• Carved wide

    Manufacturer of all kinds of devices, engraving

    Company Alborz car pasargad

    Alborz machine, pasargadae, with registration number 30441 significant building permit Alborz machine with the removal of the broker, the intermediary target device yourself with the real price buy Making machine, foam injection and CNN launched the production line of foam furniture, and insulating sandwich panel .... Production line of the insole of a shoe ...foam insulation, Refrigerator ... produce air filters, ... supplier of parts, design a variety of electrical and industrial منیاتوری ...overhead crane ...... System, factory food.... Alborz machine, pasargadae, and Alborz foam, CNN, cnc, without an intermediary broker, your target device order Contact number :09905596514 www.

    SABATAJHIZ food Co.

    Please go to our website to address visit.\r\nPlease contact us or any information, questions and inquiries.\r\nwith any of bellow paths :\r\n* +989131014897 : call me or leave a message on WhatsApp app with \r\n*

    Akam crusher

    The company Akam stone crusher فرداد of the year ۱۳۶۰ with the production machine, crusher spare parts, stone crusher, begins operation, and with effort and perseverance, and innovation, and the implementation of hundreds of successful projects in domestic and Foreign has been the industry's need to meet its

    Industry modern Oras

    Trading company raw materials, castings, surgical pads of psychological work

    Arsin car

    The design and construction of industrial furnaces

    Integrated forklift storage Sahand

    Manufacturer of all types of forklift and tug (diesel, etc., hybrid, and electric ) and a variety of equipment and storage, such as pallet truck, etc. pallet jack and stacker, and ... and a variety of extension including سایدشیفت, roll, stuck, and Bale catcher and...

    Aria optimized ziggurat

    Aria company optimized the Ziggurat of a joint stock company is that its activities in the field of production and manufacture of cranes and components related to it, from the year 1392 has begun. \r\nچشم views, ten-year-old, we have become the most well-known and most high-quality brand, the Iranian manufacturer of its products wire rope application, and also the acquisition of stake major in the field meet the need of different industries to solutions, etc. structures and other special equipment for lifting and transfer of materials. And with regard the right to excellence, successful to the design of the lift, a rope, a ziggurat that is competitive with other brands, European, industry

    Alborz machine Karaj

    In recent decades, the speed of industrial societies has been immense and life-style of human has changed. including these changes, relocation, extensive products in the loop of production and consumption.\r\n\r\NICON in the past, individuals of the location and area of their own necessities required, their preparation were, for example, any fruit in season special supply was. But now, all fruits in all seasons, throughout the world, distribution can be, and we practically witness relocation range what food products and what the products of industrial and pharmaceutical we are and this is the importance of packaging in the present time of the show.\r\n\r\NICON in this production who have that intention, packaging, food, pharmaceutical and industrial have with the concern of facing that are a major part of their preparation and the use of the devices, the packaging requirements are in terms of ( quality, beauty, and durability ) with the criteria of the day, the world matches, has been satisfying the customers to draw the track.\r\n\r\nحال with the presence of the company in Alborz machine Karaj in this arena a big hassle for manufacturers to end.


    Teva biggest car manufacturer, machinery, coal in Iran\r\n\r\nسازنده, furnace, industrial charcoal, in that capacity, ۱تن up to ۱۰ tons according to the customer request is made .It should be noted that industrial furnaces filter داربوده that without the smoke and smell has been the only company that industrial furnaces made in Iran, licensed Environmental that الایندگی زیسط environment.\r\n\r\nاولین manufacturer, machinery, coal, compressed from sawdust, which the coal Compact is called.\r\n\r\nسازنده, machinery, coal, compressed dirt, charcoal, and press machine, barbecue.\r\n\r\nشرکت Teva machine relying on the technical knowledge and the updated technology and successful experience of two decades, machine-building, thanks to the Lord with more than two decades of activity in the arena of production and reception standards, multiple domestic and international, and received the Medal of honor of the conference on a different country, and with the creation of quality and diversity in products and after-sale service, efficient proud of this, we have that as an exporter of machinery to foreign countries.\r\n\r\nبا attention to اهیمیت and boom, the global business in the arena of manufacturing and globalization, try on this, we have to have recognized much more to this business ourselves on the side, it creates jobs and generate income more.

