• Rose, Darius

    The company rose by Dariush with the aim of producing rose water and herbal distillates, quality and response to the need of consumers, its activities in the year 1386 began, and in collaboration with a group of industry professionals on medicinal plants and benefiting from the technologies, advanced and to-day the world has the most quality herbal product to market.\r\n\r\nپیشرفت, innovation and being the top priority of the company and has the same purpose. consult with experts and professionals, domestic and foreign, and benefiting from the technologies, advanced and to-day the world has always been in the plan, this manufacturing group is located.

    The phenomenon of modern medicine arshia

    The first and only manufacturer of cheste lead, gel, liquid, and solid and cheste the lead MRI , the self-fixation (preservative ) tracheal tube in Iran

    رهیارآسیا wide

    The company manufactures a variety of bags first aid car, etc., fixed and portable, etc., solo and group, and. box, first aid, mural, special homes and places and administrative units, and commercial, etc. a variety of kits, specialized rehabilitation and the emergency department. a variety of backpack, rescue, earthquake, etc. bags, first aid, special promotional gifts with the possibility of printing company logo, relevant, bags mobile health patient for hospitals

    Company ecology process, arshia

    Company ecology process, arshia, in the year 1380 was established. During this year, it has been tried to provide a variety of specialized devices, and general laboratory instruments company, manufacturer of the world, and to academic, research, and laboratory contributes to improvement of the scientific level of our country is removed, we also provide perfect after-sales service, etc. customers ' satisfaction will attract our.

    Company sotorg

    Goods great in accordance with both the international standard ISO 8670-2:1996 in terms of safety, performance and standard British BS7127-PART 101:1991 in terms of safety, performance and specifications required and also has the international standard certification of ISO-13485 from the organization, URS-UKAS, UK, in management, quality control, medical equipment, and also has confirmation from the Directorate General of medical equipment of the Ministry of health and education, medical country and also hospitals in a valid state, and the centers of various therapeutic and certification activities of the Directorate General of industries and mines, Tehran province, Iran.

    Pharmacy internet doctor fakoor

    داروپست official site, pharmacy, doctor, fakoor is that this web site as the first holder of the license of internet sales items, non-drug organization Affairs, Food and Drug Administration in the country of Iran are activity. According to the latest statistics, Pharmacists Association of each person to average at least once a month to the pharmacy visit does, which is, of course, more, this, reference, non-medicated and spent on the purchase of health care products and some makeup can be. Pharmacy doctor fakoor with science, to this subject, decided to of the connection the audience with products pharmacy there. Therefore, with this goal, web site, pharmacy, Internet action, to show and introduce all the health products, cosmetics, supplements, etc., orthopedic equipment, medical pharmacy on the web has. Pharmacy internet doctor fakoor in the field of activity, no intention to sell the drug, not because the medication must be with the presence of the sick and provide a prescirption and in the presence of the technical officer and doctor, pharmacist, pharmacy, possible can be. But we with this website, intentions to inform and complete awareness of buy with features comparison, product descirption the perfect companion to easy shopping set up we have. In cases where the products to purchase customers with the supernatant, or the embarrassment of facing will be can get the same products for confidentiality of the web site the pharmacy to buy things. Grouping and menus access to the group products are also designed to look like and arranged that the users with the lowest seek time to be able to Group products and access your work. Website objectives pharmacy internet doctor fakoor داروپست services and various services to their users offers: Introduce and offer products to mobile consumption, etc. characteristic, etc. cases of consumption, etc. application..., components, ingredients, company, and country of the manufacturer, consumer prices, as well as providing detailed information and applications of all products including the services that the can for the recognition and selection of the product receive. The possibility of Advanced Search by applying a variety of parameters of the desired user, can you access to the products desired to help. Insert comments, criticism, etc. questions, or request advice in the following all products داروپست becomes possible that the relevant experts in the shortest time to meet or a phone call will be. Provide articles and content useful health in various areas of health as well, including the useful features of the website داروپست can be. By the way, the information and advice provided about the products of this website, perfectly matches with the data base Company, manufacturer products, and has website داروپست yes, and paid on the recommendations of the scientific it is not. Approval Medication post : Confirmation 1 : the license of the food and drug In the wake of the formulation and adoption of recipe internet sales items, non-drug, pharmacy, pharmacy, doctor, fakoor, the first pharmacy in the country of Iran, which is license internet sales items, non-drug, pharmacy, from Iran University of Medical Sciences ( deputy of food and Drug Administration ) in the history of 1394/05/06 get them out. In accordance with this license a pharmacy, doctor, fakoor can go through their official website ( داروپست ), while observing all the rules and regulations of internet sales items, non-drug track.

    Your fitness

    The development of the internet methods of purchasing, we will in general have transformed is. Benefits available on the internet shopping every day more number of people to experience it and create change in the patterns common buy encourages. Today, other people buy this method, it more matches the conditions of modern life see. Features and nature of the fallout with reason and the needs of our growing هماهنگتر is. All the hard are trying to progress, personal and collective, we are.\r\nامروزه the price of leisure, despite our emphasis on work causes strain Daily very Khurasan has been. All we have to do this often, planning فشردهتری we have. Other spend time is relatively long in the activities نهچندان importance, such as shopping and trips to the Metropolitan for many people their priority is lost. Intelligence, humanity, convince them that with a change in old patterns and dysfunctional life. smarter and امروزیتر live. Spend leisure time for recreation, education, sports, the enjoyment of personal interests and fix خستگیهای daily more priority than the activities of the time-wasting and at the same time low اهمیتتر like shopping have.\r\nامروز other for more everyday needs, solutions newer there, including for the selection and purchase of goods. Other less than someone to buy goods, particularly specialized research and investigate the exact action works. Customers, such goods in advance and before the purchase of the right to choose his extensive and information available eventually use the area. The customer in today's world, the right to choose, the more your crave it and are willing is more accurate and certainly more choices. Today's life indeed, buy to methods, unbox, etc. smarter, and of course enjoy بخشتری take. So it is ironic that every day the number of users for internet services and customers, online stores افزو ...

    Tanks medical آبادیس

    Tanks medical آبادیس a new name in the industry, equipment, consumable medical in Iran. The company in the year ۱۳۹۶ with the efficient and elite in this industry, in the industrial town of شمسآباد start to the activity.\r\n\r\nآبادیس products with your bag suction disposable in different sizes with the CLS hardware. began, and soon the news about the products his later years, in the field of infection control.\r\n\r\nتمامی equipment for the plant from European and Asian countries, valid knowledge, characteristics of the all sex is purchased and compared to other competitors in the Middle East compared to the quality of the devices, manufacturing, etc. کیسهها and tanks, with differences significantly higher.\r\n\r\nآبادیس with the ability of the production of two and a half million bags in the first year, not only is the entire country affected. but also ready to export to the countries adjacent.\r\n\r\nآبادیس with progress in the field of infection control in Iran. prevent the outflow of hard currency, jobs and the economy مقاوتی your work has started and is now ready to cooperate with all, hospitals and. doctors, elite and all the people involved in the field of infection control.

    Your lips

    Supply of equipment and Materials, Laboratory and research

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