• Cement khuzestan (LLP )

    Cement factory in khuzestan in south western Iran and east of khuzestan province in land area of one hundred هکتاردر region located دردشت دنا22کیلومتری road رامهرمزبه هفتگل and فاصله112کیلومتری ازمرکز province (ahvaz, Iran) at an altitude of 387 to 394 meters from sea level, has been constructed. Company registration in date 20/09/1368 and under the number 77801 in the Department of Registrar of companies and industrial ownership, Tehran, Iran, and for pjs for peace and with the aim to supply the cement requirements of the province in the year 1372 Klang executive actions it to the ground and the project in the history of 15/12/1376 with a nominal capacity of daily 3000 tons of clinker was put into operation . 1383 in anticipation of the implementation of Article 44, etc., and apply the policy of privatization, 96 percent of the company's shares by holding Fars and khuzestan from the company the construction industry, was purchased as a deal the biggest privatization in that time can be considered .

    Furnishing warehouse expansion, stable

    Group equip the cellar during the 1 decade of activity with reliance on efficient management and technical staff is Expert and invigorating working experience and also enjoying the close connections with the corporate world and the technology world has taken steps important in the direction of improvement and development of Industry, warehousing in the domestic market needs". Proper management etc. a few ... the force expert, customer focus, diversity services, advanced technology, quick supply of the required items, equipment, transport, etc. this confidence gives us that we can integrate various tastes of the customers in the management of projects, construction and optimization of stock as well as the design and implementation of shelving and handling equipment draw our.

    The Institute of legal touba

    .\r\n power of attorney, and expert advice all lawsuits , civil goodwill and the right to earn and craft in Tehran and all provinces with a sample of the records managed by lawyers, the Institute of\r\n\r\n2. Accept advocacy claims requirement to set a formal document all the estate , arrangement and the termination and annulment of the contracts and documents\r\n3. Court of administrative justice\r\n4. The Supreme Court\r\n5. The judicial organization of the Armed Forces\r\n6. Office accidents

    Super stucco, freedom,

    Concessionaire: company plaster top(pjs)\\\\ r\\\\nشرکت plaster Superior of Qom, in the year 1375 in the land area of 3000متر square began. This company use the best gypsum available in Iran to produce a special type of plaster called Super chalk freedom that have superb quality and whiteness, excellent. beauty and the effect of abundance into the homes of Iranians improve.\\\\r\\\\nThis company in Qom province development plans in the years after the founding of action to the expansion of your target markets), and in addition the sale of this product in the country have a significant share of the markets of neighboring countries to seize.\\\\r\\\\nicon now company plaster Superior of Qom, the owner of the largest production line of gypsum in Iran that can compete significantly with other competitors in the field of quality, and the speed and accuracy of services provided. \\\\r\\\\nشرکت plaster is the premier manufacturer of Super chalk liberty, in the year 1396 is proud to obtain the standard of the standards was to become the first company producer of gypsum in Iran, who are proud to earn this title, has demonstrated high quality and accuracy in the production of the products of this company.\\\\r\\\\nشرکت plaster arranged only produce plucked plaster گیبتون in Iran, which is a significant production line separate to the production of this product, this product has a very high quality . That in addition to the whiteness of the restraint time, setting the secondary top of that to master, plaster, allow any change and transformation.\\\\r\\\\nor to a now company, plaster, Brett (Super chalk of freedom) has an area of over 28,000 square meters, and 4خط the production of plaster, Super.

    Company Consulting Engineers emad

    Company Consulting Engineers عمــاد\\\\r\\\\n construction company, Consulting Engineers, jawed makers, emad, one of the companies building a reputable and successful region in the year 1389 in the form of the Office of Engineering was established, and from that time ever work in the field of design and construction of the building activity. Emphasize the a continual on the use of the best materials and take advantage from the knowledge of experienced experts, the company has always been towards creating and maintaining the top quality of ago, and because we are engineers, consultant, institutional, and knowledge and it will arm the characteristics of the community in the development of our country", from June of the year 1393 in the form of Consulting Engineers to have continued. Company from the first day of establishment, etc. elaboration of organizational and entrepreneurial part of your put, and now in cooperation with more than 20 people, from engineers and تکنسینهای outstanding steps effective in improving the situation of architecture and urban your area is removed. Also updated of the tools and features Production information, using the newest styles in design, method, and run using the latest software has always been considered a corruption. Our to your God thank that from tripadvisor, a leading and innovator in the Society of Engineers of the country are the construction of the factory building steel structure, and the production of prefabricated smart, innovative materials for construction and environmentally friendly with an area of over 3000 square meters., the stamp of approval on this claim.\\\\r\\\\nچشم views, company\\\\r\\\\nمهندسین Advisor emad achieve the highest level of design and run your Outlook corruption, and in this way, steps firmly entrenched in the move.\\\\r\\\\nفعالیتهای the main company's image in the fields such as:\\\\ r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nMC&CM management plan \\\\r\\\\nMSP project management\\\\r\\\\nEPC plan and run\\\\r\\\\nDesigning design and perform services the first phase and the second\\\\r\\\\nExterior & interior Designing, design and implementation of internal and external decoration\\\\r\\\\nساخت and implementation of the steel structure, a ...

