• Company Alborz car pasargad

    Alborz machine, pasargadae, with registration number 30441 significant building permit Alborz machine with the removal of the broker, the intermediary target device yourself with the real price buy Making machine, foam injection and CNN launched the production line of foam furniture, and insulating sandwich panel .... Production line of the insole of a shoe ...foam insulation, Refrigerator ... produce air filters, ... supplier of parts, design a variety of electrical and industrial منیاتوری ...overhead crane ...... System, factory food.... Alborz machine, pasargadae, and Alborz foam, CNN, cnc, without an intermediary broker, your target device order Contact number :09905596514 www.

    Shaya carved

    Group Shaya industry, carved with the brand Shaya carved, and the motto of the illustrious نویین experience longtime to the arena is laid out . \r\nبا nearly 10 years of experience in the industry, engraved with the brand of the other on which we blood new cholera, new ideas, technical and sales services after sales, brand and introduced a new rule, loyal customers, Former وعزیزان new . \r\nتفکر we maintain the quality of the former and raising IT services new is that the concept of it in this Japanese proverb is visible \r\nبخاطر cuneiform soleus. for soleus horse. because horse riding, for riding, war, failed, etc., because of the defeat, the country was destroyed, and all because someone was nailed to a good نکوبید . \r\nیادمان be any of our work, even a small effect is perhaps at the same moment the clear.

    Commercial furnishing industry, Alborz

    Sell belt, pvc, pu and the transfer of نیرو09199631150


    Teva biggest car manufacturer, machinery, coal in Iran\r\n\r\nسازنده, furnace, industrial charcoal, in that capacity, ۱تن up to ۱۰ tons according to the customer request is made .It should be noted that industrial furnaces filter داربوده that without the smoke and smell has been the only company that industrial furnaces made in Iran, licensed Environmental that الایندگی زیسط environment.\r\n\r\nاولین manufacturer, machinery, coal, compressed from sawdust, which the coal Compact is called.\r\n\r\nسازنده, machinery, coal, compressed dirt, charcoal, and press machine, barbecue.\r\n\r\nشرکت Teva machine relying on the technical knowledge and the updated technology and successful experience of two decades, machine-building, thanks to the Lord with more than two decades of activity in the arena of production and reception standards, multiple domestic and international, and received the Medal of honor of the conference on a different country, and with the creation of quality and diversity in products and after-sale service, efficient proud of this, we have that as an exporter of machinery to foreign countries.\r\n\r\nبا attention to اهیمیت and boom, the global business in the arena of manufacturing and globalization, try on this, we have to have recognized much more to this business ourselves on the side, it creates jobs and generate income more.

    Civil words, Azerbaijan

    Batching? - Article and the performance of concrete batching - concrete batching - concrete batching plant – mobile asphalt plant – mobile batching plant – mobile asphalt – batching mobile – portable concrete batching - اواکو - factory اواکو - company Civil Engineering terms - Civil Engineering terms - Civil Engineering dictionary Azerbaijan - company اواکو - Central Station, ready-mixed concrete - plant concrete - ready- equipment, gradation, sand, sand - conveyor of conveyor belts - conveyor belt - screw cement - screw - concrete mixers - asphalt plant - table, – block, – پیوینگ - کادونا - factory, plaster - Lift screw- Bucket elevator - impact crusher plant - الواتور - screw Lift - mobile concrete batching - concrete batching - concrete batching - dry- concrete batching - concrete batching plant concrete - batching Mobile - Equipment Factory, ready-mixed concrete -ready-mixed concrete - machinery sand washing - vibrating screen feeder - feeder, feeder-stone crusher machine-Twin shaft-sand - tube, shaft - pan mixer - vibrating - sand washer - screw sand washing - jaw crusher - impact crusher - cone crusher - crusher - هیدروکن -batching - batching plant - Omran Vajeh Company - ovaco -ovaco co. - ovaco group - Concrete batching plant - cement ... - conveyer - mixer - twin shaft mixer - one shaft mixer - drum mixer - asphalt plant - concrete - batching system - batching mobile - concrete batching system - producer batching plant - sand washing - sand washing equipment - crusher - jaw crusher - impact crusher - vibrating - vibrating screen - vibrating feeder - feeder - sand washing machine - greezly feeder - single shaft - twin shaft - cement


    1 - The production of spare parts factory, steel building, and mines 2 - the butterfly and Fan, Industrial 3 - Industrial furnaces and Metallurgical

    عمرانیان deficit atiyeh

    Engineering company عمرانیان deficit atieh, representing the official sales and after sales services of boilers, steam and spa construction, machine-building, arak, Iran (first and largest designer and manufacturer of boiler, steam and spa in Iran and the Middle East) with a history of representing 23 years of machine sazi arak, and 35-year history of services to all factories across the country, hospitals and ... in the field of engineering services of boilers, steam and Spa, and having expert personnel and equipped with the ... ready to respond and meet the needs of customers in all over Iran. Also, the company has official dealers, after sales service boiler steam machine sazi arak, in province of hamedan, kermanshah, kordestan, Iran, Tehran and saveh city.

    Company Arad polymer mahan

    Manufacturer and supplier of machinery and equipment production lines, the polymer with the newest technology

    Engineering company tops industry new

    Company tops industry trail with the benefit of experts and designers, it's based on the latest manuscirpts regulations, design and application of the most recent software and hardware specialized in the preparation of designs, modern and optimized for parking, mechanized action. What has always been, as a principle regarding group design and engineering the company is located Mechanized parking, etc. of the robot, Safety, barrier Designer and manufacturer of parking, mechanized.Safety equipment

    Kian car Caspian

    Manufacturer of all kinds of devices, the baking of bread and pastry

    Sepehr حامین sadra

    Metal spray, etc. create coatings resistant to corrosion and abrasion on the surfaces of industrial contains a variety of the axis of the rotor mold . . . With species different from the material available in the country include : babbitt in the grid. iron and steel, stainless steel, etc. coating nickel, coating Chrome, aluminum, etc. types of grid, stainless steel . . . The construction of the bearing in تیراژهای. manufacture all kinds of bearing 3Metal in different dimensions

    Company حنیفرام arak

    Company حنیفرام arak, Iran manufacturer of a variety of trailers, two-and three-axis( tanker-dump-bunkers -insoles-backbreaking-blade کانتینربر)-tanks, pumps, gasoline tanks, fixed and Portable Stainless Steel, and galvanized with the highest quality and advanced machines, automatic certification ایزو9001 .

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