    Tohid Sanat Alborz

    Manufacturing company, Tohid Sanat Alborz from the year 1354 to follow the workshop room, storage monotheism, activities, information about the production of all kinds of trailer; can include تریلربونکر carry cement and flour 16 El 60 ton in the plans of the Spanish and the scheme V; can manufacture all kinds of tanker قیرایزوله and double glazed; can build a variety of trailers, dump Juteau برمخصوص, docks, and ports; the variety of the room, dump the single and pair; the Nissan and the Middle East; the types of trailer تانکرحمل liquids; a tanker carrying acid and bases, types of tanker, Stoker, airspace, and hit the road. تریلرکمپرسی; can تریلرکانتینر; can تریلرکفی; the flat bed trailer بغلدار the ... تریلرکفی roll on; the blade Juteau on جمبو; the types of pressure vessels; the types of tanker trucks and دپوی gas fluid; ammonia, and propane; the mixer Wasim trailer; the types of trailer rides on a ... do skeleton, hangars, and buildings; the construction crane niches; can manufacture all kinds of boiler بتونیرو batching and ... a variety of silo and tanks, and the FIRs and....The beginning of that in 1368 managed to obtain the operation license from the Ministry of industry was established.The use of quality raw materials and external use of sheets, warm and special Mobarakeh Steel; the axis of the minister categories BWPآلمان Uthman; the Geelong ونرمک leave; the Hچین; the coloring polyurethane; the system ترمزEBSآلمان and....The use of welding, full-automatic (canvas, Weston)with gas MIX,CO2بهره decisions from experienced, qualified, dedicated, and ... familiar to the knowledge of the day, and also use the knowledge of consultants of the national standard of Iran; the company درمحلی to the area of the 6000متر Square in Alborz province with experienced personnel وکارآزموده the use of facilities and technology advanced, always with the belief 3 the principle of superior quality; the price is less the ... بهبودمدام has a correct understanding customer demands and the supply of and increase in customer satisfaction and after sales services of the products not provide .With regard to construction products quality; the market right out of the country to compete with the most famous brands, and for our beloved country, to bring the company in 1388 managed to اخذگواهینامه ISO 9001-2001 of BRS was ...

    Civil words, Azerbaijan

    Batching? - Article and the performance of concrete batching - concrete batching - concrete batching plant – mobile asphalt plant – mobile batching plant – mobile asphalt – batching mobile – portable concrete batching - اواکو - factory اواکو - company Civil Engineering terms - Civil Engineering terms - Civil Engineering dictionary Azerbaijan - company اواکو - Central Station, ready-mixed concrete - plant concrete - ready- equipment, gradation, sand, sand - conveyor of conveyor belts - conveyor belt - screw cement - screw - concrete mixers - asphalt plant - table, – block, – پیوینگ - کادونا - factory, plaster - Lift screw- Bucket elevator - impact crusher plant - الواتور - screw Lift - mobile concrete batching - concrete batching - concrete batching - dry- concrete batching - concrete batching plant concrete - batching Mobile - Equipment Factory, ready-mixed concrete -ready-mixed concrete - machinery sand washing - vibrating screen feeder - feeder, feeder-stone crusher machine-Twin shaft-sand - tube, shaft - pan mixer - vibrating - sand washer - screw sand washing - jaw crusher - impact crusher - cone crusher - crusher - هیدروکن -batching - batching plant - Omran Vajeh Company - ovaco -ovaco co. - ovaco group - Concrete batching plant - cement ... - conveyer - mixer - twin shaft mixer - one shaft mixer - drum mixer - asphalt plant - concrete - batching system - batching mobile - concrete batching system - producer batching plant - sand washing - sand washing equipment - crusher - jaw crusher - impact crusher - vibrating - vibrating screen - vibrating feeder - feeder - sand washing machine - greezly feeder - single shaft - twin shaft - cement


    1 - The production of spare parts factory, steel building, and mines 2 - the butterfly and Fan, Industrial 3 - Industrial furnaces and Metallurgical

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