• Company one downs, Tabriz, Iran

    The sale of yarn, and map and accessories, tissue


    گیلیمو market is for creative artists rather Ardabil province. You گیلیمو can directly with the artist connect and engage with their with a view and review Buy.

    Shop, Iran gift

    Decorative plates, and consumer\r\nبهترین models, accessories, decorative and consumable includes a variety of crockery, etc., wooden, glass and copper handmade Iranian artists, including the devices that is in the shop, Iran gift is supplied.\r\nایران gift are always trying to supply best models, accessories, decorative, handmade in addition to having a high diversity in product quality and a decent price as well.\r\nلوازم decorative, and decorative, including the parts that every day is evolving and progress, and products more diverse, more to be added to taste a greater number of customers to be responsive. In this regard, the company, Iran gift plans with the support of the noble art in preserving this great art walk.\r\nYou dear customers, you can go to the website address of the company to the relative to the registration order and buy the decorative plates and the consumption of handmade Iranian action, please.\r\n - sell, crafts, decorative, shop, Iran gift,\r\n - sell a variety of accessories, decorative handmade artists in the shop, Iran gift,\r\n - sell a variety of containers't handmade\r\n - internet sales all kinds of accessories, decorative, etc. clay, etc. wooden online and send to all over the country in the lowest time\r\n - internet sales and online the most diverse and the best crafts in the shop, Iran gift,\r\n- Shop, Iran gift supplier of glassware, art and handmade, Iranian,\r\n - a variety of dishes, decorative pottery, etc., wooden, glass, copper\r\n - accessories, decorative pottery, etc. decorative very stylish and modern in different dimensions with best price in shop, Iran gift,\r\n - Shop, Iran gift, by providing the best and newest crafts, pottery, handmade Iranian artists ready to accept your orders dear customers can be.\r\nخرید gift, buy't, buy accessories, decorative, buy, crafts, shopping, dishes, pottery, handmade, buying utensils, wooden, handmade, shopping, Accessories, Buy, internet, accessories, decorative, etc. crafts, pottery, shop, crafts, gift, the, gift, gift, etc. vehicles ...

    Company پرسیس the world picture

    Rāwah the art پرسیس\r\n\r\n\"group art پرسیس\" utilizes the knowledge and possession of the forces of Expert and organize a network of prominent artists in the country. hospitalized for the production and supply artwork and original, yet fits the needs of the day provided. This sets the ideals, the support of art and artists, and the preservation of the cultural heritage of the country, the chain complete from design, production, packaging and distribution of food, crafts and works of art of Iran organization). The purpose of the coming together of such a collection. institutionalization of the culture using crafts, the upgrading of the national and international these products, cooperation with international institutions trustee, crafts and art and finally removal of the initial step in the development of tourism, art centered in Iran. I will not open the valve to the treasures of Iranian art earth, corner of the legacy of the ancient of this water and soil, to the lovers of art and culture -inside and outside the country's borders - gift.

    Gallery stone Arts and manual تنسوخ letter

    Sale specialized stone and jeweled, and jewels Sale ring Making basic jewelry Engraved on the jeweled Accept all kinds of orders Channel telegram: tansvkhnameh@

    الیاهو Gallery

    What you see is the result of the., the thinking and the creativity of the youth of Iran. We've tried the best to you about and the dimensions of a commodity for export, provided we've . These goods set goods company الیاهو been and with excellent packing and single box at the disposal of consumers placed .

    Company traditional tiles kosar

    Design motifs of geometric Arabesque tile Mosque - suitable for mosques - نماسازی places traditional view Hotel - restaurants, traditional - schools - close buildings Manufacturer of tiles, mosaic and seven colors. Mosques and holy places. Dome. Finial. Inscirption. The altar. Transom. Builder, tiles, traditional. Manufacturer of tiles of mosques. Making the tiles of mosques Designer, consultant, presenter in the implementation of the plan, the architecture of traditional Islamic. Manufacturer of tiles-traditional mosaic and the seven colors of the direction of the mosques Holy places. Schools and places of traditional. Tile altar. Dome. Finial and transom entrance of mosques and other holy places . Construction of tiles, direction of tablecloths, traditional home. Homes, etc. Boards art Iranian architecture of the Islamic. Design and implementation of a variety of facades of brick and tile. معقلی and ... The executor of the plans of the traditional architecture. Design and implement the decoration of places of traditional. Includes tablecloths, houses Schools traditional. Chapel and non

    Tehran laser

    Center services, laser engraving and cutting and the production of promotional items

    Company solutions laser light

    Design and manufacture of specialized types of decorative accessories Box, office and commercial Boards, administrative, commercial and cultural Promotional gifts

    Company carpet wholesale, large Azerbaijan

    Buy and sell all types of carpet, Harris, compassionate, and fish, and carpets, and a variety of handmade carpets . Carpet worn and second hand, you with the lowest price from home for cash best buy car car accident. Once the customer purchases the Permanent we want.

    Company Golden art

    The first manufacturer boards gold sheets cutie 24

    The company crafts emami

    About us\r\n\r\nمحصولات manufacturing crafts, emami of copper, copper alloy, brass, silver and gold are made.\r\nفلز raw in the hands of women, artist, esfahani become a variety of flowers in different designs.\r\nicon-stage plating, the plated nickel and then silver, gold or copper with the percentage of high purity on it.\r\nپس it molded کروماته and in the end, with a temperature of 140 degrees سانتیگرادبا cladding from the family of hardener in the high temperature furnace. that it would prevent oxidation and color change them.\r\nکیفیت our products in any weather conditions for 50 years is guaranteed.

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