    Company buildings سازان37پردیس

    Sales and pre-sales of residential apartments شهرجدیدپردیس درغالب Joint Stock Company and زیرنظراتحادیه real estate شهرجدیدپردیس

    Company mass Eugene anzali free zone

    Company mass Eugene anzali free zone registration number 2940 as a branch of domestic company mass makers, "B. P. BUILDERS CANADA INC." Since 1392 activities of their official in the field, consultation, construction Villa, design Villa, etc. roof Villa North Villa project, etc. settlements in Iran started. The company is relying on the expertise and knowledge of the forces of resourceful the. young وفعال their ostensibly, the beginning of the way has managed باالهام ازایده Utopia in urban planning "UTOPIA" step, effective in the context of settlements, the leap.\r\nعامل the main success of this company in competition, The final evaluation and attention to customer satisfaction. also, having ازتجارب over one decade, this company design and ... implementation and delivery over از32000 square meters of different projects, ranging ازمسکونی., the, tower, commercial, odry and ... درآمریکای to the North, Europe, the Middle East, represents the creation of value and profitability of the company through creating monuments, superior, long-lasting, optimized management matches the requirements of the environmental goods life Armani رابعنوان, Your mission deemed). What this company will also set active in the country with distinct works having ازتوانمندیها and merit that form of knowledge, thrust and efficiency based on the ethics of the orbital play a role.

    Now the Palace structures

    This collection, effort, engineer, Mehdi bigdeli of the year, ۱۳۸۹ at Kish Island started its activities

    Company کالوب

    Company کالوب, management, engineer maysam behdad year, ۱۳۸۹ established, and in all these years serving the community, engineers, mapping and presentation of surveying equipment has been active.Company کالوب the only exclusive representative of the company کولیدا in Iran is, and this is all there trying to provide the best after-sales service and support from our customers, including free training, etc. direct communication with the factory of the manufacturer in solving the problems of clients.

    Blue ASA

    Unmistakable the most basic and yet one of the most important steps of any project of Industry and research, understanding materials and materials used in the IT industry. The best and most accurate way to identify the Maximum, the use of experiments and may be associated with the project or research is desired. So that the exact and multiple of tests required can be used to assess the relatively desirable of materials. that this has minimized the possibility of problems in the next steps will be. It is therefore possible to carry out laboratory tests and field one of the basic needs for starting any project in industry and research. با attention to this important requirement, the company blue ASA in the year 1377 with the aim of result, to the society, scientific and industrial country, through the needs of the laboratory, and in the direction of information exchange, technical and scientific, with the most prominent companies in the world in the different Sciences was formed. حیطه of the activities of the company blue ASA is very vast, and equip laboratory, Rock Mechanics, etc., soil mechanics, concrete, steel, cement, bitumen and asphalt, etc., hydrology., the Kata hydrometric and ... in. Also, the use of experts graduated from prestigious universities, and holding training courses in the company, the manufacturer of the tips reassuring set of blue ASA is that can be used in the field of consulting, design and implementation of the units of the laboratory consideration. In addition to the tips mentioned, etc. provide the guarantee, 3-year and 15-year after-sale service, and regard to get 85 points out of 100 possible points on behalf of the organization, the support from consumers in the year 1390, we provide the services more and more quality and in line with the policy of the client, nevertheless the company executives help appreciated. icon in the last years with the company, the valid, many in the field of equipping of the laboratory, such as WILDCO(us), GLOBALWATER(us), GLEN CRESTON, (United Kingdom), the ZEB MAXAM(Germany), etc. Logimine(France), the Trolex(UK). ABEM(Sweden), the TLC(South Africa), etc. TESTCONSULT(UK). EDI ...


    The builder and sales agent the best project in Kish

    Cover securely carbonate

    Run a variety of structures, residential, sports, commercial, agriculture, in different scale to fit your budget\r\nتولی preparing a variety of products polycarbonate flat ودوجداره پلکسی واکریلیک\r\nارسال times to all parts of the country,\r\nکلیه products and services, has a written warranty.

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