forward in this regard, the leap. The company firm of computer now from the cooperation of specialists and engineer professionals who, in addition to having the documents, the official آکادمیک and work experience, certificates, specialized international reputable companies such as Cisco, Microsoft has and . . . Are enjoys. Staff characteristics of the IT company for a continuous presence in training courses inside and outside the country with the latest achievements in Information Technology branch job your are familiar with. Also, attract college graduates, along with training, education, and create the spirit of teamwork in them is another رسالتهای the company that more attention will be placed.

    Company Amin bazargan sadeghin

    ABS is a global company, with presence of local facilities that abundance to get the offers in order to overcome these limitations, and challenges to company help. We are a strategic partner and international for these companies is that پیشترفه the most solutions and the expertise and resources at their disposal.\r\n\r\n\r\nما in ABS through 8 The Center offers services to help you feel the limitations of their resources have overcome, and to the strategic objectives of your access . These centers, their services through the delivery model mass, or from a way away in place can offer to ensure that your projects are professionally managed and with extremely affordable rates, Delivery, mortified. These service centers, the following are:\r\n\r\n\r\n1 - planning, design, and optimization, and how to activity, RF\r\n\r\n2 - layout, ready for operation Telecom and IT,\r\n\r\n3 - solutions and software for IT security,\r\n\r\n4 - devices for measurement, testing,\r\n\r\n5 - solution, job, and VAS\r\n\r\n6- IT solutions companies and institutions\r\n\r\n7 - internal security,\r\n\r\n8 - software development and applications

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